Saturday 29 November 2008


Not sure about these - just eaten one and it was a bit weird. Hmmmm - Not sure at all.

London Adventures

I went to town yesterday and had a bit of an adventure which involved a black tall girl - an much older man - a brightly coloured acrylic wig and some leather straps - together with a heart stopping moment when I thought that I was about to end up at  Olympia to witness a Fetish  exhibition (honestly - there's never a dull moment) - and that's all the detail you're going to get about that - (If you want to know more you will need to call me) it also involved red wine on an empty stomach - ( too much red wine in fact - so I was half cut by lunchtime!) a drunken wobble back to the tube station - a Burger King (ugh) - and four hours sleep when I got home. Love it :) 

Friday 28 November 2008

Up Town

Today I'm going back to London Town. That will be four times in two weeks. It's getting a bit serious now. I really like central London and the more time I spend there the more I like it. When I moved here I never really bothered with going up to town but every time I go I find something new to be excited and pleased about. There are so many great places to see and great shops and fab restaurants and bars. I still haven't been to any museums or done any of the things that I set my stall out to do originally - but there's time yet. I have been to the theatre a few times and regular readers will know that I've been twice just in the last few weeks.

Today I'm going to meet a friend for elevenses and do some more Christmas shopping. The general consensus amongst northerners is that London is an unfriendly place - but I have to say that this is simply not true. Everyone is busy and in a hurry - but I have yet to meet someone who is decidedly unfriendly or impolite. I like London :)

Eating like a horse?

Hmmm - how odd things are turning out to be. Yesterday I went to see my lovely cousin and get my hair done up in 'town - then met Jo for coffee and cake (I like a nice bit of cake) - but - (and I hadn't eaten) I couldn't finish the cake!!! That's not like me at all! Then I got home and created a super lovely risotto (well oven-heated one from M&S) and couldn't eat that either - two mouthfuls and that was enough - the rest - as they say - was consigned to the bin. My digestive system has been a bit dodgy this week - and I am on antibiotics for a slight infection of the small intestine (too much info?) but it's not like me to go off my food - really - truly - it isn't! I am well known in all social circles for eating like a horse. (Good job I'm not known for looking like a horse - back end of a bus maybe? but horse ? never!)

I've just made two pieces of toast and they're sitting on the desk waiting to be eaten - and I just can't bring myself to pick them up and start masticating (oo-eer). I think I shall probably turn to dust.

Maybe when I've finished the antibiotics my appetite will come back. Somebody is making a special dinner for tomorrow night - so I hope I'm hungry by then :)

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Quickety quick

The Postman has been and has delivered something that I ordered on-line yesterday afternoon. How speedy is that? Impressed? I'll say.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Shut your Mouth - Enough is Enough

Years ago somebody said this to me - it was in a public environment - and I was mortified with embarrassment and rendered speechless (really?).  I never really got over it properly and the incident clearly scarred me!! In the years that have passed though I have realised the wisdom of their words, and sometimes feel that it is better to keep quiet and say nothing.  The thing with words is that once you have said them - they can't be un-said - and no matter how hard you try to dilute them by blethering on afterwards, or deny the obvious meaning of what you said - you did say it and the words were heard by the person or persons that you spoke them to.

My brother did the 'saying stupid things' thing on Saturday - but that was okay - I forgive him and we have laughed about it since!

I, however, did the 'saying stupid things' thing last night and now the words have been said there's no way I can get them back. In an ideal world the words would be back in the bottle with the cork pushed firmly in and possibly floating away to a desert island somewhere. But - as we all know - we don't live in an ideal world. Perhaps I would do better by having some deaf friends?

Aren't our students supposed to be the bright ones ?

An intoxicated British college student badly damaged his new Mini Cooper by trying to replicate a stunt from the film The Italian Job. The student, whose parents had given him the car the day before, tried to drive down a set of church steps—unsuccessfully. By the time the Mini reached the bottom of the stairs, its radiator and two front tires had exploded and both front airbags had deployed.
[, 10/29/08 c&e]

Fox Porn - Chapter 3

Regular readers will know that I have had issues with Fox-porn before. If you want to know about these past occurrences of "Debbie does Dallas - (Fox style)" you can read about it here and here.

Last night they were at it again. Our garden is about one and half acres (ie quite large) so I have no clue as to why the cute furry little foxes all done up in their bondage gear, and ready for some 'hot' bedroom action always decide to play out their sordid little fantasies right under my bedroom window. 

Last night - or rather - this morning - they started at about 3am (what - on a school night?). Screeching, wailing, thrashing, flashing, and generally having a fabulous time of it. I'm not jealous (no - right) and it doesn't really upset me that foxes are having an active sex life - but I've looked it up on the 'net and their mating season is in the spring - not in November. This, clearly then, was purely recreational sex (cue the bondage gear). And I have to tell you - there was plenty of recreation going on. They were at it for ages. You would think they could do the decent thing and maybe stuff a towel in her mouth to stop her waking up half the neighbourhood (ie. Moi). It was an absolute cacophony of 3rd rate porn movie screaming and wailing. I was so distressed I very nearly 'phoned the Huntmaster - Oh - mind you - he wouldn't be able to help anymore would he? 

