Monday 8 September 2008


Today is getting more exciting by the minute. I'm meeting my lovely friend Lisa for lunch at GBK at 1pm (But I can only have the kiddie's burger as I'm seriously in danger of turning into a heffalump) and then tonight I'm going up to town to meet my lovely lovely lovely lovely brother Russell for dinner. I'm really excited about that as I love him to bits and when we get together there is always much laughter and merry making. It will be a bright and colourful evening. I think I'll wear my lovely orange jacket.

I also have to hand my notice in at the yard today - which won't be easy - as in the next month Phoebe and I are moving to Sunbury so we can be with Lisa and Emma - where there's loads of lovely green grass to keep her fed throughout the winter. And also where the lovely Dean (yard owner) will muck Phoebe out for me every day for the same money as I'm paying now where I have to muck her out myself - a bit of a no brainer really!!! Always up for getting the most out of my green.

Hope you all have an exciting day too!!!

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