Tuesday 30 September 2008

Fox Porn

I am just about to go to bed - however there are foxes 'doing it' outside right now and making loads of noise. They have been doing 'it' for about ten minutes now - so by my reckoning (they're obviously doing it twice) it should have gone quiet in about five minutes. I'll just put the kettle on then :-)

Monday 29 September 2008

Black Gold

This product is the Nectar of the North. It is made in Sheffield and has been for about 100 years. The recipe is a closely guarded secret and a few years ago when they threatened to close the factory - half a million people rose up in protest.  Pie simply cannot be eaten b'aht it. If you have never lived within a 15 mile radius of Sheffield you will have no clue about this lovely scrumptious sauce - but I suggest you come and see me - pay me a massive bribe and I will let you try some. 

When I lived in Cyprus it was the only thing I missed from home - my Mum used to send it to me in a parcel.  Tonight I am having Shepherd's pie for dinner - just so that I can  have some Hendo's. Once you have tried it - you will never go back to life without "Hendo's". Every single pantry in Sheffield has a bottle of this stuff - without exception - and everybody loves it. I brought a bottle back for me and two bottles for Lisa (She's from Doncaster). It truly is the Nectar of the Gods of the North.

Weekend at home - Day Two - The Christening

Tracy, Christian, Victoria and Amelia, Tim (in church - really close to a crucifix!!)

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and after a shower and breakfast at Helen and Andrew's house I then drove back down the M1 to South Sheffield for Amelia's Christening. Going into Church I recognised David Callaghan, a fellow blogger, and then I spotted Chris Hill. The other Godparent, Tim is also a blogger - but he doesn't write that much!!! That was quite weird - meeting people who I feel that I know because of what they write - actually in the flesh. David was with his partner and his cute son Luke - and I've read all about Luke (named after Luke Skywalker) so it was lovely to finally see him. 

The service was great - the Vicar was a little like Peter Kay - in a funny kind of way - and very jolly. The singing was a bit strained as they were all hymns that we didn't really know - but we gave it our best shot.

It was great to see Victoria's lovely Mum again, and David and Dianne, Justin and Claire and the children, Gran and Eric, and fantastic to see Rob and Lucy. We had a lovely lovely lovely day - and the food was awesome. I also have to say that the Briddon children are so very lovely - Amelia didn't cry once all day - and Alice only cried for a minute because somebody (!) trod on her foot with a stilletto heel (quick - call Social services)

It was a lovely, lovely, lovely day - and I was really sorry to leave my friends at the end of the day and drive back down to Surrey :(

Christian, Alice and Victoria

My dear, dear friend - Christian

Tim and Tracy - Godparents with Amelia

Tim  Tracy Rob and Lucy (Godparents) with Amelia and Alice

Tracy and Dan

Rob and Lucy

No appetite

I've just been food shopping in M&S. Usually I love food shopping in there and get quite carried away. Today though, I have no appetite and so have come away with milk, bread and a "sad b**stard living alone" Oven ready Shepherd's pie for one!!! Mind you if you'd have seen me troughing food at Christian's Mum's house yesterday - you could be forgiven for thinking I had the appetite of ten men!

Weekend at home - Day One - Saturday

Saturday Morning - up at 5.30am  - set of at 6.30 for the 180 mile trip home. Only one coffee stop on the way - bit foggy - old age dictates a steady speed of about 65mph all the way!!. I came off the motorway a few junctions early and drove through Renishaw, Eckington (scene of table dancing some 25 years ago!) and Coal Aston. So many fields, so many stone cottages, so much livestock - a song in my heart to be back in the motherland!! So much space. I had to stop at the side of the road and take the picture below - because I was thrilled to see so many fields. There are fields in Surrey of course - but just not as many!

I arrived at Mum's for coffee and toast and dragged Jan and Dan out of bed (they had driven up the night before).  After an hour with them it was time to go and collect Jacqui and go to Ferndale Garden Centre for breakfast (we know all the best places!). I miss Jacqui so very much and it was just great to see her again. Moya and Fiona met us there and brought Michael (Moya's Grandson). 



After a huge cooked breakfast we left the Garden Centre and I dropped Jacqui off at the Stables and drove round to see Shaun and Fiona. I've known Fiona (Andrew's Sister - more of Andrew later) since 1992 and she is a lovely girl! She kept me fed when I was skint and supported me through some trials and tribulations. We had a joint birthday party when I was 30 - and I had the great honour of being with her when she gave birth to Ellie - who answered the door at their house and has suddenly become 13!!! (as if by magic - overnight!) On Ellie's birthday Fiona nearly broke my hand and I still have some slight scarring of where her nails dug into the flesh on the back of my hand. 

Shaun and Fiona

After an hour with them (I really could have done with much more time - we were laughing so much that the hour flew by in what seemed like a few minutes ) I went and collected Jacqui and off to meet up with Garry.

It was great to see Gaz again and we caught up on all the news. He told me all about his allotment ( I told you we were in the north) and his latest additions to the animals. He now has sheep. a Ewe called 'Colin' (don't ask) and two more sheep called 'Flymo' and 'Qualcast' - however - they're soon to be going into the freezer! Great names though.


Time was by now pressing on - sadly I had to say Goodbye to Jacqui and Garry - and I had to get back in the car and shoot up the motorway to Meadowhall Shopping Centre to meet the twinnies. My Mum and Auntie Marguerita go to Meadowhall every Saturday (it's their leisure activity) and so if you want to see them on a Saturday - you too have to brave the hordes of people and pushchairs. Not really my idea of fun - but needs must! We had coffee and cake and much laughter - I wouldn't possible publish the laughter photographs - or they would never, ever forgive me! A quick stroll round the clothes department in House of Frazer - 

The Twinnies

By now it was nearly 6pm and I had to drive (again) about 15 miles north up to Stocksbridge. Stocksbridge is where most of the steel was produced when Sheffield had an industry to call its own - but now it's a lovely little town on the road between Sheffield and Manchester (it always was between Sheffield and Manchester - it hasn't moved) and it's where Andrew and Helen live. That's where I was staying the night - so it was great to arrive and kick off my shoes. Helen had cooked a great curry and we had a rather nice bottle (or 2) of wine. Many many laughs as we caught up...and their youngest daughter - Georgina - was there too. She's now a teenager - and the last time I saw her she was just a toddler. We listened to some great music - including John Shuttleworth - and loads of other stuff too. We didn't get round to playing cards though.

This picture made me laugh as we're both wearing specs!!! So Middle aged. 

Helen and Andrew

Andrew is Fiona's brother (any resemblance?) and for many years was a pub landlord. Helen used to work with Christian and me and Rob and Lucy at the 'Rising Sun' on Abbey Lane - and we had some great great times there. Many, many, many drunken nights.  And many, many, many great Sunday lunches - followed by hours and hours of playing cards and drinking wine.