To celebrate their fabulous sex marathon they then took the trouble to overturn my wheelie bins (didn't wake me - I was already fully awake - but it did scare the pants off me) and distribute the contents far and wide over the full one and half acres.

Love you Brer Fox xxxx

I knew there was a reason....

...why I had an empty day in my calendar today...I just hadn't figured out what it was. The answer has now become quite clear. It's so I can do my Christmas Shopping on-line. And that is also the reason why God gave me credit cards - yippee - "smack that plastic beeeeeatch".

I don't know why I haven't always done my Christmas shopping this way!!!!


People are strange aren't they? A bit like Onions. Made up of lots of layers - lots of things that you don't see at first. You begin with the crispy brown skin and then off you go... peeling layer after layer away.  When you eat onions they taste really good - raw or cooked - soft or crunchy..but then often times you get really bad indigestion, bad breath - and rather wish you hadn't had the onion after all. Hmmm......

Monday 24 November 2008


...there are only so many tomorrows.

A friend told me this today and it really made me think. It made me think about the direction of my life, the people I share my life with and the music still in me. It made me think about what I want to do next and who I want to do it with...our lives are filled with endless opportunities and possibilities  - but limited time.  And the main difficulty is that we have no knowledge of how much of that time is ours. So I have decided to 'set my stall out' to enjoy every moment as much as I can. Carpe Diem.

Weekend report - 10/10

Well - here's something that's really worth writing about - an amazing weekend in Sheffield. I have had a ball. I went up on the train (first class!) on Friday afternoon from the newly refurbished St Pancras Station (which is quite nice actually). I was met from the train and taken to the hotel and then after a quick freshen up - off to meet somebody's parents - yikes! I have to admit I was a bit nervous - but no need as they were absolutely lovely! We had a chinese meal (still love pancakes and crispy duck) and a very pleasant evening - and what's more I didn't drink (antibiotics) and show myself up (result!).

Saturday morning we went to collect Jacqui and off to the Garden Centre for a fry-up (fab fab fab). I love Jacqui and miss her like mad. We had a good old natter and catch up and really not enough time - then a quick whizz down to Thomas Irving Country Store to buy a new Riding hat for Dan as one of her Xmas presents - oops forgot to mention quick shoe shopping in Dronfield and a catch up and hug with fabulous Dot. Two nice new pairs of winter shoes (yaaay!). 

Up the road to Meadowhall to meet La Familia for late lunch - Mum, Mimi, Dan, Jan, Russell and Frazer - much laughter and general approval all round!! Also managed to get some shopping done - another pair of verrrry sexy boots for me and a couple of Christmas presents.

Two Junctions north up to Stocksbridge to Helen and Andrew's house - quick change and the cab back to Sheffield for dinner at Cafe Guru with Christian and Victoria, Fiona and Sean and Helen and Andrew. Great food, some wine (not for me - bloody antibiotics!) and much much much much laughter. Victoria was hilarious ( as usual) and we had the best time!

We had a lovely sleepover at Helen and Andrew's house and then a nice drive back home yesterday afternoon (I slept most of the way), and then pie for tea last night - with Henderson's relish of course!!! I was told that my Sheffield accent had come back with a vengeance - which is absolutely a good thing!!!

I love going home and seeing all the people who mean so very much to me - I always have a great time and this weekend was no exception. I can't wait to do it all again very soon :)

PS - have just had a chat with my Mum and apparently my new friend gets her seal of approval :)

Thursday 20 November 2008

London Fun

Today I am very tired indeed. I have spent the last two days up in London Town and a very nice time was had by all. I caught the train up to town on Tuesday lunchtime - hopped in a cab (I love London cab drivers - they're so chatty!) and dropped my bag off at the hotel - then went shopping and met Jo for coffee and cake - a quick nip to Selfridges (yaay) and the big M&S (double yaay)!
Back to the hotel in Covent Garden to meet my companion - coffee, and a chat - and then a short walk to the theatre to see Jersey Boys - which was absolutely brill. If you are looking to come to London to see a show any time soon - I would strongly recommend this one - it was very very very good indeed. The music was fab and I had a great time.

After the theatre we went here for supper and had a big pot of mussels and some belgian beer. I first went to this restaurant about two years ago with Frazer and Richard and Mum and Mimi - and my Mum got shamelessly plastered!!!

Yesterday I went to meet Liz and off we went shopping in New Bond Street. We had a great time browsing the shop windows and actually went inside Bulgari and Tiffany's (I felt like Audrey Hepburn!). Everything was very sparkly and I could really do with a winning lottery ticket!

After a lovely lunch (salad - fatty!) I finally got in a cab and went to collect my bags - then a forty minute train ride back home. 

Last night I had fish and chips round at Su's and watched the Footie! Today I am yawning but very happy :)

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Just because I feel it.....

Over the last few months I have learned loads. For someone who goes with their inner gut instincts one of the most difficult things I had to learn was to sometimes discount my inner voice. This is because at times of in-balance your inner voice may not be telling the truth. Well - it kind of is - but from a different view point. The phrase that I learned (along with the meaning behind it) is   "..Just because I feel it doesn't mean it's true..."

