Wednesday 30 March 2011


Today I went to the hospital. Nothing seriously wrong..but had some high blood pressure issues a few weeks ago and the doctor sent off some blood tests and asked me to go for an ECG. So..there I am laying on a table in just my bra (lovely) with little stickers attached to wires all over me...having my heart beat analysed. At first the machine couldn't pick anything up (I told you I was ill)...but eventually the data was collected and has now been sent off for analysis - and the results will be with my Doctor in about a week.

The ladies who dealt with me were lovely and we had quite a giggle. I just hope I'm still here for Christmas :)

...and thankyou to the lovely Fifi who came with me to hold my hand (and my handbag). X

Sunday 20 March 2011

Funny !

This is brilliant. I howled whilst watching it - especially liked the first few minutes with George Michael in the car. 

The Great Escape

Oh - I am having a lovely time of late. Planning my escape - who would have thought it could be such fun? :)

I've been flogging a few things on e bay - saddles and stuff of that ilk (much as I love horses I can't really imagine ever riding another one - and the few hundred quid that is sat there in tack equipment is really better in my pocket...)..I sold my beautiful Stubben dressage saddle to somebody in Germany! I just hope that the new owner enjoys it as much as I did when I had my beloved Phoebe.

I have some storage room (courtesy of a dear friend) so most of my furniture can be saved until my return (and well will that be Oh Oracle?....probably sometime never!)...and have found a home for some other stuff.

It has made me think about 'stuff' spend a lifetime accumulating 'stuff'...most of which you don't even know you have. This 'stuff' doesn't actually fulfil its promise (ie - of making you HAPPY) but we are attached to it never the less. Getting rid of it is actually quite cathartic. My goal is to leave for foreign climes owning just what I can carry. Mad? Certainly. But then again I always have been. (no comments necessary to confirm what I have just said...thanks).

This last year has taught me that I am what I am...I only need what I have...and I always have enough.

Tracy the hippy :)

Saturday 19 March 2011


I've just read a book (you don't say). It's the sequel to 'Eat, Pray, Love'...which was a magnificent read indeed. In the second book - our heroine - Liz - discusses marriage at some length. This is because she is in the situation where she has to marry her lover in order for them to be together in her native USA (he is Brazilian you see). She has been married before and had a very painful and messy divorce - so she is reluctant to do the deed a second time. She researches the subject of marriage at length...and what she discovers is both wonderful and thought provoking.

If you are considering marriage - or know somebody who is - I urge you to read this tome. It won't put you off getting hitched - but it will certainly put what you are about to do into some kind of glorious perspective.

It - like the wonderful 'Eat, Pray, Love' - is an amazing book - and another one that I just couldn't put down.

(Guys - it's not a chick book despite how it looks - you can read it too!)

Wednesday 16 March 2011

It's raining.....

Well bloody hell. When it rains - it pours. It does round here anyway. You suddenly make a change in your life - and then along come a few more just for good measure. I am currently making plans to run away to Malta -(flight booked already) - and give up on almost everything else in order to follow my dream...and if by magic - I meet a chap that I really like - who just happens to really like me too! Will wonders never cease?

Fourteen months in the barren landscape that is no "no man".... and then as if by magic - I get the chance to fly away - and a very nice young gentleman shows an interest.

Fortunately the two things are kind of good - and not interfering with one another - so I can fly away to Malta - and by the wonders of modern technology - can stay in touch with my friend and see what happens.

Watch this space......

Saturday 12 March 2011

Flight booked

I've gone and done it. Booked a one-way flight :) I'm going away with just one suitcase. (It always amazes me when they leave 'Eastenders' that they only take one small bag with all their worldy possessions in it...well I'm doing the same.)

I'm off to the sun for the foreseeable future...with just my dive gear and a couple of pairs of shorts and a couple of t shirts. Bloody hell...a one-way flight!!!!! Utter madness..but it just feels right :)

Day of departure? 30th April.

Loving it !

Thursday 3 March 2011


I want to go. Away. Anywhere - but preferably somewhere I can dive. Somewhere warmer than this climate where my fingers regularly turn white with the poor circulation caused by our chilly air. I want to travel to exotic locations and spend time beneath the seas with the lovely myriad of creatures that live there. I want to float aimlessly amongst the corals. I want to show a dive buddy something exciting and beautiful that I have just seen...and then take a photograph to capture the beauty for all time.

I want to splish splash splosh...I want to be a mermaid...I want to swim with the fish...and explore some wrecks...and clamber up the coastal rocks...and then I want to learn how to teach other people how to do the same thing. I want to be able to impart my love of the undersea world to others and see how excited they get when they realise how wonderful it can be.

I want to share a beer and a pizza with other divers in the evening and discuss the funny things that have happened that day.

I want to be like Jacques Cousteau.

Beautiful New life