Wednesday 5 November 2008

"Oh this year I'm off to..........."

In two days time (that's 2 more sleeps) I'm off to Sunny Spain for four days (and 3 nights) ...flying out first thing Friday and flying back last thing Monday. (Weather forecast is 23 degrees and sunny - read it and weep!).

I am really looking forward to it. While I am there I will have to drive on the wrong side of the road - mind you- in Spain it's the right side of the road!!! There is a car waiting for me at the airport - and then I have to find my way from the Airport to the house. I've been about six times before - but have always been collected so am not too sure of the route (mainly because Mike has been driving - very fast - so I've spent most journeys with my eyes closed wimpering in a corner - ie NOT paying attention to the way home). When I get to the house I then have to work out how to use all the 'stuff' that's there - Electric gates, coffee machine (certainly) TV, pool cover, sun shades, cooker etc etc - the list goes on. Most of the stuff is hi-tech - and normally that would preclude me - but unless I want to live on sandwiches for four days and not swim - I will need to work it out!!!! It's going to be a steep learning curve!!! Fortunately I am not going alone - and my companion is rather brainy - so I think we'll be okay :)

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