Thursday 3 March 2011


I want to go. Away. Anywhere - but preferably somewhere I can dive. Somewhere warmer than this climate where my fingers regularly turn white with the poor circulation caused by our chilly air. I want to travel to exotic locations and spend time beneath the seas with the lovely myriad of creatures that live there. I want to float aimlessly amongst the corals. I want to show a dive buddy something exciting and beautiful that I have just seen...and then take a photograph to capture the beauty for all time.

I want to splish splash splosh...I want to be a mermaid...I want to swim with the fish...and explore some wrecks...and clamber up the coastal rocks...and then I want to learn how to teach other people how to do the same thing. I want to be able to impart my love of the undersea world to others and see how excited they get when they realise how wonderful it can be.

I want to share a beer and a pizza with other divers in the evening and discuss the funny things that have happened that day.

I want to be like Jacques Cousteau.

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  1. Righto Woman - so what are you going to do about it? Made the decision to do it? Go for it mate, DO IT! Become a diving instructor, become a free spirit, go with the flow and enjoy the chances you have! screw it!!! also, always nice for us to visit!!
    c of l xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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