Sunday 28 November 2010

Great Book

I've always been a bit of an avid reader. Usually got my nose buried in some book or other. I have a list of favourite authors and amongst them is John Grisham. He writes legal thrillers...and bearing in mind my interest in all things legal (from both sides of the to speak!) it's no surprise that when I spotted his latest book in Sainsberg's yesterday - I had to purchase said tome.
I've just finished it - and I have to say - it's probably his best book yet. It's the story of a wrongfully convicted man on Death Row with just days to go before his execution. Then....the actual murderer pops up wanting to confess. The ensuing story involves tension, drama, politics, corruption and the age-old battle of good v bad - and how that is ignored by the legal system. It's a cracking read - and I would heartily recommend it. Buy it - and let me know what you think. I would give it a very healthy nine out of ten :)

Saturday 27 November 2010


Well - look at all that white stuff. Can you see the sinister Polar Bear from the Bird's Eye advert lurking just around the corner?

I was out with the girls last night and when we came out of the bijou little place where we'd had supper - everything was covered in the white stuff. Fortunately I have big 4 wheel drive truck - so for me - snow is no problem.....not so good for the taxi driver who had wrapped his cab around a lamp post just down the road!

Of course it will make the news that the entire North of England has ground to a halt...schools closed...people panic buying in Supermarkets etc etc. But you have to admit - it does look lovely.

Must dash - off to the supermarket now to panic buy.....

Saturday 20 November 2010

Yoo Hoo

Hello world. Hope you're all doing okay. Things are a bit quiet on every front here at the moment and that would explain my lack of posts. Many apologies to those of you who check in from time to time to catch up. The weather has turned and now it's brrrrr chilly every day. Millie doesn't like it and I have to practically drag her out of the door for her daily constitutional. I don't think much of it either and it makes me think that maybe my next home should be somewhere warmer.

There's still not a lot happening on the work front - despite having a few irons in a few fires - things don't seem to be happening - so a distinct lack of funding - but I still have my health and my friends and my lovely I am luckier than most. I certainly haven't been as stupid this week as Jason Mumford or Lord whatshisname - both of whom have had to resign. Loose lips sink ships - or as in Jason's case - daft fingers sending texts can cost you your living :) and probably your wife too. Men? I'll never quite get what makes some of them do such stoopid things. Thank goodness they're not all like that.

This year I have been totally entranced by the latest offernings of ITV's 'I'm a celebrity'. It's been completely hilarious at times.

Check back later and you may find I have something a bit more interesting to say..........adieu mes amis....

Sunday 14 November 2010

The latest....

Well..hello there. What's happening with you? Busy?....that's good. What have I been doing?...All sorts really. No dates this week - which is a bit pants - always like a free meal :) Last night I went to Fi's to help her celebrate youngest daughter's 15th birthday. When youngest daughter made her way into the world 15 years ago poor old daddy didn't get there in time so it was up to me to hold Fi's hand and mop her brow. I was the very first person to set eyes upon youngest daughter - all red and screaming she was. I can't quite believe how time has passed and here we are 15 years later and she's all grown up. Off she went in her lovely party dress and high heels out for a meal with her girlfriends. (All of them looking totally lovely).

The recession has hit Tracy towers with a vengeance - and we are having to make some very drastic cut-backs - but we have an idea so all is not lost ! Whatever happens - it can't be any worse than anything I've been through before - so holds no fear - it's just another adventure.

Talking of adventures - we had a very enjoyable encounter with a nice lady and gentleman from the Government the other evening - both of whom were lovely and gracious and kind - and apologetic about the reason why they had the need to contact me. After a few hours and a trip 'down town' all was resolved...especially once they realised that the situation had been manufactured and exaggerated by someone with a particularly blunt axe to grind.

