Wednesday 10 September 2008

Out Again!!

Tonight I've been out again - and look - it's very nearly midnight when I've got home and on a school night too!!! It's getting a bit serious now - having to keep busy - I'm doing more eating than I've ever done before and if I don't get a grip soon I'll be as big as a house side!!! Su and I have been here which is in Cobham - about 5 minutes away - and although it doesn't look much from the website the food is very good indeed. To be honest - any restaurant around here that isn't excellent wouldn't survive because there's so many and people round here tend to be a bit picky about their food. 

Anyway - the food and wine were excellent - We had a lovely bottle of red and I had huge lovely pink king prawns to start with and then lamb cutlets which were nice and pink and so tasty - all that protein - I also had dark green spinach - perhaps I'll end up looking like 'Desperate Dan' or 'Popeye' any day soon. Need to keep my strength up - what for I've no idea - but it's certainly not for doing housework - one look around the place and you would think that Harold Steptoe had moved in. Quite frankly I'm ashamed!!! But you see - there's no time for cleaning right now as my friends are making me go out all the time!!!

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