Friday 29 June 2007

Mouse update

Just in case you were wondering - the mouse has gone. We also had a big brown rat out by the wheelie bin - I know this because it had chewed a big hole in the wheely bin lid...destructive bloody thing. Anyway a very nice man came the other day and put some bait down (difenacoum - that's an anti coagulant - so they slowly bleed to death internally - eurgh!) and since he left we haven't seen Mickey or Roland again...neither have we seen any evidence of large or small rodent activity. I do feel a tad cruel as I really do think that all animals, no matter how horrid, have the right to live in peace. But when you get up and they've eaten half your loaf, it's all a bit much. And what with the neighbours thinking we're gypsies anyway, we do have to be rather careful.

Back to the lady from next door, I'm going to borrow my friend Lisa's coloured cob and tie it to the gate post whilst I pop to her door to see if she'd like to buy some pegs.

Thursday 28 June 2007

Camping in the rain

Before Dan goes away to work for the summer at the end of next week, she's planning on going to Cornwall camping tomorrow for 4 days with her best friends from Sheffield. What with the current weather situation, and more rain promised for the weekend (what? more rain? you're having a laugh!) ) I'm a bit concerned that at worst they will drown.. and at best they will be wet through all weekend. She doesn't seem at all put off though. Oh the follies of youth!

Wireless Music

I have just connected one of these to my apple mac and my stereo (which is rather cool and has huge Mission speakers and the best sound quality ever) and now I can play my entire i tunes collection through my stereo at the click of a mouse with no wires!!! I just love Apple products - they are so cool, and whatsmore there were no technical hitches...Apple is easy peasy lemon sqeezy!!!

Romany Tales

The estate where we live is very posh. In fact it's very very very VERY posh. Imagine my horror, shame and humiliation today when I discovered that one of our neighbours had said that she thought we were a family of GYPSIES!!!!

That's it - I'm leaving the country.

Sunday 24 June 2007


Quick report of Sunday. Still have the mouse - haven't seen it for days but it's eating holes in my bread. Fifi has got used to her bell and can no longer catch small animals and torture them - HURRAH!!! It rained all day and we got very wet. Had a sleep on the sofa. Feel very sorry for people at Glastonbury. Went to Waitrose to buy loo rolls and washing powder. Am damp and cold and have had to put the central heating on. Early night - work tomorrow.

Friday 22 June 2007

Ringing in her ears!

This week so far Fifi (killer cat) has murdered a rabbit, a pidgeon and two baby birds. That's quite low for her usual weekly tally. It wouldn't be so bad if she did her murderous deeds outside and left the evidence in the bottom of the shrubbery - but OH NO...due to some primaeval instinct to do with bringing gifts she insists on dragging the carcasses in through the cat flap and depositing them at the bottom of the stairs. If that wasn't enough, she then proceeds to de-capitate the body, and as far as we know she eats the head - I say this because we've never found one yet!!! It's all very macabre.

Today, in an effort to thwart her sadistic activities I have bought her a collar with a bell!!! Now, hopefully her intended victims will hear her appoaching and stand a better chance of escape. She, however, hasn't worked out that she is wearing the bell - only that it keeps ringing...this scares her and she keeps running away .....more bell ringing......more get the picture. Tonght she's exhausted and fell flat out asleep on Dan's lap. She was too tired to even eat her tea. I feel we may have cracked the she's too knackered to kill anything!!!!

Thursday 21 June 2007

Learning New skills

When I bought my Apple Computer I also signed up for 60 hours of tuition - seeing as Christian, who I usually ask about all things computing, would probably get really fed up of me ringing him and is probably not as brilliant on an Apple as he is on a PC.

I had my first hour yesterday morning, and learned loads. Obviously there are loads of short cuts etc that I would never find on my own, an I also needed a programme to replace Microsoft Money as that's not available for Apple (neither is Quicken - although it used to be!).

Anyway the more I learn about this computer, the more like it - it's just so logical (Mr Spock)! It works in just the way you think it should. I'm very impressed so far. - oh yes, the trainer was quite young and good looking too!!!

Tuesday 19 June 2007


There I asleep, when a scratching noise woke me up. A bloody mouse running around on my bedside table!!! I can't find it now, and certainly can't sleep knowing it's still in my bedroom somewhere!