After a very very very long day - which I throughly enjoyed - it was time for bed. I was tired in a great way - it must have been all that clean northern air, and seeing all those wonderful people.

Sunday 28 September 2008

One last thing.....

...before I go to bed. This weekend I have been reminded of why I'm so glad that I'm a northerner. I just love the honesty of the northerners. They're so quick to tell the truth. ...And - they're so quick to laugh about things. I've had a load of fun xx

Road Trip

Right - I'm back from my lovely lovely weekend away - and tomorrow I shall write all about the weekend - the people I saw and the things we did. I have had a great time. But I just want to tell you about the road trip. During the last 40 hours - I have driven over 400 miles. My backside is numb and my legs are stiff. I listen to music when I'm driving and have many many cds of all kinds of music...but like a complete numpty I only took three with me. If you think that the last 40 miles of my journey home tonight took me nearly three hours (M25 Car park - picture above!) you will understand when I tell you that I now know all the words to all the songs on all three cds - all the way through. Tomorrow I will be changing my music in the car!!!

Songs I have listened to (over and over again) include.....Close to you - Maxi Priest, Out of the Blue - Delta Goodrum, Far Away - Nickelback, How come the world won't stop turning - Anastacia, The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice, Close the Door - Teddy Prendergrass,  For the First Time - Rod Stewart, Want to make a Memory - Bon Jovi, Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, Just for you - Glitter Band, Come Back and Stay - Paul Young, Never A Day - Wood, Moonlight Kiss - Bap Kennedy, Waiting in Vain - Annie Lennox, When You Know - Shawn Colvin, 1983 - John  Mayer, This Year - Chantal Kreviazuk, The Distance - Eva & Jaron, Looking for a way out - Odyssey, Sealed with a Kiss - Gene Pitney, Body Talk - Imagination.

Off to bed now for a very long sleep - I haven't even unpacked the car :-)

Saturday 27 September 2008


Right - I'm up, packed and ready to go...early start so I can get to Sheffield in time to enjoy the whole day. Don't expect to see me back on here until Monday!!!! TTFN xx

Friday 26 September 2008

Lunch and Shopping

I have been for a lovely lunch with Trish today - we have arranged a trip to Brighton for two weeks time to walk along the beach eating fish and chips out of the paper !!! (something we both agreed we would love to do!!!) Then I popped into Kingston  - gift shopping for my soon to be God Daughter. I am very pleased with my purchase and hope that she and her Mum and Dad like it too! I cannot wait to see them all on Sunday :-)

Who is to blame?

When things go wrong - as they often / sometimes do - the first thing we tend to do is get out the huge 'Finger of blame' and point it at anybody who is standing in the vicinity. Eventually we realise that perhaps that horrid finger should maybe be pointing back at us - even if only slightly:-)

When you do the 'blame' thing you tend to sound a bit like a spoiled child. We've all heard them in the playground......"it wasn't me.....it was her...she did that...it's not my fault" If we're honest when we hear that from children it's quite endearing - and in our minds we think 'they will learn as they get older'. But sometimes people don't learn and they travel into adulthood and beyond behaving in the same way.

What also happens is that other people stop taking us seriously as they recognise that here is a person who is unable or unwilling to take any responsibility for anything that happens in their lives. Shit happens to us all - you are in no way unique - and whatever it is that you're going through has happened to thousands before you. You're not the first - and you won't be the last. What makes the difference is how you handle it. With grace and dignity? or throwing tantrums and making demands? That's really up to you ;-)

The smart, emotionally aware people of this world - don't even bother pointing the finger of blame outwards - because they understand - at some intrinsic level - that doing so won't help. It never does. To change things for the better the first step is to accept our own part in our own problems. The thing is you see - none of us can change anything that anybody else does. We cannot change the way others act or think or feel - no matter how much we would like to - or believe that we should be able to. Accept that fact and you're half way there !! The only thing we have power over is our own actions and our own responses to other people's actions. Accept some responsibility for your situation - even if it is just that you made some dumb choices - or blinkered yourself to what is actually happening, and / or refused to see things as they are.

So if you're thinking of blaming somebody else for something that is happening to you right now - perhaps you should think again. Take a good look at the situation and accept that maybe you did something wrong - or repeatedly did things wrong over a period of time

I hear an awful lot the same repeated mantra ...'It's not my fault, if only that person hadn't done what they did to me it would all be okay.......I am not to blame here...I did nothing wrong" etc etc. If you do this and say these things you put yourself in the position of victim and that's a place you can't get out of. (well - you can - but it takes sooooo much longer). 

We're not helped in this mission by the new found 'Blame culture' that permeates our every day lives - we are encouraged to blame and then to sue and gain recompense for whatever it is that has gone wrong.

When we do this - we become 'stuck' in the situation and that's not a healthy thing to do or a healthy place to be. 

So - to keep it short (ha ha ha!) - the answer - I feel - is if things are going tits up - take a look at what you have done to contribute to that - change it if you can - and if not - move away from the situation (maybe shelve it for a while and come back to it later) and concentrate your efforts on somethings else instead.

When things are broken - don't look to anyone else to fix it for you - don't throw around accusations and hurtful comments - don't be always looking for someone else to blame.  See if you can change your behaviours and responses and maybe mend things that way - and if not - simply remove yourself from the situation.

Now I'm going to watch some more Dr Phil :-)

Thursday 25 September 2008

Comments on this blog

Earlier today I had to remove another anonymous negative comment left on here - which was left in response to one of my posts. I get a little bit upset when people put unnecessarily hurtful comments on here - really I do. I tend to see it as a little bit juvenile and emotionally unsophisticated. I understand that you may have a reason to not like me - or what I have to say - but surely if that is the case would it not be better if you didn't keep reading these pages?  I certainly wouldn't carry on reading a blog written by somebody that I felt such strong negative feelings about - I wouldn't want to put myself through it - to be quite frank. 

Don't get me wrong here - I'm all for free speech - but I much prefer a rational well thought out argument - rather than just plain stupid or hateful comments. So please - who ever you are - if you want to have any kind of debate - rational? logical? or amusing? or even thought provoking - then please feel free - I am more than happy to engage with anyone at all in any kind of dialogue whatsoever - about any subject under the sun (preferably not heated...as there isn't any need !) 

