Wednesday 28 September 2011

Fit as a 35 year old Butcher's Dog

Today I went to Nottingham to see Margaret. Margaret is an HSE Diving Medical Examiner. Which is a bit of a fancy title for a Doctor who does dive medicals. If you want to work here in the UK as a diving instructor (which I do) and get paid for it (which I certainly do) you need a full Health and Safety Executive Diving at Work Medical.

The medical is failry rigorous and takes about 90 minutes. It reminded me of medicals I used to have when I was in the Army. In Malta we pee'd on a stick, had our blood pressure taken and if you were walking and passed. Easy. Not so over here.

Here you have an ECG, Pee on a stick, blood tests, step tests, sight tests, hearing tests, full history, lung volume capacity tests, bone density tests, BMI tests...a full workout indeed!

My results came back straight away. I have a problem with my left ear - can only half hear at one frequency range (but out of 7 frequency ranges that's not too bad...and no reason for a fail)...but the rest of me in in ship shape condition.

My heart is in good blood pressure is low (which is good) exercise recovery rates were excellent (exercise? what the bloody hell is that?)

In fact ..dear Margaret told me that I had the same results that she would expect from a 35 year old. Just like that - she knocked some 13 years off me.

And - as for the lung capacity and lung strength test results gave results that she would expect from a non-smoker of the age of 30. That is - someone who has NEVER smoked a fag...and is only 30 years old.

Excuse me while I just nip to the shop for twenty B&H.........and for those of you who moan about my smoking...well - you can just stick it your pipe it :)

Sunday 25 September 2011

I loved it.

Yesterday I mentioned a trip to Waterstones. I love books. Really love books. For a few months now I have been toying with the idea of buying a Kindle..but haven't got round to it. Why? because they just don't have the same weight or feel or texture or anything as a book. The good thing about them is that you can download a book at any hour of the day or night if you're desperate for something to read. Will I get one? hmmmmm..not sure yet. I'll keep you informed!

Today has been lovely. I've been teaching...which is what I got into this scuba nonsense to do. We had 2 students finish their Open Water course today. At the end of the final dive we tell them that the final skill is to sit on the 8 metre platform and close their eyes. We fib to them and we tell them that it's to do with their balance and stuff under water. What nonsense. It's so that we can get out their badges from whence they are hidden...then tap them on the forehead to open their eyes and give them their 'Open Water Diver' badges. The look on a student's face when they get given this is priceless. Today I gave the lovely Graham (my student) his badge and then I cried...under water..inside my mask....what a twit!

I was so proud to have been part of his journey...and to have been the person who taught him all he knows about keeping safe and enjoying the wonderful experiences of being underwater!

I loved it.

Saturday 24 September 2011


Well...sorry I haven't put anything on here of late...but I've been distracted. Not by new shoes...or George Clooney or anything like that...just distracted! Life is a bit 'samey' at the moment and so there's not often much that amuses or enlightens me ...enough that I want to write about anyway.

Today has been fun though. I went for a mooch around Peterborough. Whenever I go into town usually...I just get whatever it was I went to do...and return straight away. Today though I had the time and the inclination for a bit of a wander. I found Waterstones and bought a couple of of which I have finished already...then I went to M&S and availed myself of the vast array of produce in their food department (it's been a while)....and then I managed to locate goold old Matalan and bought a couple of hoodies! (I'm going robbing car stereos next week).

Came back...had a my book...and then watched a DVD whilst stuffing my face with M&S's finest!

And now I'm off to bed. Oh yes..I forgot to mention...yesterday was my Birthday. I am now 48. Oh Crappola.

Saturday 3 September 2011

Beautiful New life