Monday 21 December 2009

Mrs Who?

This evening I have purchased the Christmas 2 week edition of the Radio Times. After a quick flick through I discovered - and complained in an irritated fashion about - the fact that BBC2 on Christmas day has 2 programmes on at prime time (9pm and 10pm) that we watched just last night. Immediately I started to gurn and chunter and winge about 'repeats' and 'license fees'.

It was then with abject horror that I realised I had turned into Mrs Middle-class Middle aged Twat from the home counties.

Please somebody shoot me :)

Friday 11 December 2009


I have just ordered my new phone. Apparently my contract phone was due for an upgrade about 8 months ago.  Shame that Vodaphone neglected to inform me of this (..yes - I know - it's my responsibility to remember these things - but I have all on these days remembering what day it is). Anyway I have ordered a Crapberry. I had one before when I worked within the realms of madness and people would send me shitty e mails at stupid o clock telling me off for being crap at something - and I vowed never to have another one. But my life is much calmer now - and my e mail traffic consists mainly of love messages from my beautiful daughter, and 'hi - how are you doing?' messages from old friends, together with e mails from Posselq during the day...all of which are lovely to receive. I also get "spend more" e mails from e bay and Amazon - non of which I mind because I tell myself that these people are my friends(!).

I have also noticed that a lot of my facebook friends are updating their status's via blackberry - and I figured I'd get myself a piece of that action!

It is also 3G which means that it will work up here in Sheepsville. Oh yes - my contract is better and cheaper - ie more minutes for less spondoolies. It also has free web browsing which means I can google  the answers when I'm stuck at the pub quiz - which is NOT CHEATING - oh no - it's called 'being creative'.

It's arriving on Monday. It'll be three years on Friday before I've worked out how to use it :)


A soap in the shape of Jesus was being sold by BHS. A catholic couple complained. Not because the soap was in the shape of Jesus - but because the writing on the box said that the soap would 'Wash away your sins". Classic! The product has now been withdrawn!

Wednesday 2 December 2009


The winter is well and truly here. Yesterday my car was white over with frost when I went to set off for work. Short days and long nights, chilly mornings and freezing evenings.  It's nearly Christmas and that is always a time for reflection for me. Another year has passed and a lot has changed in the last twelve months. Some good, and some not so good.

Can't wait to see what next year brings.....

Beautiful New life