Monday 18 June 2007


Well, it's arrived. I plugged it in and added my e mail account details, and it all worked!!!! Wonders will never cease!!! My internet connecion works too...amazing!!!! I have arranged for one of the IT guys to be at the end of the phone tomorrow in case I needed help - but it looks like he may get off lightly!!!

Friday 15 June 2007

More changes afoot

Sometimes you just feel the need for a change. Well today I have had a radical change in hair style and colour. I went to see my cousin Richard at his fab salon in Covent Garden and this is the result. I wanted to look more like Sharon Stone!!!! Mind you, I always wear knickers. For those of you who've never seen me, my hair is naturally a muddy mousy brown colour!!

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Changes afoot

After about nine years of using Microsoft Windows, today I placed an order for a Mac. I have looked into it quite extensively, Dan has a Mac i-book, and I had a long chat with Alvin at work, our graphic designer. Then I tootled along to the Apple store in Kingston, and (although I know they want my money) they simply couldn't have been more helpful. They know their stuff and were able to answer all my questions - it was a complete pleasure to spend the money. The guy who dealt with me spent over an hour demonstrating the product and what it does and how it all works. I was extremely impressed. The after sales service sounds fantastic, and after speaking to Tim (Jo's boyfriend who does loads of graphic work, photos etc) I felt I had made the right decision. It will be delivered on Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it arriving. See what Christian has to say about the i-mac here.

Monday 11 June 2007


Today we went to Tweseldown for some Cross Country training. See the pictures here.

Saturday 9 June 2007

Big Dinner at the Minnow

Bread, balsamic vinegar, Olive Oil - 4 pieces
Large field mushrooms in garlic, white wine, cream sauce
Fillet steak (medium rare) fries, roast vegetables and side order salad
3 Glasses lovely red wine
2 Coffees

Poorly tummy!!!

Lovely friends

My lovely friend Jacqui and her husband, Mel have arrived. They got lost on the estate (everyone does) but after I rushed out to find them and guide them safely to the house it was fantastic to see them. We had hugs on the drive, followed by a lovely supper of salmon fishcakes and fresh green vegetables (steamed), then fresh strawberries and raspberries with extra thick double cream. During supper we consumed a bottle of champagne, and had a lovely 'catchy-up' chat.

Tomorrow we're going to an exhibition at Excel, and then out for dinner in the evening.

YIPPEE - I love my friends.

Thursday 7 June 2007

Nice Pink Rosette

Tonight we chose Dressage over Jools Holland. I'm glad we did as Dan and Bugsy came 4th and have got a very nice pink rosette for their trouble. Also today she has managed to talk herself into a job for the summer on an eventing yard in Gloucestershire. That means she'll be leaving home straight after her 'A' levels finish and won't be back until the last week in September - and then it's only a few days until she starts University....GULP.....I am sooooo going to miss her.

Tuesday 5 June 2007

Jools Holland

Today Dan and I have been offered a night out par excellence. Her Dad has got us two tickets to go to Hampton Court Palace on Thursday evening to see Jools Holland. There is, however, a problem. We are already booked to go to a dressage competition at Longreach on Thursday evening.

Nights out are like buses, none for ages then two come along together.

Pooh Pah Pants

Today has not been the best day. In fact today has been a 'Poh Pah Pants'Day. I still have the remnants of the 'man-flu' I contracted last week, and this is not very nice. I have a hacking, rattling cough, permanent pain at the top of my nose (sinus) and today this developed into a full blown migraine which precipitated an afternoon on the sofa, under a thin blanket watching back to back episodes of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" whilst drifting in and out of dozes. I did get my laundry and ironing done this morning, and a spot of food shopping, but the rest of the day has gone to pot. I'm usually such a busy person that I hate being ill as it inteferes with my plans. I wanted to ride my Phoebe this afternoon, but was feeling too shitty to face it.

I have taken enough tablets today to rattle as I walk and now just feel pretty crappy. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling a bit better. I have however, booked a table for The Minnow for Saturday night with Jacqui and Mel and I'm really looking forward to that.

All sympathetic comments gratefully received.

