Friday 14 November 2008

Crap Staff

Yesterday I went into Lloyds Tsb at Esher to change my Euros back into pounds. The woman who served me was really miserable and snappy. She was helping a younger colleague to do something on her computer and spoke to this girl as if she were thick, then she refused to look me in the eye whilst serving me, and shoved a piece of paper and a pen my way - clearly expecting me to sign something? 

I tried to feel sorry for her and understand that whatever it was that was bothering her - was bothering her - and therefore it wasn't my problem. I also tried to feel some compassion for her because she was clearly having a bad day - perhaps she'd had bad news (yeah - like maybe her Husband had run off with somebody cheerful?)...but I have to report that in all honesty she just irritated the cr*p out of me and I wanted to slap her!!! I really really wanted to tell her that I was the "Customer" and therefore entitled to a few pleasantries, a smile, and a cheery hello. These things are obviously very thin on the ground at Lloyds Tsb in Esher. 

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