I would prefer it if you don't remain anonymous (somewhat cowardly I think?). So go ahead, be my guest and get in touch :-)...and whoever you are - if you're not liking what you are reading on my blog - (which is the only conclusion I can draw after reading your comment!) the simple answer there is to stop reading it, and find something else to do with your time :-)

New yard

Have just got home and am delighted to say that Phoebe has settled in as if she's been there for years. It is great to be back with Lisa and the girls and Emma again - what a relief :)

For the first time in six months I wasn't in a hurry to get home tonight. I watched Emma riding and helped to look after little Phoebe (Emma's daughter who she named after my Phoebe)...who is so very very very cute, and smart, and so funny!!!! I love her to bits! I will post a picture of her on here tomorrow - she's adorable. I love other people's kids because you get to give them back!!! I can also take Millie to this yard and she can play with the other dogs - which is much better - I hated leaving her in the car at the other place. I think I'm going to be a lot happier here. 

Phoebe is half-moved !!

I am pleased to report that Phoebe is now safely snuggled in her new stable. The job is half done as I have another trip to go and fetch the rest of her stuff - but I thought I deserved a break which includes a nice cup of coffee and some toast and "Laughing Cow"

She is of course, looking lovely and groomed and very fetching in her new bandages and her best travel rug (all matching) whereas I look like a gypsy. I am happy to report that she loaded onto the lorry very easily (no arguments) and unloaded like a pro at the other end - no running down the ramp and diving into the nearest field for Phoebe - Oh no - she has lovely manners.

I have broken three fingernails - my hair is full of hay and straw and I have a big black grease mark right across my left boob !!!! Not a good look!!!

The nice lorry man (in his huge 6 Horse HGV) was following me to Sunbury and we managed to hold up all the traffic in Weybridge, then Walton and finally at Sunbury roundabout - so if you got stuck behind us this morning I do apologise!!!

Moving horses and all their paraphernalia is - I have to say - probably man's work - but whenever I've moved mine it has always been down to me and me alone!!!! (well, apart from the lorry driver of course). It involves moving heavy stuff (wheelbarrows - bales of shavings - rug racks) it usually involves power tools (putting rug racks up at new home) and a whole load of dirt and cobwebs.

To say I have a lot of male friends - they are all a bit thin on the ground today and slightly conspicuous by their absence!!! Ho Hum xx

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Getting ready to go home :)

Am trying to get ready for the next few days. Tomorrow will be busy as we're moving Phoebe to her new home. The lorry man is coming at noon to collect her and prior to that I have to have loaded all her gear onto my tonka toys truck and got her ready for the journey - navy blue travel rug and burgundy leg bandages (with gamgee underneath) - I only hope she loads okay - I can be doing without a fight on the lorry ramp with a huge stressed horse - if we do have a fight - she will win it!!! Usually she's okay to load onto a lorry - it's trailers that are the problem.

When we arrive at the new yard I will then have to unload and unpack all her kit - she has so much kit - equipment for every possible occasion. More rugs than a chinese carpet shop too!!!  Once she's settled I will then  have to take the truck for cleaning as it will be scruffy and full of hay and shavings. 

Then - tomorrow later on I have to start preparing for my weekend up t'north. Ironing clothes and making lists - wrapping gifts - and making a plan of Saturday as I have so many people to see in one day. (About 12 at the last count) The whole day will have to run like a military operation or I simply won't be able to see all the friends I would like to see - really I could do with a whole week in Sheffield. I am really looking forward to staying with Helen and Andrew on Saturday night as we always laugh loads when we are together. Often we play cards and get very drunk too!!!   Whenever I go home I am never ready to come back down South because I have never had enough time with all the people up there that I love.  

Also when I pack to go home I always get in a bit of a 'kerfuffle'  and forget something really important - like my purse - or my clean knickers...so I think I should make a list :) Last time I went home I put my mobile phone in the boot of the car (by accident) got stuck in a six hour traffic jam (friday night) and had to keep stopping at every motorway services to call my Mum from a call box and tell her not to put the chips on yet!! (My Mum always makes me home-made chips when I go to her house because I love them so much and can very rarely be bothered to make them just for myself!) I finally found my phone when  I was unpacking in Sheffield later that night!!!

I am really really really really looking forward to this weekend. xx

Raining again!!!

I've just been into Kingston to do a spot of retail therapy (boring food shopping and getting keys cut...yawn....) and it has chucked it down with rain. I got soaked - as soon as I got back to the car - it stopped raining.  I sometimes really hate the British weather :( Brrrr and it's quite cold today too.

Love Hearts

Moya sent me a packet of Love Hearts sweets yesterday - following the theme of childlike birthdays. They've dragged them into the modern age because instead of having messages like "You're cute" and "Call me" they now say things like 'Text me" or "e mail me"!!!! How funny!!! I can happily report that they still taste the same as they ever did:)

Why is it....?

....that when you go out at night for a meal and stuff your face - when you wake up the next morning you are absolutely starving? ...and, guess what? There's not a blade of grass (neigh) in this house to eat right now :(

...and look at the time!!! I've only just woken up. Unemployment is great!!!

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Birthday Night Out!!!!

           Jim and Su

                                   Me and Su

   Me and Jan

   Me and Dan

   Trish and Me

           Me and Emma

   Tracy, Trish Jo and Su


   Jan, Trish, Dan, Tracy, Jim, Jo and Emma

Tonight we have all been to The Minnow for a birthday dinner. I had a great time. Gifts I got included a red skipping rope (yaaaay!!!) a Bratz doll, 'Operation' game, some beautiful flowers, a lovely box for keepsakes and a wonderful 'High School Musical' singing microphone!!!! I was thrilled with the toys because I said I wanted to have a childlike birthday!!!!

Off to bed now!!!!

Deadliest Catch

Dan and Jan are watching a programme called 'Deadliest Catch'. It's a docu-soap about life on a fishing trawler!!!! These kids are 19 years old - I mean puleeeeeez!!! I'm told it's a great programme (? ****)   They so need to get out more :)


An hour ago Dan walked in with this for me!!!! Not with cheese though!!! We've nearly finished it.....Inside it is a Victoria sponge (which I love) and the candles were those that don't blow out :)

More gifts for me :)

The postman has been (does he always ring twice?) and brought me loads of cards and two parcels. In one parcel there was a new sports top from a great shop called "Swetty Betty" which I love from Russell and Sarah (he obviously thinks I'm going to take up some kind of fitness regime), and a great parcel from Moya which had some sherbet dib-dabs (yaaay) some love heart sweets and some 'flumps' (which I love) and a lovely notebook and pencil and bookmark - she had obviously read my blog post about wanting to be a child again - Thank you Moya!!! Dan has bought me a lovely new riding top from "Joules" which is very soft and fluffy, and Jan bought me a nice big box of chocolates (!) 

