Tuesday 4 November 2008

Scientific breakthrough (or not)

A couple of years ago I asked this question. I was still not entirely sure of the answer so I figured that a scientific  experiment was in order to try and ascertain the true answer once and for all. I made a mistake in that I purchased the required subjects for the experiment from Waitrose instead of M&S and the chocolate fondant is a bit more 'runny'. This then necessitated adding another element to the procedure - ie - scooping gooey chocolate from the packaging with fourth digit - right hand - and then licking the same. 

Anyway I am sorry to report that the results are inconclusive this time. I think we may have to move forward and accept that this could perhaps be a long running scientific project and we may be looking for 'mean' values rather than a single conclusion. Oh well...the life of a scientist is never without its pleasures....sigh!

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