Monday 27 February 2012

...and other news..Update!

Well.. I passed all my exams...thank you for asking..and am now spammily qualified to teach loads of stuff to loads of folks under water! Which is good. I am quite proud of me'sen to be honest.

The friend thing went a bit tits up though....and I'm not entirely sure what happened. We had a great day in London (see previous post) and then he went off skiing for a week. He text me last night to say he was home...but then proceeded to start 'sex-texting'...which was all a bit strange to be honest. I mean...I like him and all...but we've never even it all felt a bit sudden! Maybe he'd been drinking? I have no clue. Anyway I had to let him know that although I liked him and was interested in getting to know him better - I wasn't ready yet for that sort of carrying on! Does that make me sound prudish? I'm all for a a bit of naughty texting when you're in a relationship with somebody and there's a level of trust there and so on....but it just didn't feel like the right time. I sent him a very carefully worded text...trying deperately not to hurt his feelings ....and haven't heard from him since. So that's the end of that then!

I am truly hopeless at this man thing. And I mean truly hopeless. I may take up knitting and get a cat.

On a more serious note - I am a bit sad - I really hoped this chap might turn out to be a really good friend.

Ah well....

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