I have had loads of cards from everywhere and Dan and her Dad have just cooked me a nice brunch of bacon and poached eggs - and we all sat round the table with Jan and Jon and had a good old natter and I've had the piss well and truly taken out of me because I'm now a year older....ho hum...nothing changes there then. I've had loads of emails and Facebook messages from friends far and wide. I do feel very special and loved today - which is a great feeling :)

Tonight there are about ten of going out to dinner at 'The Minnow' (at top of list of favourite eateries) and that will be wonderful. I will post photos later.
I am having a lovely day xxx

Monday 22 September 2008

Def Leppard - Long Long Way to Go

I love Def Leppard (Great band from Sheffield and they used to practice in my Gran's basement) and I really love this song. It always make me cry :(

End of an Era

I've just been into Kingston and met my friend Nicola for a lovely cup of coffee at John Lewis - now that we're unemployed luckily she had a voucher which entitled us to free drinks!!!!! Then I went into the office to hand in my Crackberry (Blackberry - bane of my life) and clear my desk.

Since Friday my desk has been taken over and used as a dumping ground for other people's stuff and when I cleared out the drawers - the only things that were mine to take away are in the photograph above.  I've worked in that office with those people for three and half years - and on many occasions have put my heart, soul and every ounce of me into that job - and today ? today it was like I had never even existed there at all. How weird!!! Nobody could look me in the eye and it was huge relief to walk out again five minutes later. So - if it's such a huge relief - then why do I feel like crying my eyes out?

Dan's a star !!!

My clever shiny bright lovely precious daughter has passed all her 1st Year University Exams. Well done Dan - Mum is very proud :)

Sunday 21 September 2008


This is a great British Rock band and this track is one of their best - "I'll be waiting"


...About next weekend!! Back to Sheffield (be needing warm clothes then) to see my friends (and my Mum and my delicious Aunty Mimi)  ...yaaay!!!! And I'm very excited about being little Amelia's Godmother. Crikey - what a responsibility!!!  Now that I'm not working I can spend longer up there than I originally planned and see more people. Which is a good thing!!! I may not be able to cope with the chill though and have to come rushing back down to Surrey to get warm!!! Phoebe will be well looked after on the new yard so I don't have to worry about her - and I think Millie is staying at Jo's for the weekend so I don't need to worry about her either.

I may also be flying out to Cyprus for a few days if I can get a cheap enough flight sometime in the next few weeks. 

I'm so looking forward to the future and the exciting possibilities it will bring:)

Dole queue

The Credit crunch has well and truly bitten here at our house. I worked for a Property Investment Company (notice I say 'worked' ) - that's because on Friday about seven eighths of our workforce was made redundant. Me included :( Fortunately for me I have savings - so can go a few months without working and take the time to work out exactly what I want to do next (all ideas gratefully received!!) but many of my colleagues aren't in that fortunate position. Some of them won't be able to make their mortgage payments this month. Friday was a dark day.

However - as one door closes another one opens and opportunities present themselves all the time - but to see them you have to have an open mind and be in a place where you can recognise them as opportunities - and as many people know - what seems at the time to be a disaster often turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

So tomorrow I'm meeting an ex-colleague for coffee before we go into the office to empty our desks - then off to the Job Centre to sign on (I'm getting the £40 per week and having my NI stamp paid) with the hordes of 'the great unwashed'!!

It's along time since I've been jobless and unemployed - I'm quite looking forward to the time off to have a proper think!!!

The cooking fat

The cooking fat has gone silent for about half an hour - which is unusual when she's here with Millie - they are usually chasing each other round the room and up the curtains. 

I just located her - laying on my white bed - busily decapitating a pidgeon. Blood, feathers and guts everywhere. Lovely :)

Newcastle United

...and the drama goes on and on....

X Factor

Last night Jo came round for supper and we watched 'The X Factor". I've completely missed it this year and last night was the final auditions. Usually I am glued to the audition stage because it's so damn funny!! All those people who genuinely think that they can sing and stand a chance - folks with delusional tendencies. I can sing - a bit - but I would never, ever, ever , ever put myself through the humiliation and shame of going on that programme - because I can only sing a bit - and hold no delusional views about how good a singer I am - I'm pretty crap really and it's something I do for myself and my own pleasure!!!

I was laughing my head off at some of the entrants last night. Every year the show brings out the latest attempts a re-creating the next boy band of the decade. Last night it was the turn of the "Wannabees" (seriously - that was the best name they could come up with....hopeless!) who said they were going to be next best thing to the Beatles........Errrrrm, No! They were shite and wouldn't even be as good as a woodlouse!!!

One person completely murdered Eva Cassidy's 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' (and quite frankly should have been shot) ...then there was a girl called Yvonne who cringe-ingly begged Simon for a place (you just wouldn't beg would you?) It's full of freaks and nutters - great TV though. I really love it when people get rejected and then get annoyed with Simon and start having a go...do they really think that he's going to be upset and bothered by what they say - or change his mind? Some fat bird with teeth missing and half her scuzzy family outside who has no chance of anything apart from maybe a part time job at Aldi starts to tell Simon Cowell (multi millionaire pop impressario) that he's wrong and she's the best thing to hit the music scene since Julie Andrews - come on people!!! Hilarious!!!! And then in comes Mother and starts having a go as well - very very funny!!!

One young man called Dwayne who was a childhood friend of Leona Lewis sang a Stevie Wonder song and was truly amazing - he got through. When he sang it made all the skin on my arms go goose-pimply!!!

....There was of course the usual round of people with sob stories...why would you tell the judges about the recent loss of your Nan, or your Mum unless you wanted it to influence their decision? Doh!

And finally - there was amazing Betty. 80 years of age and looking like a Pearly Queen. She did a very funny rendition of "We're having a Gang-bang...we're having a Ball" and got through to the next round!!!

I really like Simon Cowell - mainly because he's so honest (and you all know how I feel about that!) He's also a very very clever chap - he knows how to keep people interested in his programmes!!!

Man flu is still here!!

Well - it's been a whole week now I am still plagued by the symptoms of man-flu. They say you should starve a fever and feed a cold - so I have been feeding it - but it's still here. Maybe it rather likes being fed top quality M&S nosh!! Starvation is NOT an option though!!! Every night I wake up at about 2am with a mad coughing fit - which requires copious amounts of buttercup syrup to calm it down, and now my nose is running like a tap (nice!) Fortunately it hasn't affected my looks and I'm still as beautiful as ever (!) It has however affected my voice and I sound like I'm choking on the bottom of a gravel pit!!! 

All sympathy and pampering would still be gratefully received :)

Saturday 20 September 2008

A Brand New Day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It is for you too!!! What an amazing thought!!! Everything that has happened so far has brought us to where we are now!!! And all that matters is what happens next and into the future. Everything that we have been through and experienced and learned - all of the joy, the trials, the tears and the laughter have been so that we can take the next step. We have been given the experiences and the knowledge to go forwards into today and tomorrow.