I learned to take a step back and look at things more dispassionately - through somebody else's eyes - and take a more balanced view. This works fine until you begin to struggle with a new concept - or idea - and absolutely need some guidance from somewhere. Normally this would come from your inner voice. What I should do is get more facts - then test the water in tiny stages - and make small step-like decisions while ever it feels comfortable. That way nothing gets overloaded and you avoid making huge mistakes. It takes a bit longer to reach the end point - but the final decision is much more likely to be the right one. 

So - here we go then - we are testing the water in tiny steps. 

I'll let you know how I get on :)

Monday 17 November 2008

Trampette ?

Everything's going a bit Pete Tong round here today. It doesn't help that I've only just got out of bed - look at the time - how decadent is that?  know, I know, I should be ashamed - but you know what? I'm not - so stick that in your pipe and smoke it :)

I have done no washing for three days as Fergil and Sharkey next door have been monopolising the laundry facilities my dirty linen basket is overflowing - which then means the ironing basket will be overflowing later. My bank account needs  balancing - and I haven't done that for weeks - so that's now grown into a job of epic proportions. I have no food in the fridge again (yesterday I cooked Sea Bass, with spinach and carrots - Go Delia) so that means another trip to PCSH (pre-christmas supermarket hell) - and despite my very best intentions of going to the yard to de-mud phoebe - I just never got round to it - so that has to be done today as well. Let's not even talk about cleaning the car - it's filthy inside and out and quite frankly I'm ashamed!!! 

I think that I have turned into a lazy - good for nothing - slutty - idle - trampette of the worst kind - and you know what? I love it!!!

Chick Flick

Last night we watched this movie. I've seen it before about five times, and I could easily watch it another five times. It's totally a chick flick but I love it and it always makes me cry at the end. The soundtrack from it is fab and I listen to it in my car all the time. If you haven't seen it I recommend that you do - but get the tissues ready for the end. 

Early :)

Yawn yawn yawn...look at the time - for goodness sake. When I was working (ooh - when was that then dear?) I used to get up at 6am every day. Last night I had a guest stay over and have just seen said person off to work - with toast and coffee - lovingly prepared by moi - and now I'm going back to bed. How do the working population manage it? This is an ungodly hour !

Sunday 16 November 2008

Tesco pre-Christmas hell

I have just come home after a brief trot around M&S and Tesco. Christmas is certainly on the way - I know this because I have just endured  'pre-Christmas Supermarket hell''s the same every year - and I HATE it.

So I have a few things to say to the general public........ Please leave your Children (screaming toddlers..."I want THAT one") at home if you visit the shops whilst I'm out and about. If you do have child care issues and absolutely must bring your screaming bratty kids with you - then do us all a favour and put them in the toddler seat of the trolley and tie their chubby angelic little arms together with baling twine - and stick their gobs shut with Duck tape. 

Please do not meander down the supermarket aisles willy-nilly with your trolley at an angle and abruptly halt in front of me (grrrr - pensioners please take note) Please do not take up the whole space in front of a particular section (with your entire extended family)  so I can't get in there to grab a quick 2 pint carton of milk. Please do not treat supermarket shopping as a family day out - there are far more fun things to be doing on a Sunday afternoon ...yes I know it's raining - but still. Please don't act like a tw*t with your huge over-flowing trolley at the checkout - if you see a small cross blonde woman behind you with three small items in her basket - be a star and let her in front of you...puleeeeeez! Don't drive around the car park slower than a tortoise and hold everybody up - there is NOT a space closer to the door - so no matter how many times you go round you will eventually have to give up and park a ten minute walk away - just like the rest of us.  Please don't insist on packing your shopping as if your very life depended on how slowly you can perform this particular task - stuff it in the bags quickly and get out of my way...there is no prize for wasting time in Tesco.  Never has been - never will be with it and move on :) and finally - you should all know that jogging bottoms are NEVER a good look, not for anyone - ever.

Christmas is just around the corner....

Oh Dear - what are we going to do about Christmas? For the last few years we have had Christmas down here in Surrey - well - I have. Dan went up to Sheffield one year and I was here alone - which sounds sad but actually it was great - I had lobster instead of turkey and quite enjoyed the peace and quiet. Last year we had a big family Christmas here at the house (the chefs came and did the cooking and the washing up!) - but what about this year? My two brothers won't be around this Christmas (I'm leaving on a jet plane...) so my Mum will be 'Home alone' in Sheffield - so that's quite a consideration - also I have been invited out to Spain to join the Family for Christmas (and apparently everyone else can come too!!) So - that sounds like about ten people in Caba Pino for the festivities - but - then - I've also had an invite to somewhere else (and this invite also includes my Mum, and Dan and Jan)'s such a dilemma!!! Crikey Moses....I need to make a plan.

The pressure is building and it's only mid-November - you see why I'm not so keen on Christmas?

This year may be the year when I volunteer to 'help the homeless' for the day :)


The new music playlist that I have just added is all about Musicals. That's because I'm off up to 'Town' again this week to see another one. I have included a track from Jersey Boys, two tracks from 'Oliver' (for me and Victoria!) a tune from Grease (oh - that takes me back), the fabulous 'Climb ever Mountain' from 'The Sound of Music' (my favourite shower song!)  and something from 'South Pacific' as that's my brother Frazer's favourite musical. 


