Sunday 27 April 2008

Warm weather

The spring is finally here...hoorah hoorah hoorah. Phoebe has shed her winter coat and looks very sexy with her new fine summer coat. She has changed colour from a dark brown to a richer brown with blonde face. The moulting process takes about two weeks and there's a lot of dead hair to come out - so much grooming is required. You spend an hour doing it and then later in the day it looks like it hasn't been done.:(

The outside temperature in Surrey today is about 16 degrees centigrade. Very nice indeed. I think cream cakes to celebrate are in order.

Addicted to.....

Thursday 24 April 2008

The Lovely Ian Orford

Many many moons ago when I was just a slip of a girl I worked with a chap called Ian Orford. He was funny and clever and shiny bright. Working with him was fun. Today I found him on Facebook, through a friend and went to look at his profile page. He lives in America now and there's a video of his house and his dog and his wife. He seems genuinely happy and I'm truly thrilled for him. I wonder where all the years went (nearly 20) and then when I think about it I realised that I have all the same fears and all the same worries about life in general that I had when I knew him. That made me very sad, and I cried...a lot :(

Wednesday 16 April 2008


When my Grandma's will was read last week I was delighted to hear that I had been remembered. She left me a piece of jewellry. It's a gold chain with a crystal faceted ball on the end. When I was a little girl I used to sit on her knee and hold the crystal up to the light to see all the lovely colours that it made. I used to tell my Grandma to leave the crystal ball to me in her will when she died.

Well, forty years on and she remembered, and she left it for me. I'm honoured, touched and very proud to wear it.

Caravans and Pikeys

I'm turning into a pikey. For those of you who don't live in the South of England a pikey is someone who is a bit common - sovereign rings, shops at Netto, 3 children by three different fathers, bit of a gypsy (Sorry if I have offended anyone!) The reason for this is that I'm getting a caravan!!! Now before you choke on your cornflakes, let me explain. Now that I have Millie I'm a bit restricted as to where I can go on holiday. Dan will be eventing all summer and as her mum, I want to go and watch all her events. Sometimes they are a few hours drive away, so if I take a caravan I can stay over and have a relaxing time, take the dog and make a few days of it and get the chance to explore our wonderful countryside. Since my Mum's illness she's not too keen on flying anywhere abroad so she can come too. My Mum's brother Nick and his wife Christine have just bought one and they tell me it's like 'playing house'. I'm quite excited!!!

Mind you when I went to the caravan shop in Guildford on Sunday to have a look there were rather a lot of pikeys in the shop !!!

Monday 7 April 2008

I love my horse

Tonight I rode Phoebe for the first time in about two weeks. As always, she was as good as gold. I really love my horse.

Sad times

This week I have to go to two funerals. One, on Thursday is for Jim's brother - Dan's Uncle Bob. I have known Bob since 1986 and he was a lovely lovely man. Kind, gentle, good-humoured, a great husband, father and terrific Grandfather. He only retired a few years ago and by rights, should have had at least another twenty or so years to enjoy his family and the fruits of his lifetime's work. Sadly, not to be, and he will be really really really missed. Our family holidays in spain just won't be the same without him.

Then, on Friday, it's my Grandmother's turn. Nana Rosina reached the grand old age of 92 before she passed away peacefully at the end of last week. She was a game old bird who lived her life to the very fullest. I could tell you many a tale about my Gran which would make you laugh out loud, and I'm sure that after the service on Friday, when we all retire to the pub, most of those tales will be told and there will be much merriment and laughter. That's exactly how it should be...a celebration of a life lived, full of love and laughter - and in a strange kind of way I'm looking forward to her funeral.

God bless both of them...and may they rest in eternal peace xx

Beautiful New life