Friday 19 September 2008

BT Line is back!!!!

My Land line from BT has thankfully now been restored!!!! I've just tested it and it is working fine. I have to say though I still prefer Skype. When you call a non-skpye enabled person there is a little meter at the top of the screen which tells you how much the call is costing - and it's a mere pittance compared to BT....both for UK calls and Overseas. Skype is the future :)

Phoebe's moving home next Thursday

Have just had to arrange a lorry to come and collect Phoebe next Thursday to take her to her new home. I do have a horse trailer and we have a towing 4 wheel drive - but nobody seems to know where the keys to this vehicle are!!! Quite frankly I'd rather have a man with a lorry come and do it - because then if she's naughty about loading that will be his problem rather than mine!!! So it's worth the extra money :) Not that she's naughty when being loaded...No No No - we usually only have to use a lunge line and about three lunge whips and four strong men. It'll be a breeze!!!


Q Why do things happen?
A Everything happens for a reason
Q What could the reason be?
A Sometimes the reason is not clear at first - and not knowing the reason can be painful and confusing
Q When does it become clear?
A Eventually - when the time is right and you have gained more insight
Q Will it become clear when I look back?
A Oh yes, with hindsight everything becomes crystal clear
Q So - why do things happen then?
A Because of the Universe
Q What's the Universe got to do with it?
A Well, the Universe will give you everything that you need at exactly the right time. It will give you the knowledge, and the strength, and the patience and the courage to have everything you want
Q How do I get all of these things?
A You just simply have to ask for what you need and want and the Universe will deliver
Q Will I always recognise it?
A With hindsight you will - often what comes to you as a problem or difficulty will reveal itself to you a bit later as an opportunity
Q So what do I need to do?
A You just need to trust. That's all.
Q That sounds simple?
A It is - just have faith.

Thursday 18 September 2008

Annual review

Because my birthday is looming I have been thinking about the past year and all that has happened. Time for a bit of an annual review if you like - so to speak!!! A bit like they do on the TV every New Year's Eve!!! However - my annual review won't be anywhere near as exciting as that one. No Royal visits for me - or major news incidents!!!

It has however been an eventful year. It's the first full year I've had without Dan being at home as she left at the beginning of last Summer - I've missed her :( My Gran died - as did beloved Uncle Bob - both very sadly missed. I've had a couple of trips to Spain for a few days...which were fun - and I could absolutely do that again - in a heartbeat!!!

My job has changed beyond all recognition in the last twelve months - a year ago I was in charge of all company training...now I'm the Events Manager!! The changes at work have seen me putting in some 80 hour weeks this year - but thankfully that has all calmed down now and I'm more or less back to three days a week. 

I've made some new friends - and become a lot closer to a special small handful - as they have supported me throughout the year. Lovely Trish and Darren have become very special to me - and even though Trish no longer works with us her friendship means a lot to me and so I meet her each Friday for lunch. Also Jo and Su have been wonderful - especially over the last few months.

My Mum has beaten cancer (yippee) in the last twelve months - that made for a very harrowing Christmas while she underwent her operation, and a very stressful November when she was first diagnosed. Fingers crossed that she has no more occurrences of that.

I've been put back in touch with a number of special friends from a few years ago - through various channels. The Thoms, Fiona, Nicola Chinnery and more besides.

I've learned loads about myself (it's all about me, me, me) and have undergone some specific learning in the last few weeks especially. Painful - but extremely worthwhile.

Millie came to live with me eleven months ago - and she - together with Phoebe - have brought me many hours of fun over the last year. I often prefer my animals to most people!!!

I've spent quite a lot of time in London Town this last year - and thoroughly enjoyed myself - I shall be doing more of that in the next twelve months. I've been blonde for the last year - and it's true - blondes do have more fun!!! I've also had to get spectacles - which is clearly a small sign of ageing!!!

My priorities have changed massively over the last twelve months - and now I am quite clear about what I want in my life going forward. Here's hoping :)

I wonder what the next twelve months will bring?

Well...if you were married to Gordon Brown wouldn't you ogle??

Moonlight Kiss - Bap Kennedy

This is another great song from the Movie 'Serendipity'. This track has a nice jazzy feel to it :) I love jazz and that might be why I like this track so much.

The last post.....

Should be dated Thursday 18th September - but there's clearly a problem with the Blogger system today!!!!

Wednesday 17 September 2008

We Love Skype !!!

We love Skype - and I'm gutted that I didn't discover it ages ago. Tonight I've had a chat with Lisa, Jo, Su and Dan and her Dad who called from Spain - the line is crystal clear and if you're talking to other 'Skype' folks - you also get webcam!!!!!! Ha ha ha - I cannot tell you the rude gestures that I got from Jo!!!! Skype to Skype calls are free (yippeeee) and other calls are really cheap!!! If you don't have Skype - I suggest you get it ...NOW. I'm glad BT screwed up my phone line this week because if it hadn't been for them I wouldn't have needed to get Skype!!!! Really - it's great xx

Wet Dog

Earlier NWD went out in the garden by herself. I think she fell in the pond / stream because when she came back she was wet through and had bits of green slime hanging off her. She's now asleep at my feet and the smell is ...well...ripe!!! She's never smelt of dirty wet dog before - but she does now and it's awful...I can feel a dog-bath coming on :)


Dan, as you know is in Spain at the moment having fun with her friends. They are being 'supervised' (loosely) by two supposedly responsible adults. These adults got very drunk last night, and one of them drove a quad bike up a tree at 4am. The quad bike overturned and there was a resulting trip to hospital on a backboard via ambulance and a paralysis scare (for a few hours). There were drips and stretchers and spine specialists involved and everything. These are two grown men with a combined age of approximately 75 years!!!!!! The medical bill will be huge!!! That will teach them!

Technical Glitch

The time settings on here aren't working. It looks like I wrote the last post at 10.27pm last night but I didn't - I just wrote it and it's 07:48am. I think there's a technical glitch somewhere with the world of Blogger. Hope they fix it!!!

Cousin Richard

Yippee Yippee Yippee - today I'm going to 'Town'. My hair needs doing (you don't say?) as I am starting to resemble Myra Hindley with the dark roots scenario. It's bad enough looking my age without looking like a murdress as well - so a trip to see beloved Cousin Richard is in order. There will be much laughter and merry making and many cups of coffee and possibly a quick sarnie from Pret a Manger if I'm lucky. So Covent Garden here we come. Whenever I go to Covent garden I get a mad urge to burst into song from the Oliver Musical and go dancing down the street, so if you see a report on the six o clock news about some barking tart from Surrey having been arrested - you'll know EXACTLY who that is won't you?