Well - I like to meet new and interesting people. Last night my dinner was cooked by somebody who turns out to be the tour chef for U2!!! Fancy that! Dinner was great - we had Pate, followed by fillet steak in some kind of fancy garlic sauce with roast vegetables, and then Tiramasu. All created with ingredients from Waitrose and 'thrown together' in our kitchen. It was delicious!!! That particular Irish guy can call round again :) Actually dinner with four Irish guys was nothing if not noisy and fun - and for once I couldn't get a word in!!!

Saturday 15 November 2008

The Irish sure do multiply fast

We have two Irish guys staying here at the big house. They're working for Dan's dad in his company and in an effort to save expensive hotel bills they're kipping down here for the time being. They're okay (can't quite remember their names so I have christened them 'Fergil' and 'Sharkey'). They keep using the washing machine a bit too often - but on the whole tidy up after themselves quite well and aren't too much of a nuisance. 

Earlier today I went to look for them to find out what their plans were - as I have been tasked with making them feel welcome - only to find that two had become three...they were in the dining room eating a huge fry-up (to which I hadn't been invited) and they had a friend with them. I was duly introduced.

When I came home later after my riding lesson I discovered yet anther one of them in the kitchen. So now there are 4 paddies in the big house - cooking a huge meal (to which I have invited myself - it's only fair). I don't really know who these other two are - but apparently one of them is a chef - so that works for me. 

It's a bit disconcerting that when I lay my head on my pillow at night there are now four random guys not thirty feet away from me. Tonight, I think I'll lock the adjoining door :) It feels a bit like we're running a B&B boarding house for those who have kissed the Blarney Stone.

Phoebe goes headlong........

...into a field full of mud. The resulting mess all over her head, mane and neck has to be seen to be believed. I have this with her every single  winter - and tomorrow morning I have to go to the yard nice and early - scrape off the dry mud and then dress her in her 'snuggy hood' pyjamas to prevent it happening again. She's such a minger.

Champagne and Roses

Well - what's been happening then? Lots of stuff actually. Full house for a few days - lots of food - wine - Champagne (4 bottles so far this week and it's only Saturday morning) - and much laughter and merriment - despite the fact that we all have the devil after us  - we're managing to keep cheerful and absolutely see the funny side of everything. Families are great - aren't they?

No better reason to drink Champagne than when the Devil is chasing your tail :)

Yesterday I was the very lucky recipient of a dozen red roses - ooooooh - get her!! Somebody is thinking highly of me at the moment - and it's very nice indeed. Very Very nice. Last night I went out to dinner and had a friend stay over - tonight it's a meal round at a friend's together with back to back episodes of "Sex in the City" and my fortnightly riding lesson this afternoon. Tomorrow it's a nice relaxing Sunday - watching a dvd and dinner at home. 

Next week involves a trip to 'Town' to see this. So I have downloaded the show album from itunes and am currently listening to it - very good and quite upbeat kind of sing along, toe tapping music. 

I also have an afternoon out planned with a new friend and then the week ends with a fabulous weekend in Sheffield (thermal vest required) when I am going to spend time with all my favourite people and see family, and meet somebody else's family!!! (Best be on my best behaviour then!) . I'm also going shoe shopping (yaaaay!).

I will be seeing Jacqui on Saturday morning for breakfast. Dan is coming to Sheffield too and we're having a family get-together on Saturday afternoon followed by dinner out with favourite people on Saturday night!!! I'm travelling to Sheffield on the train - First Class - no less - how posh!!!

I am really looking forward to the coming week :)

Friday 14 November 2008


At this moment in time - well not actually just this moment - but in the present time...overall..... (get the drift?) things are going remarkably well. I don't know why I would need to tell you this apart from the fact that I am happy as a sandboy right now and I think my readers will be pleased by that? (I hope so anyway - however if any of you are busily sticking pins in a wax effigy of me and plotting my downfall...I would say "It's not working - try something else?") 

Maybe my planets are all in alignment - I have no clue really - but right now - everything is fab. So to celebrate I feel a song coming on.  Everybody sing along to this. It's a great song - and it sums up perfectly how I'm feeling :)

Crap Staff

Yesterday I went into Lloyds Tsb at Esher to change my Euros back into pounds. The woman who served me was really miserable and snappy. She was helping a younger colleague to do something on her computer and spoke to this girl as if she were thick, then she refused to look me in the eye whilst serving me, and shoved a piece of paper and a pen my way - clearly expecting me to sign something? 

I tried to feel sorry for her and understand that whatever it was that was bothering her - was bothering her - and therefore it wasn't my problem. I also tried to feel some compassion for her because she was clearly having a bad day - perhaps she'd had bad news (yeah - like maybe her Husband had run off with somebody cheerful?)...but I have to report that in all honesty she just irritated the cr*p out of me and I wanted to slap her!!! I really really wanted to tell her that I was the "Customer" and therefore entitled to a few pleasantries, a smile, and a cheery hello. These things are obviously very thin on the ground at Lloyds Tsb in Esher. 


