Thursday 28 February 2008

Millie is not allowed on the bed

and as you can see from this picture she is clearly very good at obeying the rules of the house! Notice how she is half-hiding in the folds of my spotty dressing gown! She probably thinks that if she is burrowed in nice and cosy, either I won't a) notice her or b) make her get off the bed if I do! I had to get my camera just to take a picture of the hopeful / naughty look on her little face!

2 days off and 2 burgers

I have managed to get my regulation 2 days off this week - so today and tomorrow are 'rest' days...although I do have to a bit of work from home. My colleague is back at work - but only for a few days as he resigned yesterday - bastard! This now means I'll have his work to do as well as my own. Yesterday the girls from the office (Jo, Trish, Maria, Claire and I) went out for a well deserved lunch. We went to Jo Schmo's in Kingston - down by the river. After a huge cheesburger and fries I was stuffed. We laughed so much, although I don't think it was because anything was really that funny - rather - because we're all bordering on insanity with the way things are at the office right now. You know what I mean - just before the men in white coats come to take you away in one of those jackets that fastens up the back, you have a few days of manic glee - where regular outbursts of hysterical laughing interspersed with hysterical crying are the norm. Well, that's where we all are right now. The poor waitress was bemused!! Anyway lunch was lovely and a very nice treat! We had THAT conversation about the men in our office - you know the one - who would you **** if you got the chance! I couldn't possible report the results - suffice to say that most of the senior management (older, fatter, balder) are safe! There were, however, some surprises!!!!!

Then last night I went to GBK in Walton with the girls from the yard and had another huge blue cheeseburger. I had to unbutton my jeans in the car on the way home - which is yet another indication (as if one were needed) that I am indeed, turning into my mother :)

Sunday 24 February 2008

The weekend has whizzed by

Last week was hellishly busy at work - I clocked up about 65 hours by the time I got home at 11.30pm on Friday. It should be a bit easier this week as my colleague is back from his week off. I'm only contracted to do 3 days each week (yeah right!) So I rush home, go to bed, get up and go back to work. My friends at the yard have had to step in and do Phoebe's stable for me a couple of times and the poor dog has forgotten who I am. The trouble with this is that the weekend is completely taken up by catching up on household chores, and catching up on vital zzzzz's. So here I sit on Sunday evening - facing getting up tomorrow just to go back to work. Surely there's another way? Does anyone know of any rich men who need a nice middle aged lady friend? I really really really want to retire.

Friday 22 February 2008

Is he or isn't he?

Dan has 'phoned this morning. Lovely to hear from her as always. She tells me she might have got a new boyfriend. I didn't really understand that - you either have or you haven't! There really can't be any might about it, can there? At what point in a new 'friendship' do you know if it's a new boyfriend or not a new boyfriend? It is after a kiss, a cuddle, or what? (don't answer that). In modern relationships who decides that you are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend? It's such a long time since I had one I have no idea how it all works these days. Please let me know what readers think!


...are traffic wardens of a different ethnicity?. is it because it's such a crap job that we can't get a british person to do it? Or is a part of some dastardly plan so that when they gleefully issue you with a ticket as you come running at break neck speed out of the Tesco convenience store, they cannot possible understand the foul tirade of horrific expletives and swearwords that you hurl at them? - and therefore don't get their feelings hurt. I mean, let's face it - if they regularly got their feelings injured as a result of their employment...they could sue, couldn't they?

You've guessed it - I just got a parking ticket.

Thursday 21 February 2008

Running Out

Not enough time to go to the supermarket at present. This morning I have run out of (in this order) Loo roll, coffee, sugar, milk and ariel tabs for the laundry. So if you see a daft woman with obvious caffeine withdrawal, wearing dirty clothes, with serious sugar shakes and plaiting her legs - that'll be me. Do stop me to say 'hello'....oh yes - the bread I just went to put into the toaster has green fur all down one side of it :)

Wednesday 20 February 2008

Plaiting Fog

At the moment we are all working very hard at the office. Long hours, long days - right up against it. As always there are those who step up and those who hide away. This week we have been hit by a flu bug and half the staff are at home sick. My job is running and staffing in-house events, and this week I don't have the usual team to help. Our company income right now depends on these events and they are paramount. Trying to get people to step up and help out is a BLOODY NIGHTMARE. I am not the most patient or diplomatic of people and right now if I had my way I would walk into the office with an Ouzi 9mm and shoot the bloody lot of them. Everyone who works for us has had a really great time for the last 4 years. We have all made plenty of money and had a good drink. Right now it shouldn't be about what the company can do for us - but rather what we can do for the company. Some people, however - just don't see things that way , and for them it's all about 'me, me, me'. The fact that this still surprises me, surprises me! So hence the title - my job right now is a little like plaiting fog.....difficult, if not sometimes impossible. Every day I have to have heated debates with sales people - trying to persuade them to give up their precious evenings off (only 1 each week) to come in and help out.

I think I will turn to drink, or go and do charity work overseas, or maybe join a circus. (Note - regular readers - please feel free to comment on what you think my job could be in a circus!)

Thursday 14 February 2008

Phone and Bra !!

I rang my Mum yesterday on her Mobile Phone. She's been to M&S with her sister Mimi, and had lost her car keys. She called the AA and was waiting for the man to call her back so she put her 'phone somewhere where she would hear it ringing. In the meantime she went back to M&S and her keys had been handed in. So Mimi called the AA back to tell them not to bother. I then called my Mum and she couldn't find her 'phone to answer it...she could hear it ringing and feel it vibrating...oh yes - she'd put it in her bra! There was much laughter and merriment when she realised what she'd done!!! Apparently the vibration was very welcome!!!

Millie's teeth

Being a growing Puppy, Millie is losing her milk teeth. She's just spat out another one. I wonder if there's a doggy 'tooth fairy'?

The Sound of Music

I've been to the theatre. Well, not just me, but Jo, Cressie, Jill, Jenny, Kiera and Tasha and I went to the Palladium to see Connie Fisher in "The Sound of Music". It was brill and we sang the songs all the way home in the minibus!!!! It was so good it made me cry and when the Mother Superior sang 'Climb every mountain" I sobbed my socks off!!!

Friday 8 February 2008

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz !

The last few weeks have been a bit manic at work. We've been running 'in-house' events and I have been very involved in the planning and execution. This has meant some very intense work and attempting (albeit in vain) to get our directors to sign things off within a deadline (yeah - right!). I have been going to work at 7am and getting back home at 11.30pm at least two nights each week. Friday has been a day off - but not very enjoyable as I'm just so verrrry tired.

Millie no longer even knows who I am :) The weekends are now extremely precious and this weekend is extra special as Dan is coming home tomorrow. Also we're off to 'Town' on Tuesday night to see 'The Sound of Music" at the theatre which I'm really looking forward to. Off to bed now for some much needed sleep.

Beautiful New life