Covent Garden tube station  is okay as long as the lift is working. The last twice that I've been there - it hasn't been - and this has meant a walk up a spiral staircase that is never ending - think three lighthouses. Honestly it goes on, and on, and on (a bit like me). Later I'll post a photo of the new barnet.

Long long long day!!!!

Today has been a very busy, long day!!! It started at 9am with an appointment in Chertsey, and then at 10am a quick drive to Weybridge train station for the fast train to Waterloo. Then two tubes to Covent Garden and a visit here to have my hair cut and roots done (!) by my lovely lovely lovely cousin Richard. Do you think we look alike? We're more kind of brother and sister than cousins because our Mums are identical twins - so we share more genes than the average cousins.

The colour (no more Myra Hindley black roots for me!) alone took two and half hours and the another hour for the haircut. All the while I was plied with coffee and biscuits by his lovely staff and totally pampered and taken care of.  The very best part is when the shampoo-ing person does a fabulous indian head massage when they've put the conditioner on your hair. For me that could have lasted the rest of the afternoon and I wouldn't have complained :)

Then I went to Oxford Street to meet Jo for mid-afternoon coffee and cake - then while Jo finished work I had a wee trip to Selfridges - where I spoilt myself by getting two very luxurious bottles of Chanel Nail Varnish. Not girly pink as is shown here though - oh no - I bought gothic black, and a very very dark purple. Tres chic !!!!

At 5pm Jo met me again when she had finished work and we got the tube back to Waterloo and then the train home. 
I got home - dragged Millie out for a quick walk, and then dashed up to the stables to see to Phoebe - by which time it was pitch black - so that was a task and a half - running around a stable yard when you can't see your hand in front of your face!!!

Then to the chip shop (again) to collect a fish supper for me and Su, then another quick dash to Byfleet to Su's house to deliver and eat supper before it went cold!!! After the fish and chips we had after dinner mints!!!!! How posh are we? 

The postman has been today and brought me a parcel which I suspect contains a birthday gift - so I won't open it until Tuesday!!! I am a very lucky girl!!!

I've had a lovely fun day - but am a bit tired now Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Keeping your adsl?

Well, I'd really like to - don't even mind having it put into my own name - even though I have to pay an outstanding bill for over £200 that the company haven't paid (well - I've had the use of it - so I don't mind paying for it)....but right now I'm in another queue - this time to the 'Corporate Accounts department' and have been for over 18 minutes so far. BT really value their corporate clients - clearly!!!!...I have to tell you that dealing with BT for the last 24 hours has been THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO for a very long time. Eventually our I.T Manager gave me the phone number of the BT account manager who deals with our company - I phoned him and he managed to get everything sorted out in about 5 minutes - (why he couldn't have given me this person's contact details weeks ago when I asked him...I don't know...........) but then I had to phone up and pay the outstanding bill, and set up future billing in my one name by direct debit. Anyway - it's all done now so hopefully...All systems go!!!!!

Johnny Wilkinson

I Love Johnny Wilkinson's new longer hair!!!!

Charity Requests

Through our Intranet service at work we get a lot of requests to sponsor people to do some very ordinary things for Charity. Power walking, running 5K in a park on a sunny afternoon etc etc. I'm waiting for somebody to do something different and exciting - and then they'll get my coin.

"I'm going to headbut a chainsaw for Motor Neurone desease...can I put you down for twenty quid?"

BT capers

...more Mantovani!!! Have succesfully placed an order in my own name to have a phone line - and I'm told the line will keep the same number and will be up and running on Friday before 8pm......I'm not holding my breath on that one.....Now I'm on hold between business and residential trying to get my broadband connection transferred over...........la di da xx By the end of the process I will be able to play this piece of lovely music from Mantovani from memory on a pair of spoons........oh no - the lady has just come on the line to tell me that the residential order has been cancelled...some glitch on their computer system........so now I'm being put back to residential to re-do the order.........screeeeaming :)

Poor Mike Ashley :(

Don't you think that it's time that they left Mike Ashley alone now? Mind you he did say "I did not buy Newcastle to make money - I bought Newcastle because I love football"......Yeah, right:)

In the Sun Newspaper today........

On the letters page....

"Further to your report on the 22nd August about someone who shares my name, lives in the same town as me, and is charged with having sex with a dog. I would like to make it clear that I am not in any way involved in the case. I accept the Sun's sincere apologies for the distress caused to myself and my family due to this confusion. Yours sincerely - Thomas Mathew Fletcher, Tewkesbury."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

Millie goes large

Millie has just been out in the garden - and once again - wouldn't come back. It's a bit much at 6.15am. My idea of a good morning is NOT ferreting round the garden knee deep in wet grass trying to be patient with the NWD (Naughty White Dog) and being 'pleasant' and la la trying to 'persuade' her to come back inside. I think we need a serious word :(

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Man Flu latest

Am off to bed now with my latest companion. A family size bottle no less!!! I wish it were Gin :)

Who needs BT?

Not me - for the time being - I've got Skype!!!

Waving !!!

Because I have no land line at the moment - people are calling me on my mobile. Very problematic. Getting a call on my mobile here at the house involves waving the phone near a window to get a signal - or better still - going to the top of the drive. Su and I have just had a short chat in 5 sections. In other words the signal failed and we got cut off 4 times and a redial was required. I am praying that BT get my line back on sooner rather than later :) If Beattie were still on the adverts it would have been done by now.

So....in the meantime...

..Until BT get their act in order - if you want to call me - you will need my mobile number!!! If you don't have it - send me an e mail or put a comment on here, and if I like you - I'll send you the number!!!!

More BT!!

Am just having a nice chat with Kevin from Wakefield who works at the BT call centre (at present I am on hold with Mantovani in my ears !!!) and he is desperately trying to get my phone re-connected before the normal 7 day time frame!!!!  So now we're going to get it reconnected in a business name - and then transfer it back to residential......oh crikey....No.....now there's more Mantovani as I'm back in a queue to the Business Centre.

later - much.....much.......later....Now I remember why my home 'phone in Sheffield was with a cable company and I left BT!!!!! 

I still don't have a 'phone line and it's looking like I may have it back in the morning (yeah...right!).....however - how long is a piece of string?

At least Kevin was in Wakefield and not Banglahore.

Steam coming out of my ears !!!!


Am currently on the phone in a very long queue to BT trying to get my landline re-connected. GRRRRRRRRR :(  26 minutes so far....oh got to go...somebody's answered...yaay !!!!

No land line

I've just got home from work and tried to make a telephone call only to find that my landline is dead. I knew this would happen - nobody has paid the bill you see - and there's some confusion about the line being in the company name. I asked our IT department to get it changed into my name last week, but that's obviously proving problematic. At the moment I still have an internet connection - but hey - that could go at any time. I simply cannot live without my landline as mobile phones have zero signal down here at the house!!!! I hope we manage to fix it!!!!!

