Sunday 20 January 2008

Coffee, laundrette and Horse riding

The title sounds a bit boring - that's because the post is going to be a bit dull. January is always a bit tedious and nothing really happens. Today I've been to the laundrette to wash Phoebe's Snuggy Hoods Pyjamas. Whilst they were washing, Milly and I wandered off down the road to get a Cappuchino and sit outside (no dogs) a pavement cafe. And this morning I rode Phoebe in the howling wind. She was a very good girl - the windy weather never bothers her. We rode with Emma and Trigger - who's an ex-racehorse - so everything bothers him (a tad neurotic). Whilst we were riding we spotted two ducks having sex in a puddle!!! Duck-porn!!! Even that didn't bother Phoebe - although it did bother me a bit - GET A ROOM!!!!

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