Friday 26 August 2011

Trip home

Have just been on a whistle stop tour to Sheffield to say hello to a few people. I stayed with my Mum (who is deafer and dafter than ever...but also took me shopping)..spent a wonderful evening with the divine Mrs Smith before she jetted off to Portugal for her hols....had a delightful luncheon with the wonderful Mrs Morris (and saw Mr Morris too)...and had an Uncle Sams experience with the lovely Mr Elliott. Also popped by to visit the Briddons but only Mr. was home. Lovely to see him again too. Had tea with my brother and a chat on the phone with the other brother. I love my friends and family in Sheffield...and miss them sooooo much when I'm away.

Then back on the train (choo-choo) and down to Peterborough for some scuba team teaching experience (still sleeping in t'caravan....oh the glamour).

My Lovely brother is popping by later in the month to take me out for a the meantime...the microwave is going ''...AWESOME!

Monday 22 August 2011


Two years after taking my first ever scuba dive.....I have successfully qualified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor!!! How good is that? I've just spent two weeks on a very intensive course - (not to mention the prior three months in Malta becoming a Divemaster)...being trained by the very lovely Helen (who is a Course Director) a flooded brick pit in Peterborough called Gildenburgh Water. I would like to thank the person who first introduced me to Scuba...but because he's a twat...I don't think I will!!! After all...all the hard work has been done by moi and a host of Padi professionals along the way. I am now one of those Padi professionals...and yesterday - when I was told that I had passed - and handed my was one of my life's proudest moments.

There are people who have helped me along the way...Mum, Dan, Jules, Jopa, Adrian, Neil and Fifi la trix (who - as always has been my number one fan)...and the crew in Malta. Also the crew here at Gildenburgh have been amazing. I thank you all.

Next step? I'm going to be here for a couple of months doing some team teaching and getting some experience under my belt...and then I think I may travel the world :)

I am one VERY happy Scuba Diving Instructor :) XX

Tuesday 9 August 2011


Right...that's it..I have finally hit rock bottom. I am now residing in a caravan. I am officially a pikey. Hopefully it's not for good. I am staying near Peterborough at a dive school which comes highly recommended and busily studying in preparation for the IDC which begins on Thursday. What the 'ecks an IDC I hear you ask??? It's the Padi Instructor Development Course. Basically I am here to learn to be an instructor.

The accommodation - whilst quaint - is a tad basic.....I don't even have running water...but fortunately there is a tap on a stand pipe about ten yards from my front door. My neighbours are a homeless couple who the site owners felt sorry for.... and they have a child whose eyes look in opposite directions; they also own a doggie which looks suspiciously like an illegal pit bull. Oh, the glamour.

My course begins on Thursday - and hopefully by a week on Sunday I will be a fully fledged OWSI.

At present I am studying and relishing the delights of the Co-op ready meals for the microwave section....seeing as that's the only cooking thingy that I have access to...but once the course starts the catering is apparently taken care of by the lovely Pauline...who by all accounts is only one step away from Ainsley Harriot. We'll see.

I am missing the warmth of Malta, and the lovely clear water - seeing as diving here is akin to swimming in very cold Minestrone soup! I am however getting loads of sleep...because in this sleepy little backwater everything shuts down at eight pm.

There are ducks on the that's nice....I may have to catch one and see how it turns out when microwaved. Hoi Sin sauce...anyone???

Thursday 4 August 2011

Night dive report.....

Yes...the night dive went well and I am still alive....despite Reinhart showing me that he was very nearly out of air when we still had about ten minutes to go........we had a 'touching cloth' moment when I realised that I might have to share my air supply with him for the last few minutes of the dive. It was funny because he's never ever even got close to running out of air....he must have been breathing like a rapist......(nervous dear?).....

I was totally relaxed (I wasn't in charge) and just bimbled along the reef. However...I'm not in a hurry to do it again because a) I got eaten alive by mozzies and now have a lumpy face...and b) you just can't see anything....oh yes....and at no time did I have a single clue where I was!

However - yesterday went well - because after a long dive with Jules....we worked out that I had used less air than him (the mark of a good diver is one who uses very little air). It was the first time it had ever happened and he was well peeved. I, on the other hand was dead chuffed and spent the rest of the day asking him (in front of other people) how much air he'd come out with?

Today I think he'll attempt to drown me. :)

Monday 1 August 2011

Night Dive

Tonight we are going for a night dive. It's the first time I've ever done such a thing. The ocean is very different at night. Firstly it's you need a torch. Then you need a back-up torch in case your first one fails (we think of every eventuality)...then you also take a night glow-stick just in case you're having a very bad torch day...get the drift?

Tonight's dive will be with my dear friend Reinhart, Martin and the lovely Emma (who is admitting to being just a little bit nervous).

Different creatures are abound in the depths at night. The sea takes on a phosporescent glow which is strange but lovely. All the fish that you see during the day are sleeping soundly...and the night fish and boogly creatures come out. Octopus, squid, and some very strange other invertebrate things!!! I can't wait.

If I don't come back.............

Beautiful New life