Friday 20 June 2014

*waves from the barricades*

I'm here. I know you probably think I've disappeared..but no. I'm still here. Which is a good thing...let's face it - if not, you would have heard about it on the International news. A loss so great would have been reported.

I'm in a little town in the North, living in an attic (I kid you not) and sharing facilities with a 70+ year old dutch woman - who is lovely, albeit a vegetarian yoga enthusiast. Takes all sorts.

My job? Well, after a long while of doing the diving stuff and working with people whose manners and standards leave a lot to be desired (think about moody belgians with very bad breath...and angry englishmen with a huge case of small man syndrome...and arrogant teenagers with sex addictions...and ...oh I could go on...but what's the point?)...I now have a lovely little job which involves working from home in the cloud. Suits you, Sir.  Suits me too. My desk is five yards from my bed, and I can work in jogging bottoms. I have a coffee machine.....doesn't really get any better than that...does it?

Past-times? Hiking, just taken up running (more about that in a later post), family tree stuff and photography. Oh yes, and thanks to lovely daughter and her equally lovely boyfriend...a very strange and unexplained addiction to lego. Small people playing house...yes..that will do it every time.

Friends? all still here - apart from the wondrous and voluptuous Fifi La Trix who buggered off to Spain a while back - but she returns from time to time - although not nearly enough...mind you I can't say anything about that seeing as I went off on adventures and was missing in action for nearly four years.

There's lots to tell and I'll get started soon...but just wanted to let you know that I'm back.


Beautiful New life