Monday 7 April 2008

Sad times

This week I have to go to two funerals. One, on Thursday is for Jim's brother - Dan's Uncle Bob. I have known Bob since 1986 and he was a lovely lovely man. Kind, gentle, good-humoured, a great husband, father and terrific Grandfather. He only retired a few years ago and by rights, should have had at least another twenty or so years to enjoy his family and the fruits of his lifetime's work. Sadly, not to be, and he will be really really really missed. Our family holidays in spain just won't be the same without him.

Then, on Friday, it's my Grandmother's turn. Nana Rosina reached the grand old age of 92 before she passed away peacefully at the end of last week. She was a game old bird who lived her life to the very fullest. I could tell you many a tale about my Gran which would make you laugh out loud, and I'm sure that after the service on Friday, when we all retire to the pub, most of those tales will be told and there will be much merriment and laughter. That's exactly how it should be...a celebration of a life lived, full of love and laughter - and in a strange kind of way I'm looking forward to her funeral.

God bless both of them...and may they rest in eternal peace xx

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