Sunday 27 January 2008

Medical Attention

On friday Millie had a trip to the vets. Sticky eye you see. All my animals have sticky eye problems at some point or other. Anyway she was very good and we were given some ointment. Then I decided to clip her toenails (claws). I bought some proper dog clippers and looked up on the 'net how to do it. All went well until we reached the last one and then she wriggled and I slipped with the clippers, cut too short and the result was a bit of bleeding (Quite common to make a dog's paw bleed when cutting claws). She bled quite a bit and she's got white fur, so everyone can see that I injured my dog! I quickly picked her up from the carpet (noooooooooo) and held her until it stopped bleeding. I am wearing the heavy coat of guilt. She was fine within about 3 seconds and didn't wimper or yelp in pain, but I don't think I shall ever recover.

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