Saturday 24 September 2011


Well...sorry I haven't put anything on here of late...but I've been distracted. Not by new shoes...or George Clooney or anything like that...just distracted! Life is a bit 'samey' at the moment and so there's not often much that amuses or enlightens me ...enough that I want to write about anyway.

Today has been fun though. I went for a mooch around Peterborough. Whenever I go into town usually...I just get whatever it was I went to do...and return straight away. Today though I had the time and the inclination for a bit of a wander. I found Waterstones and bought a couple of of which I have finished already...then I went to M&S and availed myself of the vast array of produce in their food department (it's been a while)....and then I managed to locate goold old Matalan and bought a couple of hoodies! (I'm going robbing car stereos next week).

Came back...had a my book...and then watched a DVD whilst stuffing my face with M&S's finest!

And now I'm off to bed. Oh yes..I forgot to mention...yesterday was my Birthday. I am now 48. Oh Crappola.

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