This morning I have been reminded - as if THAT were necessary - that late nights and copious amounts of alcohol of the bubbly variety are NOT GOOD for me. I have a headache and my eyelids are stuck together in a not very attractive way. I have actually known for years that alcohol doesn't really work for me - and for a very long period abstained altogether from imbibing any kind of evil brew. Last night I popped out to fetch a Curry for them next door (Master lives in t'big house) and called at the wine shop - to pick up a couple of bottles of Pinot. Note I say a COUPLE. So please explain why I then felt the overwhelming desire to pick up a cardboard 6-bottle wine carrier and fill it? .....and whatsmore - popped a bottle of Champagne in there?.....(celebrating? what? exactly? still being alive?) so now I am moaning, groaning and saying very loudly..."NEVER AGAIN"....that is until next time - besides I still have three bottles left:) I also have the feeling - along with some cloudy memories - that I had a long telephone conversation with someone - after consuming the alcohol - so goodness knows what I said during that! 
(Note to self - you are not eighteen - you are forty-five)

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Lidl is NOT the way forward

I have just been chatting to a friend. The last time I spoke to her she told me that she had reliably been informed that Lidl may be the way forward! Apparently it's cheap - and we all love a bargain. My friend is quite delightfully middle class (she rides horses and grows her own organic veg!, and like me she is an afficianado of John Lewis) and she tells me that the Lidl store was a horrific experience never to be repeated. 

It was chock full of 'chav' food (being purchased by Chav ladies - wearing velour track suits - ugh!)- ie a huge array of fizzy pop, a myriad of brands and flavours of crisps, and generally lots of food packed full of e numbers and preservatives - all the things that you want to feed your children - NOT. Because she had a trolley she felt she had to buy something - so she purchased a packet of biscuits - which were incidentally NO CHEAPER than in Waitrose - and a six pack of mineral water.

She is now traumatised and will never be going to Lidl again. I think it was the pikey bird trying to teach her how to put her pound coin in the trolley that put the final nail in the coffin!!!

Bucket List

Last night I went out for a Curry (I know that you already know this) with a small select group of people who had been working hard all evening. One of the people asked me to recount some stories from the past that involved both of us (Validation?).  Anyway I dutifully did as I was asked and have to say quite enjoyed doing so - seeing as my past is quite varied and checkered - there's nothing like a good story is there? Anyway it left me thinking - I'm probably more than half way through my life (who knows?) - that's if the Great Grim Reaper doesn't come along and claim me early ..."No - don't take me yet - I haven't been to bed with George Clooney"....

That's quite a profound realisation I have to say. Inside I am still twelve years old and have forever left to do everything. But on the outside I am definitely not twelve anymore - mind you I find it very hard to act my age :) 

I still have my list of things to do (Have you seen the movie 'Bucket List'?) and there's still loads of things on there that I still haven't done. If anybody would like to do any of these things with me - please apply in writing!!!   So here's a few of the things from my list...

1. Gallop my horse on the beach
2. Learn to tap dance - and not fall in the sink!
3. Learn to ballroom dance - properly
4. Read and understand a Shakespeare play (doh!)
5. Act in a play.....what fun!!
6. Work in a homeless shelter on Christmas day
7. Take my Mother shopping in Harrods and buy her anything that she wants
8. Swim in the warm ocean at midnight - (naked)
9. Climb a (small) mountain and then sit at the top for the rest of the day
10. Fly a plane
11. Do a parachute jump
12. Buy Dan's Wedding Dress and see her wear it
13. Really explore Paris and Rome
14. Say all the things that mean something to all the people that mean something 
15. Hug my Dad one more time
16. Dress up as a Fairy and go shopping
17. Sing 'Jerusalem' in a big Cathedral as part of a massive choir
18. Drive a racing car - very fast
19. Learn another language
20. Learn to play the Piano

A phsycologist would have a field day with that list!!!

What matters is how you finish

I do not know how lucky I am

Humpa Lumpa we are starting to think about our weight / size (see previous posts about 'Muffin Top") so what's the very worst thing you can do? Eat dinner and then go out for a Curry!! - Just because a friend phones and asks you to !!! So along you toddle to the local Indian (ours is called 'The Gaylord' - and we are on first name terms with the staff) at 10.45 pm (eating late dear?) - and should just watch everybody else eat whilst sipping a glass of mineral water - but NOOOOOOOO - Tracy orders food - eats it and then helps everybody else finish theirs too!!! Oh yes - she also nicks all the After Eight mints too!! You see, the thing is, my friend needs my support at the moment :) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Food Sensations

Black Stump Pinot Grigio (any crisp dry white will do) and Green and Black's Organic Black Cherry Chocolate (only this particular Chocolate will do!)

Place a square of the chocolate into your mouth until it reaches body temperatures (about 90 seconds) - it should be just about to melt- (resist all urges to chew). 
Lift glass to lips and sip wine through the chocolate.
I defy you not to enjoy this taste sensation.

The bar of chocolate should last for the entire bottle of wine (Tip - buy the large bar)

Result - half a stone fatter and pleasantly pissed :)  That'll work !!!

Were we drunk?

