Monday 28 November 2011


Today I have been given an award. What for? I hear you ask. For being amazing? witty? sexy? accomplished? a great diving instructor?! Although all of these things are worthy of note (harrumph). No..I have been given a lovely award for this blog! From a lovely lady and dear friend. She likes to read my adventures. Apparently she enjoys them. She has great taste and is very good at appreciating the finer things in life!

In the true spirit of the award...I now have to give the award to five other blogs worthy of note. So here are my nominations.

I married a Shaman - wonderful musings from a lovely artistic soul

Fantastic Reads - Thoughts about books (and other stuff) from the most well read person I know

Briddon - The thoughts of dearest Christian.

Blonde Ramblings! - wonderful and witty, sharp and daring. The lovely Claire bites back

Does this stroller may me look gay? - the journey of two husbands and their little family

Take a look at these blogs - they are worthy of note!

That's all :)

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  1. Lovely, thank you! and some great reads there too x


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