Friday 22 June 2007

Ringing in her ears!

This week so far Fifi (killer cat) has murdered a rabbit, a pidgeon and two baby birds. That's quite low for her usual weekly tally. It wouldn't be so bad if she did her murderous deeds outside and left the evidence in the bottom of the shrubbery - but OH NO...due to some primaeval instinct to do with bringing gifts she insists on dragging the carcasses in through the cat flap and depositing them at the bottom of the stairs. If that wasn't enough, she then proceeds to de-capitate the body, and as far as we know she eats the head - I say this because we've never found one yet!!! It's all very macabre.

Today, in an effort to thwart her sadistic activities I have bought her a collar with a bell!!! Now, hopefully her intended victims will hear her appoaching and stand a better chance of escape. She, however, hasn't worked out that she is wearing the bell - only that it keeps ringing...this scares her and she keeps running away .....more bell ringing......more get the picture. Tonght she's exhausted and fell flat out asleep on Dan's lap. She was too tired to even eat her tea. I feel we may have cracked the she's too knackered to kill anything!!!!

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