Looking at these pictures you would say that we were quite a bit tiddly - wouldn't you? By this stage I had drunk about 3 glasses of champagne - which - anyone who knows me will tell you is quite a lot for me!!! The camera was clearly out of focus (which is a good thing!). I also appear to be in some slight state of undress!!!  But obviously I wasn't drunk - or in any state of undress as we were in a nice restaurant and I simply don't behave like that!!!! Yeah Right - Since when?...........

You will recognise Mikey (who doesn't like having his picture taken) in the top picture from previous posts - but the lovely gentleman whose knee I am sitting on in the second picture (brazen hussy) is Chris. Everybody wave hello to Chris!

Now I'd better get on with the laundry that I've brought home.

Monday 10 November 2008

Another post from Spain

Today has been fab (yesterday actually - check out the time of this post). Got up late - ate toast and drank coffee - eventually went for a walk down to the port at Caba Pino and had a lovely late lunch - sat outside - in November!!! How amazing!! Great food - we had Cod, Chicken, bread, pork and meatballs - food was lovely. Then we went for a walk round the port and looked at / lusted after the boats. Walked back along the beach and meandered back to the house - where we stayed for the rest of the day / evening. Am having a great time and don't want to come back to Surrey later today :(

Saturday 8 November 2008

Post from Espana

Greetings from sunny Spain. You will be pleased to know that I have successfully managed to drive the Range Rover on the wrong side of the road and not even come close to having an accident (I have surprised myself with that one!) It's actually much easier than I thought it was going to be. I also managed to find the house with no problem. Today I have been to the supermarket and to Caba Pino port for lunch at 'Alberts' where I had an all day breakfast which was huge!!! It's warm enough to sunbathe during the afternoon and we're having a lovely time. Only one more full day and then back home late Monday. Yesterday I dipped my toe in the sea - brrrrr - and today I thought about swimming in the pool - but the heater isn't on so I soon changed my mind! Last night we went out to dinner with Mikey, but tonight we have cooked dinner here at the house. Having a lovely time and wish you were here!!!

Thursday 6 November 2008

Graham Norton - Speed dating - Very, Very Funny!

Look out for the tongue...almost at the end of the clip - hilarious

Tracy and Sharon have a Chat over a cup of tea and a fag in a dark dingy kitchen somewhere near Wath Upon Dearne

Alright duck?
Aye - you?
Two and a bit - ta...
Christ - you're up early? 
Aye - I am. Packing.
Oh - where you off to?
Oooh lovely. 
When are you off?
Tomorrow - first thing - Dawn's Crack.
Warrabout dog?
She's stoppin' at Barbara's
When are you back?
On yer own?
No, as it happens. Taking a friend.
Female friend? 
Errrr, actually... No - it's a chap!
Flippin' eck!! You kept that quiet!!
Well, early days - don't want to tempt fate., do you?
Nice - is he? - this chap?
Yeah - he's okay as it turns out.
OOOh - how did you meet him then?
 - well, funnily enough ...on t'internet. (Peter Kay would be impressed).
So, what's he like then...this chap? 
Well, he's quite nice. Very nice actually.
How long you been seeing 'im then?
Hmmm, just over a month.
Bloody 'ell - you've kept that quiet. So.... like him then?
Wouldn't be going to Spain with him if I didn't - now would I?
What does he do then, this chap?
Oh - he works for t'leccy. He's a meter reader - he's got his own van and everything. 
Crikey - classy! Shagged him yet?

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Bathing Millie

Millie came back from a long walk today - with an accompanying smell that was pretty indescribable. Therefore she has just had a bath in the kitchen sink. Now she's not talking to me :(

"Oh this year I'm off to..........."

In two days time (that's 2 more sleeps) I'm off to Sunny Spain for four days (and 3 nights) ...flying out first thing Friday and flying back last thing Monday. (Weather forecast is 23 degrees and sunny - read it and weep!).

I am really looking forward to it. While I am there I will have to drive on the wrong side of the road - mind you- in Spain it's the right side of the road!!! There is a car waiting for me at the airport - and then I have to find my way from the Airport to the house. I've been about six times before - but have always been collected so am not too sure of the route (mainly because Mike has been driving - very fast - so I've spent most journeys with my eyes closed wimpering in a corner - ie NOT paying attention to the way home). When I get to the house I then have to work out how to use all the 'stuff' that's there - Electric gates, coffee machine (certainly) TV, pool cover, sun shades, cooker etc etc - the list goes on. Most of the stuff is hi-tech - and normally that would preclude me - but unless I want to live on sandwiches for four days and not swim - I will need to work it out!!!! It's going to be a steep learning curve!!! Fortunately I am not going alone - and my companion is rather brainy - so I think we'll be okay :)

Dinner with Jo

Last night I added to the Muffin Top. I went out for dinner with Jo. I had a great roast from the carvery - but stopped before pudding (cannot have chumpa wumpa in bikini in two days time - just can't do it!). It was great to see her again - after a break of a few weeks - and we had a lovely chat and caught up on all the latest gossip. 

I am extremely blessed to have a cacophony of great friends - and the coming weeks are full of lovely opportunities to see some of them again. Yippee x


Well - that's decided then....Barrack Obama is the new president of the USA. I don't really follow American politics (or UK politics for that matter) because I kind of think that there's little integrity involved in the process and nobody is really speaking the truth - so why would I want to listen to it all when all you get is smoke and mirrors!

