Friday 18 February 2011

By rights I should be dead....

Fifi has a blood pressure monitor. The other day we decided to give it a go. The last time I had my BP taken I was told it was a very healthy low reading and I was extremely fit - bearing in mind I smoke and drink gallons of coffee.

Since then I have taken more exercise and generally been a wee bit healthier. I still haven't started to eat pulses - and never has a lentil passed my lips - but on the whole - a bit healthier.

Imagine my surprise then when upon taking the BP - the reading was a ridiculous 210/119. The ideal is 120/80. That's what I mean when I say that I should be dead. If I were in hospital they would have hit that button and shouted 'Can I have some help here please.....get the crash trolley'.

Funnily enough I feel fine...never better in fact. So - poor old Fifi - supporter extroardinaire - has decided that my BP readings should be done regularly - like every few hours. To effect this she has lent me the sooper-dooper BP monitor - which is very high-tech and wonderful.

The results so far....

Thurs 10am 186/103
Thurs 1.15pm 182/81
Thurs 2.30pm 178/86
Thurs 6.00pm 165/103
Thurs 9.00pm 186/100
Fri 9.00am 175/98

Hmmmm - still not good! I wonder if I'll make it to the weekend.....I'm not even registered with a GP...maybe I should re-think that....

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