Thursday 4 August 2011

Night dive report.....

Yes...the night dive went well and I am still alive....despite Reinhart showing me that he was very nearly out of air when we still had about ten minutes to go........we had a 'touching cloth' moment when I realised that I might have to share my air supply with him for the last few minutes of the dive. It was funny because he's never ever even got close to running out of air....he must have been breathing like a rapist......(nervous dear?).....

I was totally relaxed (I wasn't in charge) and just bimbled along the reef. However...I'm not in a hurry to do it again because a) I got eaten alive by mozzies and now have a lumpy face...and b) you just can't see anything....oh yes....and at no time did I have a single clue where I was!

However - yesterday went well - because after a long dive with Jules....we worked out that I had used less air than him (the mark of a good diver is one who uses very little air). It was the first time it had ever happened and he was well peeved. I, on the other hand was dead chuffed and spent the rest of the day asking him (in front of other people) how much air he'd come out with?

Today I think he'll attempt to drown me. :)

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