But he seems to have an inner dignity and a sense of 'goodness' about him - so who knows - perhaps he will be the first one to actually come good and deliver what he promises in a good way.

Let's hope that he doesn't like female interns and smoking cigars...."I did not have sexual relations with that woman" (no sh*t Clinton?...what do you call it then? Let's not go into detail here but doing 'stuff' like that with a member of the opposite sex comes pretty close to sex in my book - it's not exactly Origami is it?) 

I have had the debate many many times that Clinton was / is a tw*t who lies as easily as breathing with a friend of mine who admires the guy (???).  This friend has a photograph of the two of them standing together shaking hands - if it were me I would rather have a picture of me shaking hands with Ken Dodd.  My point being that if he allowed his power to go to his head, shagged a staff member (just the one was it?) and then bare faced lied about it - is he really the man we would want running the USA and by default then most of the rest of the world? Self- serving and dishonest. If he can do that to his wife - what chance do the rest of us stand.  Speaks volumes to me about his core I was told that I was being naive and I must separate his personal life from his ability to do the job. No can do I'm afraid, as we are all a sum of all our parts. So my opinion still stands - Clinton was / is a w**ker who shouldn't / couldn't be trusted. Let's hope Barrack Obama is better / different. Good Luck to him as he starts his new job today.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

When you're chewing on Life's gristle.......

Leaps and Bounds

Today I went to see someone. I have been seeing this person for about ten weeks and started the process because I needed to gain some insight, understanding and more knowledge about myself and my place in the world - what makes me happy - what distresses me - what to embrace and what to avoid - past patterns and future possibilities - what really matters and what is of no matter - and I have learned loads and loads - and although the journey has been painful in parts - on the whole it has been extremely enlightening and truly great. Learning about anything - but especially ourselves - is really beneficial.

Anyway - cause for huge and joyous celebration (Champagne anyone?) - this stage of my life journey is now complete, with the realisation that I am my own diamond. 

Where on earth am I going next?

...and talking of life pleasures....

Here's a few more to be thinking about....sun, sea, sand, bucket and spade, lotions, potions, commotions, flights, dinner, lunch, breakfast, laughter, friends, hugs, snogs, holding hands, wine, gin, good Brandy, fruit, double cream, lobster, fresh warm bread, taxi cabs, airports, shopping, family, friends, buns, cakes, pasta bakes, champagne, sheets (clean and crisp) showers, towels (fluffy) dogs, cats, coats, hats, Chocolate (green and Black's), Log fires, comfy sofas, Daughters, Sons, Brothers, Mums and Dads, horses, courses, new people, old steeples, new places, old faces, visits, arrivals, departures, births, marriages, celebrations, smiles, laughter, some tears, facing and beating fears, Chopin, Paganini, T.Rex, great sex,  shiny diamonds, deep and meaningful chats with people who 'get it',  drinking glasses, reading glasses, Peter Kay, cheescake, sunshine, moonshine, wind, rain, snow, hail, grass, hay, trees, flowers, sleeping, waking, dreaming, thinking, reading, writing, flying, running, skipping, walking, sliding, meeting, greeting and eating :)

Scientific breakthrough (or not)

A couple of years ago I asked this question. I was still not entirely sure of the answer so I figured that a scientific  experiment was in order to try and ascertain the true answer once and for all. I made a mistake in that I purchased the required subjects for the experiment from Waitrose instead of M&S and the chocolate fondant is a bit more 'runny'. This then necessitated adding another element to the procedure - ie - scooping gooey chocolate from the packaging with fourth digit - right hand - and then licking the same. 

Anyway I am sorry to report that the results are inconclusive this time. I think we may have to move forward and accept that this could perhaps be a long running scientific project and we may be looking for 'mean' values rather than a single conclusion. Oh well...the life of a scientist is never without its pleasures....sigh!

Nelson Mandela Inaugural Speech - 1994

..."Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves "who am I to be be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and famous?" Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God and your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others".....

Monday 3 November 2008


Everybody makes mistakes. Some tiny ones that go almost un-noticed and some great big massive ones that shake the very foundation of our lives. When we're in 'Mistake-zone' we often can't see how destructive our behaviour is. It takes a brave person to recognise their mistakes, and then take the required action to put them right. I know someone who has done that this year - and the mistakes that they made were quite big in the scheme of things. However - they have faced them and rectified them and taken all the steps they can to make things right and create a better life for themselves. I spent time with this person today and am really very proud of them for all they have done.  Effort in the right direction rarely goes unnoticed and this is no exception. 

New Friends

Tonight I have been to London Town to meet up with Jane. I have never met Jane before but kind of 'know her' because of her blog. We arranged to meet via Facebook and tonight was the night. We met up in the bar here, and she said she would recognise me because of my blonde hair and the gin and tonic I would be drinking!!

It's really quite odd to meet a fellow blogger (as I said when I met David and Chris at Amelia's christening) because you feel that you already know quite a lot about the person by what they write - little windows into their lives.