Helpful friends

I will be shopping at lunchtime today for some new make-up - as I have run out of some essential stuff. A helpful colleague has just sent me this link . With friends like that........

Monday 15 September 2008

One for the Girls

A very nice picture of the delicious Mathew McConaughey swimming at the beach...HELLOOO!!

Movie Review

Tonight I watched this movie  starring Johnny Depp (yum Yum) and Penelope Cruz. It's based on a true story and is reasonably good. I have to say I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was going to be a bit better than it was. I would give it a score of 6 out of 10.

It's a biography and sometimes they can be a bit dull and in places - I'm afraid it was..... a bit dull in places. Not a movie I would really be a hurry to watch again.  Johnny Depp has a great hair style in the early part of the film though - not that that's really relevant - apart from to give him a score of about 8 out of 10 on the 'Great looking leading men in movies' chart. Mind you - towards the end he was beginning to look a bit rough. If Johnny Depp can look a bit rough sometimes there's hope for us. Millie slept in my lap all the way through it - and she usually likes to watch a good film :)

Dark already

I've just got home from the yard via Sainsbury's and at 7.45pm it went dark. Boo Hoo. Winter's coming :(

The Hoi Polloi

Our new offices are in the less salubrious part of town (I think I mentioned before they are very close to the Kingston branch of 'Poundland'!!!). The office is down a shopping arcade, and just outside there is a coffee shop with some outside tables. Now, I'm not a snob  (!) - but I really don't want to share my breaks with people carrying all their belongings in two tatty carrier bags (sing along with 'Streets of London') - and sadly needing a huge amount of attention in the dentistry department. Today I went out to grab a sandwich and as I walked back down the arcade I had to breathe right in to make myself as slim as possible and avoid 'touching' anybody else as I walked past them. You simply don't know what you might pick up from them...honestly I know that you will think I'm exaggerating - but I'm not - really!!! It's hideous!!!

How much??????

A very good friend of mine and his wife are expecting a baby. This weekend they went shopping for a pushchair. This morning when we discussed this he was showing me on the t'internet the buggy they had chosen. It comes with detachable car seat (a must) and later  - as their baby grows - will do a 'transformer' and change from a proper pram into a stroller. The cost of this item (bearing in mind that I last bought a pushchair about 18 and half years ago and paid about a hundred quid) was an astounding £625. I was totally gobsmacked.  Is it me or is that an obscene amount of money for something that is a necessity?

I love this song :)

The video is hideous so many apologies - it's from Top of the Pops in the seventies!!!.....but that doesn't negate the fact that this is an awesome song!!!!

Good news and bad news

The bad news is - I have overslept :( - the good news is that the cat came back :) (not that I doubted her for a single minute !!!!

Sunday 14 September 2008

Hello Garry Pilkington

When I left Sheffield nearly three years ago I left behind some great friends. Christian and Victoria, Jacqui and Melvyn, Dearest Moya... and Mel and Garry Pilkington.

Garry has a daughter called Sophie who went to school with Dan so we used to share the school run.  Sophie had a horse that lived at the same yard as our neddies - Sophie actually owned Bugsy before we bought him for Dan. Garry and I spent many many evenings together taking Dan and Sophie to Pony club classes - and then scoffing fish and chips or Macdonalds on the way home. Garry is a sparky so if ever I needed anything electrical doing at the house - or proper man's diy - I could always ask Garry and he would help me. He put up garden lights for me, a new light fitting in my dining room, a new light fitting in a very treacherous place on my staircase - and other jobs too numerous to mention (including removing the triffid leaves from the windows of the cottage every time they threatened to take over the world)!!! 

He looked after the green pea car for me when I left Sheffield and then got it roadworthy again in time for me to fetch it for Dan when she passed her driving test.

When Dan had Mimi (horse from hell) Garry would always be there to lead her into the show ring because the bloody horse would rear up and back away if left to her own devices. He has transported our horses to and from Pony Club camp over in Humberside at least two years running. One day we went to a pony club rally and Sophie's horse was so naughty he wouldn't go into the trailer - Garry got some very stern looks from other Pony Club Mum's as he attempted to beat the horse into the trailer at the end of the day - and on another occasion we both sat on the bonnet of his land rover eating butties watching Dan and Sophie trying in vain to get Charlie and Bob (reluctant show-jumpers) over fences in the middle of a huge field - the pony club instructors just gave up in the end!!!

We have followed the hunt (on foot) together a few times too - through muddy fields and coarse hedges. - Now that is a fun day out - freezing bloody cold, knackered, starving hungry and covered in thick mud!!!

Every Friday night after riding lessons we would go to the "Coach and Horses" in Dronfield for a bite to eat. Garry goes shooting and because of him we have all tried deer meat!!!!

I've just spoken to him on the 'phone because I'm off up t'north in two weeks time and we always get together when I go home. Usually for a huge cooked breakfast - and that's something we used to do every Sunday morning without fail!!

I miss my friends up north very much - so I will be thrilled to see Garry and Mel again in a couple of weeks time.

Go Sergei, go!!!

How funny is this?. That should be allowed and fully reported on (with all the swear words included) every time Ministers from different countries get together to 'debate' things.

Man-flu update

Still got the man-flu? How are you feeling? Getting any better? ....Okay - thanks for asking!! 

Couldn't really taste my dinner last night at Su's and today my voice makes me sound a bit like Mike Reid - still got the hacking cough but now it's gone onto my chest (only thing that's been anywhere near my chest for months - more's the pity) so it not only rattles when I cough - but is also making a noise akin to bubbles of acid attacking a cheese grater. No headache today though. I think we're on the mend. 

Dan's off to Spain today

Dan's here at the moment. She got home yesterday evening - but I haven't see her yet because when I got home last night the rest of the house was quiet - and I didn't want to disturb anybody. Shame that they don't show me the same consideration - late night text messages asking if I have seen the cat? (- well, yes - she's quite small, mainly black with a white bit on her face and chest, and answers to the name of Fifi...saw her yesterday morning when I fed her - but it's night-time now and she'll be out on the kill -) I just love the way that I look after all the animals and then when somebody comes home once in a blue moon they panic because they don't see the cat for half an hour - do they think I have killed her and baked her in a pie...if you're that concerned about the cooking fat - then stay home and look after her yourself!!!! ....Rant over...

Anyway - Dan's off to Spain today with some friends from Uni to stay at her dad's Villa over there!!! That's a week of self-sufficiency in the land of Sangria and Bars at Puerto Banus!!! You just know how that's going to turn out - it's just a good job that the house has marble floors - much easier to clean - but harder to fall on to!!!! They will live and learn - as we all did. My Mum asked me if I was worried about her going there on her own? My reply - at nineteen I was away in the Army doing everything for myself - learning how to kill people - I even flew to Cyprus (to live - not just for a week's holiday) by myself in a Hercules aircraft (very noisy and very cold and a VERY long flight) - so a teeny weeny week in Spain on the lash? What's there to worry about?

