Monday 27 February 2012

...and other news..Update!

Well.. I passed all my exams...thank you for asking..and am now spammily qualified to teach loads of stuff to loads of folks under water! Which is good. I am quite proud of me'sen to be honest.

The friend thing went a bit tits up though....and I'm not entirely sure what happened. We had a great day in London (see previous post) and then he went off skiing for a week. He text me last night to say he was home...but then proceeded to start 'sex-texting'...which was all a bit strange to be honest. I mean...I like him and all...but we've never even it all felt a bit sudden! Maybe he'd been drinking? I have no clue. Anyway I had to let him know that although I liked him and was interested in getting to know him better - I wasn't ready yet for that sort of carrying on! Does that make me sound prudish? I'm all for a a bit of naughty texting when you're in a relationship with somebody and there's a level of trust there and so on....but it just didn't feel like the right time. I sent him a very carefully worded text...trying deperately not to hurt his feelings ....and haven't heard from him since. So that's the end of that then!

I am truly hopeless at this man thing. And I mean truly hopeless. I may take up knitting and get a cat.

On a more serious note - I am a bit sad - I really hoped this chap might turn out to be a really good friend.

Ah well....

Thursday 23 February 2012

Oxygen Partial Pressures......and other news

Forgive the title's all to do with dive physiology. I'm doing some courses at the be able to teach more stuff to student divers. By Monday I will be a qualified Deep Diving Instructor, a qualified Underwater Navigation Instructor, and a qualified EANx Instructor (that's Enriched Air...or Nitrox....for those of you who don't know...) as well as a qualified Dry Suit Instructor and Open Water Instructor - which I am already. For the Eanx qualification I have to understand Oxygen partial pressures and how this is affected by depth...did you know that Oxygen can be toxic at depth? Can cause convulsions and then death? Oooo how dramatic! I kind of understand it - but have to be able to teach's all about partial pressures and that kind of Einstein stuff. (Sighs Deeply). Tissue saturation and rates of recovery...blah blah blah....I will know enough to pass the exams by Sunday afternoon...I will..I will..I will.

In other news...we have had a day out of the 'fun' variety. Last Saturday in fact. Bobbied off to London for the day. On t'train. I went to meet a friend. Ahem *coughs*. A male friend. He is only a friend...but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't quite like the idea of him becoming something more. Mind you - I have absolutely no idea how he would feel about that idea...and I also have no idea how old he is. If I were to hazard a guess I would say about 38 - but I could be wrong. His twitter name has the number '78 in it - which would seem to suggest he's only 34. But it's really difficult to tell. He could well be a few years older than that.

Anyway - he's very nice and he makes me laugh...but I am not going to say a single word to him about me 'liking' him in that way. I would rather keep him as a friend than risk chasing him away running scared for the hills because an older woman fancies him. I would have thought all this stuff would be easier now that I'm older and more experienced...but NO..if anything it's more difficult than ever! The other difficulty is that he lives in another country for 6 months of the year...and if I'm going to do the jiggy dance with someone (figuratively I might add) has to be somebody I can see a few times each week.

As always I will keep you informed. Right...back to studying Oxygen behaviour at depth....laters x

Monday 13 February 2012

Some days

Some days I could just scream. Really. Some days I could bash my head against a wall until I go dizzy. Some days I could cheerfully hit somebody - a random anybody. Some days I could pack a bag and set of running and keep going until God knows when. Some days I could tell the entire world to sod right off. Some days I could just shout and scream and not stop until I have told every single person who has ever hurt me or disappointed me or pissed me off or lied to me or duped me or cheated me exactly what I think of them. With knobs on. Someday I just could. Today was one of those days. It will be over soon as I'm going to bed early (Just to get the day over). Hopefully tomorrow will be different.

Sod off Valentine...'s that time of year again. The time when we spinsters hang our heads in shame. Tomorrow is the feast of St Valentine - the day for lovers everywhere. Lovers? Everywhere? There's none round here :)

I should get a card - from a twitter pal - who was also bemoaning the lack of love in his life - so quick as a flash (total opportunist) I messaged him to say I'd send him one if he'd return the favour.....I WILL HAVE A RED ENVELOPE to wave around tomorrow. I posted his card on Saturday and hopefully he did the same thing.

So - that begs the question...Do I really want a significant other? Well - to be honest - there are some things that I miss. I miss witty conversations, shared jokes, deep and meaningful chats about all manner of things. I miss physical contact. Obviously I miss dancing the horizontal mumba...but I miss hugs, touches, cuddles, holding hands...just being in physical proximity to somebody. I miss the feeling of 'being in this together'...I miss having someone to cheer for...I miss knowing that somebody is thinking about me from time to time throughout their day. I miss phone calls and texts and somebody doing something just because they think I will like it.

And the things I don't miss?'s a long list and far too long to embark on here :)

Happy St Valentine's day everyone :)

Beautiful New life