It's Christmas soon and sadly - there's nothing in the pantry to share - but there's lots of love and laughter to be had - so bring it on. It should be a bit like Christmas at the Cratchett's house.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Thankyou for my friends

It's all going on here. I've been right busy. And I mean right busy :) Tonight I've been (early doors) to see my friend Helen's shop and her new Christmas stock. We had a cheeky glass of vino and bumped into lots of friends old and new. Went there with the divine Fiona - but saw Helen, the lovely Dot, Jacqui, Melissa, Michelle and Vicky. Lovely ladies one and all. I adore my girlfriends. I've known them all for ever - and they're just brill.

I've also had a nice chat today with Jopapapapa and Su. Again - lovely true ladies with hearts of gold.

On Friday I will be out for a few glasses with Jayne - who is also a real shiny star in my universe. Our Friday nights out are cast in stone and I ALWAYS have a lovely time with her.

Last night I had a bit of a shocker - when somebody did a really really bad thing to me - and it was nasty :( - but as always - my lovely friends and my dearest Dan were there for me - right where and when I needed them.

Ladies - I love you - one and all XXXX

PS - Christian - I love you too (because I just know I'm going to get a comment) !

Sunday 7 November 2010

Letting go

Yesterday I learned something. I learned to let go. What of? Control I think. Somebody that I love did something that I really didn't like. All I could see was the problems that this action would cause in the future. In my mind that was the only valid argument.

Of course there is another viewpoint. There has to be. Yin and Yang and all that. Being a strong-willed person I struggle with seeing (at first) the other person's point of view. It takes me a while and the understanding usually follows some kind of outburst. I am not proud of that.

The fears that I carry within me manifest themselves with a behaviour pattern which epitomises the need to control. Myself, the situation and (how awful is this?) everybody around me. I tried that yesterday - but it was too late. The thing that I objected to had already been done - and cannot be un-done.

The other party had their own viewpoint - which differs vastly to mine. In every way. In the end I had to just let go of the situation and allow it to pass. Boy - that was hard. Probably the hardest thing I've ever done. But I did it. I don't like what has happened. I probably never will. But - that's my problem. Nobody else's.

I hope it's going to be okay.

Love Love x

Friday 5 November 2010

The Red House

A few weeks ago I put a little picture of my bijou wee cottage on here when all the leaves were green...and at the time I promised to update the image when it turned red. So here it is. Look also at the beautiful blue sky above. I adore my little house and have never been happier than when I'm living here. I have my wee dog, my log fire, my very own double bed in which I can stretch and fidget to my heart's content - and my lovely dining room in which I occasionally entertain my lovely friends. 

The house has now actually gone bald - so I'll put a picture of that on here in a few days time. Goodnight X

Thursday 4 November 2010

New Hair Cut!

Well - I don't quite look like Sharon Stone - but the thought was there. I still have to get the dark roots done - but seeing as we're on a tight budget - we have bought a DIY blonde-ing kit and Fifi has agreed to do the honours on Saturday night (fingers crossed that my over-bleached hair doesn't break off and I end up with a number 2!)...she's doing it while we watch the 'X Factor' - so I hope she concentrates. (I'll hide the wine until it's done).

I also purchased some false eyelashes today - just for fun!!!

Diva Alert!

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Where have you been?

Well I've been a bit busy - doing this and that - you know how it is. Chilling with friends...making ends meet (not very well for most of the time) resting...reading...watching movies...and generally just relaxing a bit. All a bit idle and self indulgent I feel - but hey-ho...not to worry:)

Tomorrow I'm off to get my hair cut a la Shazza (see picture) after three years of the same style we fancied a bit of a change, and so the picture over there to the left is the look we're going for. I have to be careful with hairstyles because my hair is very fine - so luscious long thick locks are out of the question ... sadly.

Also sadly - I don't have Shazza'z lovely face either - mine has a few more wrinkles - which is a bit of a bugger seeing as she's actually older then me....but then again if I had her cash I might be able to have a few nips and tucks and keep looking as if I were still in my thirties instead of heading like a speeding bullet towards my fifties.

I just want to look a bit more funky......check back tomorrow and I may post a pic of the new style :)
POSTCRIPT - Have just checked and Shazza is a full five years older than me - she's 52!!! Christ - she looks good...... (I'm just popping upstairs for a weep)

Beautiful New life