Sunday 27 January 2008

Christian and Victoria's baby is here!!!

It's a girl - YAAAAAAY - girls are great!!! She's called Amelia Rose Briddon and she was born at 0425 today. Weighing in at a mighty 8lbs 5oz - I bet that took some pushing. Well done to Victoria. xxx

Medical Attention

On friday Millie had a trip to the vets. Sticky eye you see. All my animals have sticky eye problems at some point or other. Anyway she was very good and we were given some ointment. Then I decided to clip her toenails (claws). I bought some proper dog clippers and looked up on the 'net how to do it. All went well until we reached the last one and then she wriggled and I slipped with the clippers, cut too short and the result was a bit of bleeding (Quite common to make a dog's paw bleed when cutting claws). She bled quite a bit and she's got white fur, so everyone can see that I injured my dog! I quickly picked her up from the carpet (noooooooooo) and held her until it stopped bleeding. I am wearing the heavy coat of guilt. She was fine within about 3 seconds and didn't wimper or yelp in pain, but I don't think I shall ever recover.

Millie finds her courage

Millie is growing all the time and become braver. Every time the door is open she runs off outside. No longer does she turn around every few steps to check that I'm right behind her. Now she runs and runs!!! The only way to get her attention is to shake her jar of treats at the door. Food bribery. This morning even that failed, as she ran round to where the bins are and discovered some newly spilled (by the foxes) food waste. When she eventually came back she had a polystyrene food tray in her mouth...Lovely!!! Anyone who knows me will know that there's no way I will put up with a disobedient doggie. Next week term 2 of doggy classes start - and I have a feeling there's some serious work to do.

Hurry Up New Briddon Baby

My Good friends Christian and Victoria (link to their blogs on the right hand side of this page) are in the process right now of giving birth to their second baby. I say that they both are - and that's because Christian will be with Victoria with every contraction and pain and feeling it just as much as she is. He loves her with all his heart you see. They are a lovely lovely couple and very much in love, and their little girl Alice is a joy to them both (and everyone else). I've know Christian since he was 19 ( many many years - too many to count), and he has pride of place on my best friends ever list. Their new baby will be a fabulous addition to their already great little family. Good Luck you two, and I'm with you in spirit!!! I'll post the result (Girl or Boy) as soon as I know.

Sunday 20 January 2008

Coffee, laundrette and Horse riding

The title sounds a bit boring - that's because the post is going to be a bit dull. January is always a bit tedious and nothing really happens. Today I've been to the laundrette to wash Phoebe's Snuggy Hoods Pyjamas. Whilst they were washing, Milly and I wandered off down the road to get a Cappuchino and sit outside (no dogs) a pavement cafe. And this morning I rode Phoebe in the howling wind. She was a very good girl - the windy weather never bothers her. We rode with Emma and Trigger - who's an ex-racehorse - so everything bothers him (a tad neurotic). Whilst we were riding we spotted two ducks having sex in a puddle!!! Duck-porn!!! Even that didn't bother Phoebe - although it did bother me a bit - GET A ROOM!!!!

Thursday 17 January 2008

Milly sees Swans and Buses

Every work day morning I meet my friends Darren and Trish for coffee before we venture onto the third floor and begin our hellishly demanding days. This morning - my day off - I went to meet them with Milly as they've never seen her. We got to Kingston quite early (7am) so I decided to take Milly for a stroll by the river. I've never seen sleeping swans before - but by 'eck - I did today!!! They sleep on the steps that lead to the water's edge, and about 5 of them are huddled up with their heads under their wings, with one awake swan standing guard.

The awake swan-guard was huge and both Milly and I were quite concerned...I didn't fancy writing a piece on here about a swan attack!!!!

Milly also saw buses and road sweeping vehicles, delivery trucks, window cleaners and lots of other early morning town centre activites. Trish and Darren loved her (I knew they would!) and even the owner of the coffee shop said how cute she was!!! She sat nicely by my chair whilst I had my two cups of coffee and then we set off home again. On the way home I called at Dan's old school to collect her A level certificates, and had a nice chat with the school receptionist who told me what a lovely girl Dan was!!! I did know that for myself but it's very nice when someone else confirms it for you!!!

Last night I went to the cinema to watch the new Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film - can't remember what it's called - but it was very good. My colleague that I went with fell asleep, but I stayed awake through the whole movie and can highly recommend it.

The Cleaner

Having a day off today and busily cleaning up. The 'Accuread' lady has just been round to read the gas meter and by the look on her face she obviously thought I was the cleaner. Ho Hum.

Saturday 5 January 2008

Nostalgia Fest

Cressie's Mum got given 'The Jackie Album' for Christmas. Cressie very kindly copied for me - and it's brill!!! All the songs are from when I was growing up in the 70's and they evoke so many memories - YMCA discos on a Saturday night. First crushes. My lifesize poster of David Cassidy, and my pink satin Donny Osmond scarf with white fringing - very chic. First experiments with make-up and buying my first own-choice outfits from Tammy Girl and C&A. If you're over 40 - you must listen to this album, I promise you will love it!!! Dan is looking at me strangely as I dance round the living room!!! There's songs from Pickety witch, David Cassidy, David Soul, T Rex (fab!), Racey, Kenny, Shawaddywaddy, Suzi Quattro, Thin Lizzy, The Osmonds, The Jackson Five, Peter Noon, Bryan Ferry, and many many more. Every time a new track comes on I'm saying - "oooh I used to love this song!!!"

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

I thought you might like to see just how dirty a white dog can get. Milly has been playing with her friend 'Patch' at the stables. When I say playing I really mean they were enacting a 'doggy-porn' kind of thing!!! It was quite shocking when you bear in mind that they are both still puppies. I slept on the sofa to be near her last night in case she was frightened by the fireworks. She slept right through all 45 minutes of them - :) Unfortunately I didn't.

Beautiful New life