Sunday 14 November 2010

The latest....

Well..hello there. What's happening with you? Busy?....that's good. What have I been doing?...All sorts really. No dates this week - which is a bit pants - always like a free meal :) Last night I went to Fi's to help her celebrate youngest daughter's 15th birthday. When youngest daughter made her way into the world 15 years ago poor old daddy didn't get there in time so it was up to me to hold Fi's hand and mop her brow. I was the very first person to set eyes upon youngest daughter - all red and screaming she was. I can't quite believe how time has passed and here we are 15 years later and she's all grown up. Off she went in her lovely party dress and high heels out for a meal with her girlfriends. (All of them looking totally lovely).

The recession has hit Tracy towers with a vengeance - and we are having to make some very drastic cut-backs - but we have an idea so all is not lost ! Whatever happens - it can't be any worse than anything I've been through before - so holds no fear - it's just another adventure.

Talking of adventures - we had a very enjoyable encounter with a nice lady and gentleman from the Government the other evening - both of whom were lovely and gracious and kind - and apologetic about the reason why they had the need to contact me. After a few hours and a trip 'down town' all was resolved...especially once they realised that the situation had been manufactured and exaggerated by someone with a particularly blunt axe to grind.

It's Christmas soon and sadly - there's nothing in the pantry to share - but there's lots of love and laughter to be had - so bring it on. It should be a bit like Christmas at the Cratchett's house.

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