Helen and Andrew Thom

Yesterday evening - before I went out - I had a lovely lengthy telephone conversation with my old friend Helen Thom. Helen has been my friend since I moved to the little house next to the "Rising Sun" - (about 17 years ago) I met her at the same time I met Christian - and what a great friend she is. The three of us, Helen, Christian and I - along with Rob and Lucy used to work in the pub together and then spend most of our 'off time' together too. We all had very little money - but we used to have an awful lot of laughs!!

She has three children but at the time only had two. Greg and Wrae. Wrae was close to Dan in age and one time we took the three of them to the seaside in a caravan for the weekend - tired them out completely and then told them at 5pm that it was 7pm and got them into bed - we then opened a few bottles of wine!!! We had many a Sunday Lunch together when Andrew (her husband - but at the time they weren't married) was working in the pub - and have got drunk together more times than I care to mention. I can  remember many parties at the 'Sun' and many a night lamenting the meaning of 'life, the universe, and everything'.!!!

We always  had such a laugh - playing cards until the wee hours!!  We kind of lost touch when I moved down to Surrey - but it was great to catch up and when I go home the week after next for Amelia's Christening I am going to stay at their house - yippee - I can't wait. They also have another daughter called Georgina who is now all grown up and the last time I saw her she was a toddler!!! Time flies and you can lose touch with people for a time - but then - up they pop - and it's just like yesterday again. Andrew and Helen introduced me to John Shuttleworth (The Yamaha Years) and 'League of Gentlemen' - for which I am eternally grateful!!! Helen also is a big Gin and Tonic girl - you see - so much in common!!! I am very excited about seeing them again.

Don't stop me now!

Last night before sleeping I read a couple of chapters of this book. I love Jezza and his book is as funny as he is. I like a good laugh at bedtime - but if you can't get a good laugh at bedtime in the usual way - well Jeremy Clarkson's ramblings will have to do instead :) 

Saturday 13 September 2008

Better Mood Now :)

Have just got home after an evening at Su's house eating dinner and watching back to back episodes of 'Sex in the City'.  I am pleased to report that my mood has improved somewhat through the day. It's still not completely back to normal - but we live in hope.

Tomorrow is another day :)

Lavender's blue - dilly dilly, Lavender's green....when you are King - dilly dilly - I shall be queen.

Getting on my nerves

The girls who runs our stable yard is a bit of a tit sometimes. (I hope she doesn't read this). She's trying to tell me that I owe her fifty quid. I've checked - and I don't. Now she wants me to phone my bank and get them to prove to her that the cheque I gave her was for £150 (as I say) and not £100 (which she says). I've shown her the cheque book stub and my bank statement. Seeing that it's her that is looking to gain the extra fifty quid I think she should be checking with her bank don't you? I'm quite happy with things the way they stand. She's sent me seven texts about this altogether this afternoon - and with the mood I'm in today - she's seriously in danger of becoming a casualty. I'm even thinking of changing my mobile phone number - or at least giving her a call and telling her to 'go forth and multiply'. :)

She is also nagging me to do my share of sweeping and poo-picking. Seeing as I'm leaving there at the end of next week - that's hardly likely is it? No Shit Sherlock.


Somebody has just brought a second hand ford cortina to the house. It had better not get in my way today.


Gazza's in the news again today. (Albeit in that notorious red-top 'The Sun" - not quite sure if that qualifies as 'The News' - not exactly the Guardian is it?)  Poor man. he's following in George Best's footsteps - these massively talented people who are so naturally gifted - and then just simply can't cope with the afterlife of being in the public eye, the fans, the adoration. I saw George Best having dinner - alone - in Surbiton a few years ago and he looked so old and so grey and oh, so tired. Years of being on the bottle will do that for you I suppose. How is it that some professional footballers go on and make a success of the second part of their careers and some simply flounder? It's so very sad to see him in this state. I imagine that they have 'addictive' personalities and when whatever it is that gives them their high while playing at top level disappears - they search for something else - and find it in the bottom of a Jack Daniel's bottle or inside a wrap of cocaine.

What a waste :( What a shame :( ...and how sad for him that he must spend every day in a perpetual inky blackness of the soul.

I should have been a Vet

I've just received the account from the veterinary man who came to give Phoebe her jab a few weeks ago. He was on the yard for about seven minutes. The charge? £93.85.

You couldn't earn that hourly rate on the Town Hall steps.

Depression in Scotland

Further to my last post - I decided to Google 'Symptoms of Depression' - just checking...that I'm still okay and haven't completely lost the plot!!!! Anyway I found the Scottish Manic Depressives website (oh what joy..och!) and discovered that they're holding a 'speed-dating' evening. Can you imagine? Now - that would be an evening of fun, frolics, and prozac!!! Now I'm laughing my head off and feel a whole lot better!!!


Today I'm in a very crosspatch mood. I've only been up for just over an hour and I've already wanted to smack three people. That wouldn't be so bad but so far I've only come across three people!!! I've just been to the yard to feed Phoebe and there's this woman who insists on parking her car right by the big double yard gates in a position which makes it really difficult for everybody else to get in and out of the gates. She does it every day - and every day I am just inwardly mildly irritated at her thoughtlessness - but today there's nothing mild about it. Today I'm in the mood to commit a murder and therefore I could have cheerfully stabbed her, and then run around the car park laughing like a maniac. 

Then there are people who drive around our estate at 7.30am and think that it's so early there will be nobody else on the road. They hurtle around in the middle of the road and just as you come around a bend - there they are - bearing down on you at 50mph...twats....they actually deserve to have a front-ender with my 'yorkie bars aren't for girls' truck because I know who would come off worst. 

And then there's the eastern european cleaner who comes to do the big house  - she who ruined my trousers last week (slavic b**ch) - she's here now making a stupidly loud racket with the vacuum cleaner - in a minute I shall go through there and ram the sodding tube right up her a**e....oh and if that's not enough - yesterday I got a work e mail from some 22 year old slag telling me that I'd done part of my job wrong - which wouldn't be so bad in itself - had she not copied half the f***ing board of directors into the e mail also. Snidey back-stabbing double-dealing b**ch. When I see her again I'm going to chuck her through the second floor window.

If I stand still long enough perhaps a queue of people who want to take the piss will form..  ...............anyone else? I'm taking everybody on today.

Told you - bad mood.

Today is going to be a long day. I'm going back to bed now and see if I can wake up later in a better mood :(

Beautiful New life