Tuesday 4 November 2008

...and talking of life pleasures....

Here's a few more to be thinking about....sun, sea, sand, bucket and spade, lotions, potions, commotions, flights, dinner, lunch, breakfast, laughter, friends, hugs, snogs, holding hands, wine, gin, good Brandy, fruit, double cream, lobster, fresh warm bread, taxi cabs, airports, shopping, family, friends, buns, cakes, pasta bakes, champagne, sheets (clean and crisp) showers, towels (fluffy) dogs, cats, coats, hats, Chocolate (green and Black's), Log fires, comfy sofas, Daughters, Sons, Brothers, Mums and Dads, horses, courses, new people, old steeples, new places, old faces, visits, arrivals, departures, births, marriages, celebrations, smiles, laughter, some tears, facing and beating fears, Chopin, Paganini, T.Rex, great sex,  shiny diamonds, deep and meaningful chats with people who 'get it',  drinking glasses, reading glasses, Peter Kay, cheescake, sunshine, moonshine, wind, rain, snow, hail, grass, hay, trees, flowers, sleeping, waking, dreaming, thinking, reading, writing, flying, running, skipping, walking, sliding, meeting, greeting and eating :)

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