Monday 28 November 2011


Today I have been given an award. What for? I hear you ask. For being amazing? witty? sexy? accomplished? a great diving instructor?! Although all of these things are worthy of note (harrumph). No..I have been given a lovely award for this blog! From a lovely lady and dear friend. She likes to read my adventures. Apparently she enjoys them. She has great taste and is very good at appreciating the finer things in life!

In the true spirit of the award...I now have to give the award to five other blogs worthy of note. So here are my nominations.

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Take a look at these blogs - they are worthy of note!

That's all :)

Friday 18 November 2011

Teaching fail.....

Tonight I have taught my very first solo open water student. Here at Gildy we do a thing called 'Team Teaching'...which means that when you first qualify you teach alongside a more experienced instructor for a couple of months. This is only for the Open Water students...regular readers will know that I have solo-taught 'Seal Team' (kiddies) before.

Tonight was dreadful. My student was very nervous and kept wanting to go to the surface. We only have two hours of pool time on a Friday night - so we have to get a lot done in a short time.

The more she stressed...the more I was worried about the time - and because of my in-experience I wasn't able to get her over her hurdles as well or as quickly as another more experienced tutor may have done.

At nine o clock when our pool time ended I had only got through one and half lessons - instead of the three that I had targeted. Ooops -

She's coming back on Monday for her academics...I hope that goes a bit better :)

Wednesday 9 November 2011

My tummy is like a ........

...bowling ball. I is fat. I is huge around the midriff. I haven't been this rotund since I was waiting for the nipper's arrival some 23 years ago. I am ashamed and disgruntled with myself. But it's soooo not my fault. I am passing the buck and placing the blame for my largeness squarely at Pauline's door.

Who the 'eck is Pauline? Well Pauline is the owner of the dive centre where I stay (and teach...sometimes). She is an excellent cook. None of this fancy haute cuisine nonsense...'A little jus madam?'...oh no Pauline is old school. She cooks proper dinners. With vegetables and three lots of spuds and hot gravy and puddings with custard and stuff. I know that your mouth is watering as you read this. I JUST KNOW IT.

Put this together with the fact the weather is colder than a witch's tit and you will understand when I tell you that when Pauline puts my dinner in front of me every night (tonight it was homemade fish pie...with loads of cheesy mash potato...followed by Bread and Butter pudding with hot creamy custard) I simply couldn't leave anything on my plate. I just couldn't. The food mesmerises me and it tastes For lunch we had Jacket spuds with thick homemade chicken stew...and earlier I had a large (oink) bacon buttie. I reckon that's about 4,000 calories for the day. Which is way more than I need. I usually live on ten cups of coffee per day...about 15 fags...and then a bit of something for my tea. Average intake about 1,000 calories and 75 mg of nicotine and caffeine. (Wired? Moi? Mais non)

My little tummy has grown about 4 inches and really does resemble a bowling ball. I have always prided myself in having no discernable tummy as such. It's always been quite flat (apart from when I was growing a baby of course...then it was huge a Zeppelin with extra air)..but five days after said bambino was pushed out - my lovely flat tummy was ...well...flat again.

The feeding by Pauline will stop on Sunday ( we have people here on a residential course at the moment and they leave on Sunday...she cooks for me because she says it's easy enough to add one more to the table) and although I will miss it - I need to get back to living on dust and the odd Cadbury's Flake - because at this rate I will soon Pop. I mean it. I will. And then there'll be a terrible mess to clean up and everything.

Luckily I wear sports clothes during the day. Sports clothes tend to have elasticated waists (me not stupid)...but I honestly don't think I could get anything else on right now.

I have turned into my nemesis...Billy Bunter.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Buy this book....

The other day I treated myself to an e-book reader. Not - I hasten to say a 'Kindle' (other e book readers are available)...but no...a 'Kobo' which is WH Smith's version of the same thing. I read lots of books and seeing as I think they're rather expensive....downloading them as and when I want something new to read - for about half the price - appealed to my thrifty nature.

The first book I purchased (for the princely sum of £2.99) was the one shown above. I may be wrong - but I think it's only available as a download.

I am so glad I did. It is hilarious. When reading this book - every five minutes or so - I have to put my Kobo down (doesn't that sound like a peculiar activity??? "I won't be a minute dear...I'm just putting my Kobo down...")...and laugh out loud.

It's a book that started as a blog (now there's a good enough reason to like it) and it tells the story of a very ugly man trying to find love. He has an alcoholic hapless friend who helps him...and the results are gut wrenchingly painful and poignant and very very funny.

I love this book. It's well worth reading. Honestly :)

Sunday 6 November 2011

Lovely weekend xxxx

Oh Hello....still there then? I bet you thought I'd gone off somewhere - it's been ages. Anyway I'm here now and awfully sorry for going 'off-air' for a while....

So..what have I been up to? Not a lot to be honest. Plenty of complaining about the cold...especially seeing as the water here is getting more 'a la frigidaire' by the day. I honestly don't know how I'll cope in December and January...I'm getting a wee bit old to be chucking my body in freezing cold H2O and expecting to come up smiling...

This weekend has been lovely. I had the weekend off (!) and travelled by train back down to Surrey. I went to stay with a lovely friend and her lovely family. And she's got lovely beds. I mean...really lovely. The beds in her house actually 'hug' you when you get in! The quilt was like a proper cloud. Honestly! It was fab! I haven't slept so well for ages.

We had a night out in Esher on Friday....and then last night she cooked a lovely supper and we watched 'Strictly'...and that's a first for me this year.

I've known this friend for about 23 years and we share family members (which is truly lovely)...we also share our birthday...and in lots of ways we're quite alike. She 'gets' me - probably because she's known me for so long...and I think I get her.

When somebody 'gets' is so much easier because you don't have to pretend - you can just be yourself straight away...and that's very relaxing. She always welcomes me with open arms and her home is always full of love and massively welcoming.

I won't leave it so long next time......

Beautiful New life