Thursday 27 December 2007

My Girls at Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas - thanks for asking. Dan was at home, and we had presents, Turkey and everything. The whole family was here and we were very lucky to have a chef who cooked breakfast - yum yum, and then did a fantastic lunch. The Park was closed on Christmas Day so Milly and I went to the village cricket pitch for a walk. It is indeed hallowed ground. Millie went straight under the fence and did a 'poop' right on the crease! I couldn't get under the fence to pick it up - so I hope the Groundsmen aren't too cross!!!

Sunday 23 December 2007

Epic Journey

Today Milly and I got up at 5am, left at 6am and drove through the thickest fog ever all the way to Derby to see my Mum in hospital. It took me nearly 4 hours to get there. Milly slept all the way. I went into the hospital and sat with my Mum for 2 hours - Milly slept the whole time. The drive back took another 5 hours - once again it was foggy and the M25 was a car park, and Milly slept all the way back. She is more than making up for it now though - she's got a new game. It's called "Run away with Mum's dirty knickers and don't let her catch me"! She's very naughty - but really really funny.

Saturday 22 December 2007

Milly News

Milly is growing more and more each day. Her ears are now standing up all by themselves, and she is booked in for the doggy beauty parlour next week. Her coat needs 'hand stripping' and her nails need clipping. I haven't been to the hairdressers since June - but she'll be going monthly. For Christmas she has got some new t-shirts - one is black and says 'Security' across the back :)

Last Sunday she went to Richmond Park with Colin (and me and Jo) and had a great time. Afterwards she slept for about 12 hours. She's been helping me wrap Christmas presents this week - but really doesn't like it when she gets sellotape on her nose!!!

Strawberry slippers

Whilst in M&S this morning I bought myself some new slippers. My last pair have seen me through three years and were becoming a wee bit threadbare. Slippers are the kind of item where you don't really notice their demise, and then one day when you open the door to the postman - he glances down at your feet and you realise with absolutely clarity that you look like a total tramp. So I've bought a new pair. They're very pink and from the 'Per Una' range. When I got home I put them on and now Millie won't leave my feet alone!!! I checked the label to find that they are actually fragranced slippers, and they smell of strawberries!!!! Fabulous!

Christmas Food Shopping in full make up

I've just been to M&S and Tesco at Brooklands in Weybridge. I got up at 5.10 and was there for 5.30 (quick wash, clean teeth, track suit on and away in five minutes flat). I only had to get a few things to see me through the weekend. There were, however ladies shopping with huge trolleys, and get this - wearing full make up!!! At 5.30am??? I ask you!! Goodness knows what time they got up this morning. I know that here in leafy Surrey to some people appearance is everything - but really!!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!!

Get well soon Mum

My Mum, who is lovely, is a bit poorly. She's been diagnosed with the Big 'C' and this has resulted in major surgery - just before Christmas. She's in Hospital in Derby at the moment recovering. When I spoke to her last night she was very drugged up - she said it was morphine - I think she's on the Heroin! I Love my Mum very much and of course I am worried about her. But I know that she's going to be fine. If you have a spare moment, could you offer up a little prayer for her speedy recovery? Every little helps. Her name is Penny. Get well Soon Mum xxxxx

Thursday 13 December 2007

Secret Dirt bag

I have discovered today that Millie is a secret dirt bag. She went out with Barbara (nice dog sitting / walking lady) and came back 2 hours later after having a swim in a very dirty river. Apparently she went in with her coat on and everything. She is filthy, and when I say filthy...I really mean it. I am thinking now that perhaps I shouldn't have got a white dog. Now she is rolling and rubbing herself all over my pale beige wool rug. Lovely.

Naughty Millie

This morning Millie has found her naughty gene. So far she has run away with some dirty laundry, and now she has one of my slippers and is racing around like Lewis Hamilton on speed. All of the techniques we have learnt at puppy class aren't working and therefore I will have to find my 'smacking hand' - ask Danielle about that one!!!

Monday 10 December 2007

Hello Tim

My dear friend Jopa (Jo is her name. PA is her title...therefore to me she is fondly known as Jopa) has a very nice fiance called Tim. Tim works in the newspaper industry up in t'smoke, and shares a number of likes with me. He likes Mazda cars (he has an RX8) he likes apple computers, he likes photography, and he likes 'Top Gear". He also likes dogs, and beer and food. When he comes over (which isn't often enough) we always rabbit on about these things and completely leave Jo and anybody else well out of the conversation.

Well, apparently, he's an avid reader of this blog, and according to Jopa, he's a fan. He finds my musings and rambling somewhat amusing (glad someone does!)

He's been waiting for ages to get a mention - so here it is...everyone wave "hello" at Tim....altogether now.......!!!!

Friends and Family.

We had a lovely weekend. My Mum and my brother, Frazer came down from Sheffield bearing christmas gifts (some for me - yippee!) and Dan and her friend Dave came home from Uni for the weekend. On saturday night we went to GBK for scrumptious burgers and then yesterday we went to The Minnow with the rest of the extended family for sunday lunch. It was lovely to see my Mum and Frazer again, and Dave (Dan's friend) was a sheer delight - good looking, well mannered, entertaining!!! Millie and I went to the park on Sunday morning and got drenched in the rain whilst the rest of the tribe stayed in bed until very late as they had stayed up all night to watch the boxing.

I sent them all home today with Christmas Presents for all my friends and family in Sheffield, and the house seemed really quiet when they left :(

Sunday 2 December 2007

December's here

Well, I haven't even begun to think about Christmas shopping yet - I so keep putting it off. I may have a trawl through the internet later. This week has been lovely. Dan came home for 24 hours - we went to Tesco and bought her a pink christmas tree!!! Dan loves Pink. In the evening we went to GBK - she gets very jealous when we got there and she can't come. Yesterday Millie went to the park for the first time. We took a ball and played 'fetch' - I think it'll be a while longer before she gets the hang of the rules!! She met some other dogs who were out with their owners - and enjoyed playing with them for a few minutes. Today we're off to Richmond Park with Jo and Colin. The potty accidents are becoming fewer - which is a relief. Today is Jim's birthday - so Happy Birthday you Old Bastard :)

Beautiful New life