Thursday 6 November 2008

Tracy and Sharon have a Chat over a cup of tea and a fag in a dark dingy kitchen somewhere near Wath Upon Dearne

Alright duck?
Aye - you?
Two and a bit - ta...
Christ - you're up early? 
Aye - I am. Packing.
Oh - where you off to?
Oooh lovely. 
When are you off?
Tomorrow - first thing - Dawn's Crack.
Warrabout dog?
She's stoppin' at Barbara's
When are you back?
On yer own?
No, as it happens. Taking a friend.
Female friend? 
Errrr, actually... No - it's a chap!
Flippin' eck!! You kept that quiet!!
Well, early days - don't want to tempt fate., do you?
Nice - is he? - this chap?
Yeah - he's okay as it turns out.
OOOh - how did you meet him then?
 - well, funnily enough ...on t'internet. (Peter Kay would be impressed).
So, what's he like then...this chap? 
Well, he's quite nice. Very nice actually.
How long you been seeing 'im then?
Hmmm, just over a month.
Bloody 'ell - you've kept that quiet. So.... like him then?
Wouldn't be going to Spain with him if I didn't - now would I?
What does he do then, this chap?
Oh - he works for t'leccy. He's a meter reader - he's got his own van and everything. 
Crikey - classy! Shagged him yet?

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