Wednesday 17 September 2008

Cousin Richard

Yippee Yippee Yippee - today I'm going to 'Town'. My hair needs doing (you don't say?) as I am starting to resemble Myra Hindley with the dark roots scenario. It's bad enough looking my age without looking like a murdress as well - so a trip to see beloved Cousin Richard is in order. There will be much laughter and merry making and many cups of coffee and possibly a quick sarnie from Pret a Manger if I'm lucky. So Covent Garden here we come. Whenever I go to Covent garden I get a mad urge to burst into song from the Oliver Musical and go dancing down the street, so if you see a report on the six o clock news about some barking tart from Surrey having been arrested - you'll know EXACTLY who that is won't you?

Covent Garden tube station  is okay as long as the lift is working. The last twice that I've been there - it hasn't been - and this has meant a walk up a spiral staircase that is never ending - think three lighthouses. Honestly it goes on, and on, and on (a bit like me). Later I'll post a photo of the new barnet.

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