Sunday 23 July 2006

Skip Fun

Things have been a bit quiet recently. Last week I went to Sheffield for a week to sort out our house up there and have big clear out - very cathartic and therapeutic!!! I hired a skip and cleared out two garden sheds....three wardrobes and numerous drawers and cupboards. I worked on the premise that if I hadn't needed something for the last 7 months, then I really don't need it and so threw it out (apart from the Christmas tree of course!).

My Skip was 3/4 full after about 3 days. One morning I was standing at the living room window and saw a man stop at my skip, and start rooting through it!!! Is going through somebody else's skip in broad daylight acceptable, or not? I really wasn't clear about this. Technically, I suppose you could argue that if you have thrown it out, it's fair game for anyone else...however looking through someone's wheely bin wouldn't be okay...would it?

Anyway, this bloke going through MY RUBBISH annoyed I popped outside to have a word!!! My way of thinking was that the skip was outside my house, filled with my rubbish, and I could change my mind about something at any time and decide to rescue it.

I asked him what he was doing, and he said "going through this skip". I said "well, don''s my skip, and it's still my rubbish, so please leave it alone..." The man looked extremely embarrassed, and slightly puzzled, but to be fair, he did go away and as far as I know never came back.

I have asked my colleagues at work this week about the moral dilemma, and the social implications of looking through someone's skip when it's outside their house, and we seem to have an equal split of opinions.

What do you think? Does the rubbish in a skip still technically belong to the person who has hired the skip...or....does it belong to anyone who wants whatever's in there?...difficult dilemma... answers on a postcard please?

As for me personally I could never look through someone else's skip, mainly because I'd propably topple into the skip and spend the next 3 days waiting to be rescued!!!

Saturday 8 July 2006

A New Angel

Yesterday morning, after a long illness and extremely brave fight a very special cousin of mine finally found peace, and sadly passed away.

She was beautiful, vibrant, funny, kind, generous, loving, hardworking, and had a spirit and soul of the very best kind.

She leaves a devastated husband, sister and brother, and mother. Nieces, nephews and cousins too numerous to count. There will be many, many tears.

Also , after time, much rejoicing, as anyone who ever met her or knew her, will remember her with the greatest love and affection. She was / is the kind of person whose laughter and heart will always be remembered, and celebrated.

God Bless you Angela xxxx

Saturday 1 July 2006

Phew - what a scorcher

Today it's 29 degrees centigrade down here in Surrey. I had my shopping and laundry done by 9.30am, and have just spent 2 lovely hours on a sun lounger by the pool. "Oh, didn't you know we had a pool?" - yes we are very very lucky and have a lovely swimming pool in the garden. We can only use it about 2 weeks each year(!)

The pool man has been this week (Sorry girls - not photos of the hunky pool man as he's about 68 years old and only has about 3 teeth!!!) and the pool is clean and heated. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely........Last night I had a riding lesson, got home all hot and sticky, and just jumped in the pool to cool off. I don't think I should gloat any more as I may lose my friends!!!!!

Beautiful New life