Anyway I wasn't disappointed. I knew Jane would be my kind of person because what she writes makes me think - and often makes me laugh out loud. And she was - my kind of person - I mean. We chatted as if we'd known each other for ages and got on like a house on fire. It's really great when a new person comes into your life, and becomes a friend.

We'll be meeting up again soon for Sushi:)

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Every now and again we unearth a diamond. We go through life digging around in the dirt and not getting very far for our trouble and strife. Day to day - week to week, month to month it goes on and on and on - we get by - including a few nice times to keep our 'pecker' up - constantly searching and hoping that one day - just by chance - we may get somewhere - something - that makes it all a bit brighter!!! Our reward - so to speak - for the efforts that we make and the work that we do - all the love we give out and the smiles and the hugs that are outgoing - the people we help - the work that we do and the improvements we make. We keep going because work is work and people are people and love is love - and it's the daily stuff that makes the world go round. Sometimes we find something that we think is a diamond - we polish it - have it cut - have it mounted - then we find it's actually worthless - and that leaves us questioning the validity and point of the whole daft performance.

Then  - just as we're about to give up digging - and take up some other pursuit - by some random chance - we dig one day and out pops a real gem - a true sparkler - a shiny bright lovely many-faceted sparkling diamond.  How lucky we are!!! Ours to enjoy and look at and value and cherish, and hold up to the light to see it shine.  Who would have thought it?

Ab Fab

Diary - Diary - where's my Diary? Talk about Bridget Jones - what about me? My diary is choked at the moment - it's all going on around here. Just been busy planning more stuff to do - train tickets - hotel bookings - nights and afternoons out with lovely people...can't stop ...busy calls, text messages, fun, frolicks, fabulous xx Absolutely fabulous darling !!!

A Knight's Tale

Watch this and laugh. Classic - truly fabulous!! Ni...No Shrubbery - never .....

Weekend review

Fab weekend - super dooper fab. Friday night - broomstick big night out - Saturday morning - late sleep, big bath and recovery period - Saturday afternoon riding lesson - followed by shower and change (quick) then 2hr drive to Banbury - must meet important people.  Saturday evening - great people - lovely food - too much wine and Champagne - broken glass! - bit drunk - much much laugher. Saturday night - Great sleepover - Sunday morning - Cooked Breakfast - Watching DVD - playing cards - quick nip to Tesco with lovely new little friend Ollie.  Sunday afternoon drive back to Surrey - Sunday Evening - Movies - Quantum of Solace - Daniel Craig (yum yum) - good film - 8/10 - Italian Supper - Back home - great sleep (!) - Monday morning - new underwear - very tired - very happy. 

Saturday 1 November 2008

First impressions count

Later today I have to go and meet some new people. Very important people. It really matters that I make a good first impression. After all you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Best Bib and Tucker and Best Behaviour then!!! Crikey - I'm scared!!

Halloween Report

Well - here I am - very tired after a fab night out on my broomstick which culminated in a rather super do down at Highgate Cemetery - everyone was there - seriously - Warlocks, Wizards and Witches a plenty - mind you I have to comment on the outfit that Wicked Wendy of Westminster was wearing - I know she's from the city - but please - Prada seconds? Honestly - what was she thinking? Hermoine and Harry were there too - and still seem happy together - bless.

Bumpy Boris of Banbury (Babbling and bewitching a speciality) had made the effort to turn up and spent the whole evening chasing after and mooning at Wanton Wanda of Weybridge,  (Apparently his main claim to fame is that he has eaten dinner in the Great Hall at Hogwarts!!) - but she soon put him straight - apparently he wasn't wearing the correct underwear - and we all know Wanda of Weybridge - she likes her wizards and warlocks chained up and ready for action in nothing but the very best from La Senza. She's such a wanton harlot. (Remember that time a few years ago when she abandoned poor old Pointy Hat Peter from Pulborough chained to Tower Bridge in nothing but some pink split crotch panties from Rigby & Peller - honestly the shame - the poor guy never recovered - apparently he now works as a shelf stacker in a potions cash and carry warehouse near Leeds somewhere and only ever utters the odd mumble - and as for the River Police - well the photographs are still pinned on the main notice board at Scotland Yard)!!! 

Supper was lovely - we had eye of newt, frogs spawn soup with creme fraiche, pumpkin bread, and a rather lovely pate made with gizzard of lizard - and then some lovely kebabs of indeterminate meat - although the whisper was that it was the thigh meat of one Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand (I would have thought that RB would have had a better use for his deliciously lithe thighs than to sell them for Wizardly consumption - but I understand he's a bit skint right now - so maybe it's a case of needs must).

We danced until dawn and the party culminated with a rather splendid group effort of the age old classic - Jackson's Thriller - which I have to say was the best fun ever. The dead really made their mark this year. 

Got a bit pissed off on the way to be honest at all the human offspring clogging the street in their rubbish outfits - pretending to be like us - honestly - they do it every year and it's so predictable. Kidnapped a couple of chubby cherubs from Islington on the way and sold them to the child-catcher for fifteen guineas and a brace of mice for the cat. Their parents will be stunned when they return later today with pink rimmed eyes and a new habit of twitching and going off into a trance like state every time Buffy comes on the TV. But hey-ho - can't be helped.

Much love to you all - until next year .................

Beautiful New life