Monday 4 June 2007

Tip Toes

Dan has got a new boy-friend. He's not a 'boyfriend' yet because so far they've only been to the movies once. Right now he's here in the main lounge with her watching a DVD. I want to go through to say 'goodnight' because it's my bed time - but I daren't in case I catch them mid-snog. I'm not sure where he lives and how he's getting home. Manners dictate that I should offer him a lift home, but I don't know if she's planning to take him home or what?! When he arrived he shook my hand and said what a pleasure it was to meet me!!! I do like these public school boys - so polite!!! I shall have to go through on tip toes and do a reccy.

Sometimes it's very difficult being the mother of a teenage girl.

Sunday 3 June 2007

Simple pleasures

Today has been great. Went to the stables first thing and had a great riding lesson - Phoebe has now got over the goats and is back to normal. Then I came home and sunbathed (topless!) in the garden for about three hours.

Now I'm going to bed and today I've washed my bedding - clean sheets - bliss!!!

Saturday 2 June 2007

Some really good news!

Today I have been sunbathing in the garden - topping up the tan I started whilst in Spain. Later this afternoon I got a 'phone call from Sheffield and it was my best friend Jacqui telling me that she and her husband Mel are coming to stay next weekend. YIPPEE!!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Friday 1 June 2007

Tears at Malaga Airport

Am back from 2 day jaunt to Spain. Had a fantastic time, eating, drinking, sunbathing, swimming, lovely family members and a great time was had by all. I did however cry at Malaga Airport - twice. I had to get up on Tuesday at 3.15am to get my 7.50 flight from Gatwick so when I arrived at Malaga and there was nobody there to meet me I regressed to 4 year old child and after waiting for 35 minutes and feeling abandoned I started to cry. My Mobile phone wouldn't work and I couldn't contact anybody....and because I'm a bit emotional when over tired...anyway eventually Mike picked me up and then I was alright again.

Today, upon attempting to leave the airport to fly home, one of the teenage kids I was accompanying had a problem with his passport and wasn't allowed through passport control. I had already gone through and was about to board the aircraft when I got the message that there was a problem. I had to run back only to find that he was being carted off to immigration!!! The man who was doing the carting didn't speak any English!!! I ran after them demanding to know what the problem was and found myself in small police station with 4 police officers and the teenage boy!

The police officers were all wearing guns (yikes) and were like extras from a very bad south american drug running movie (think 'Midnight Express'). To say that I was a bit concerned would be an understatement. Of course - because I didn't think (I never do) and I was annoyed (I often am) I started shouting at them and 'demanding' an explanation. Obviously that didn't go down too well (none of them spoke English and all they could see was this mad small woman screaming and frothing at the mouth) and one of them started pushing me around. Being really stupid, the next thing I did was light a fag. Cut to the next scene which includes very small room, me, the boy, a guard and jail-type door and bars on windows!!!! Can you imagine? It was at this point where I cried at Malaga Airport for the second time in three days!!!

Luckily my mobie phone had a signal, I called the office and one of our directors who speaks Spanish was able to talk to the head honcho and find out that there was a block on his passport to prevent him being taken from Spain unless he had one of his parents with him.

Eventually somebody from the house came to pick him up - but until they did we weren't allowed to leave. When I say we weren't allowed to leave - I actually mean that for over an hour we were kept there against our will, not given anything to eat or drink, and kept being shouted at by the guards!!! I had by then missed my flight, so I was booked onto another one 2 hours later. Unfortunately (!) there were only business class seats left - so a few minutes later I found myself sitting in the 'club' lounge eating breakfast opposite Rick Parfitt of Status Quo!!! (who, in case you're interested looks fantastic for his age!) Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I finally got home about 4pm - which was a huge relief because a few times during this debacle I had visions of ending up in some Spanish jail for eternity being used as a plaything for some big hispanic drug running momma!!!

It's funny now - but at the time I don't mind admitting that I was crapping my pants.

So I've decided I don't really like Malaga Airport, I do however, like flying business class - despite being by far the scruffiest looking passenger that BA have probably ever had. You get a huge comfy seat, pillows and blankets, free drinks, and a proper meal, on a proper plate with a proper knife and fork!!!

It could only happen to me.

Beautiful New life