Tuesday 2 September 2008

Letting Go

We all carry round baggage from our past. Most of it is gathered through our childhood. Parenting is the most important job we do and yet it is the one thing that we get no training for. We aren't allowed to drive a car or operate dangerous machinery without taking extensive training and passing exams...but funnily enough anybody (nature willing) can have a child. How we are as parents shapes and affects our children's lives more than we can imagine. I know this because the flaws in my relationship with my Father have left me with issues for many years. And I am by no means alone or unique in this. Thankfully - as a generation - a lot of us are much more self-aware and have more learning about how these things work - so fingers crossed that our children won't suffer as a result of the lack of our knowledge.

Today - with some outside help - I finally managed to let go of a lot things that had been with me for many years..and it's a great feeling :)  

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