Monday 17 November 2008

Trampette ?

Everything's going a bit Pete Tong round here today. It doesn't help that I've only just got out of bed - look at the time - how decadent is that?  know, I know, I should be ashamed - but you know what? I'm not - so stick that in your pipe and smoke it :)

I have done no washing for three days as Fergil and Sharkey next door have been monopolising the laundry facilities my dirty linen basket is overflowing - which then means the ironing basket will be overflowing later. My bank account needs  balancing - and I haven't done that for weeks - so that's now grown into a job of epic proportions. I have no food in the fridge again (yesterday I cooked Sea Bass, with spinach and carrots - Go Delia) so that means another trip to PCSH (pre-christmas supermarket hell) - and despite my very best intentions of going to the yard to de-mud phoebe - I just never got round to it - so that has to be done today as well. Let's not even talk about cleaning the car - it's filthy inside and out and quite frankly I'm ashamed!!! 

I think that I have turned into a lazy - good for nothing - slutty - idle - trampette of the worst kind - and you know what? I love it!!!

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