Monday 3 November 2008

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Every now and again we unearth a diamond. We go through life digging around in the dirt and not getting very far for our trouble and strife. Day to day - week to week, month to month it goes on and on and on - we get by - including a few nice times to keep our 'pecker' up - constantly searching and hoping that one day - just by chance - we may get somewhere - something - that makes it all a bit brighter!!! Our reward - so to speak - for the efforts that we make and the work that we do - all the love we give out and the smiles and the hugs that are outgoing - the people we help - the work that we do and the improvements we make. We keep going because work is work and people are people and love is love - and it's the daily stuff that makes the world go round. Sometimes we find something that we think is a diamond - we polish it - have it cut - have it mounted - then we find it's actually worthless - and that leaves us questioning the validity and point of the whole daft performance.

Then  - just as we're about to give up digging - and take up some other pursuit - by some random chance - we dig one day and out pops a real gem - a true sparkler - a shiny bright lovely many-faceted sparkling diamond.  How lucky we are!!! Ours to enjoy and look at and value and cherish, and hold up to the light to see it shine.  Who would have thought it?

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