Tuesday 24 November 2009

More strings on my bow

Now that I no longer have a horse - and am therefore not busy with equine 'stuff' at evenings and weekends - I need something to replace the activity. So - I have decided that scuba is the way forward. After doing my initial qualification in Crete this summer I have done a further two qualifications (30m and dry suit).  Posselq and I have enjoyed a lovely week's diving in the Red Sea too.

I have now decided that I quite like being a fish - and because I never do anything by halves - I am now moving towards my Divemaster qualification. This involves the next two weekends - getting up at stupid o'clock (my course on Saturday begins at 6am - 40 miles away - so a 4.30am start is on the cards) to complete my 'Rescue Diver' qualification - then I have to do loads of study, exams and diving to qualify as a Divemaster - which is like an assistant teacher. I think it's the element of telling people what to do which appeals!!!!

The whole process should take about 6 months - but with this qualification I would be able to go and work in dive centres anywhere in the entire world! Not that I want to do that - but you never know!

It's nice to have more strings to my bow.

Monday 23 November 2009


I have just spent the day with two accountants. Not one - which would be torture enough - but two. Now that they have gone from this place I have the urge to do something very naughty. Accountants don't laugh, they find it hard to even crack a smile - but get them talking about the merits of different coloured pens, and stamps, and the features of Microsoft Excel - and well, there's no level of excitement like it. I now know where Nick Park got his ideas for Wallace from. During the conversation it transpired that both of them - (although one would have been bad enough) - still live at home with their mothers. These weren't young men - no - If I were a betting girl I would lay odds on both of them being the wrong side of 45.

If I were a betting girl I would also put money on the fact that neither of them had ever spent any time investigating girl's pants (occupied or otherwise). Which is a bit of a shame. Maybe I should start a charity......."Sticky Girl's pants for Accountants".

Christian and I have a comment for people such as these....'I bet they're lots of fun with no clothes on.." You get my drift?

My lovely daughter is studying accountancy at the moment - and I need to tell her to stop right now before she goes and buys a train set, starts to wear sleeveless grey pullovers, or begins to take a packed lunch in a tupperware container - complete with tiny individual tupperware salt and pepper pots (I kid you not).

I am going home shortly and when I get there I am going to stick pins in my eyes.

Thursday 12 November 2009

Cliff Rocks!

Back in April I bought my Mum and her lovely twin sister (Aunty Mimi) tickets to see Cliff Richard and The Shadows at Sheffield Arena. I also bought a ticket for me so that I could see their little faces light right up when he sang 'Summer Holiday' and 'Living Doll'. Because I have now started work (groan) I couldn't make the concert and donated my ticket to their cousin...aka Auntie Catherine.

Yesterday I got a parcel. It contained the tour CD, a tour t-shirt and a fabulous - if exceedingly naff pen - which has the faces of the band - and Cliff - on the lapel clip. These things are uber fab and I love them. I have had the CD on in the car this morning - turned up REALLY loud ...."Got myself a crying, walking, talking....liv...ing do.......ll"!!!!

I haven't quite got to the stage where I would wear the t-shirt in public - but you can be sure I'll be using the pen the very next time I write a cheque out in 'Poundland' !!!

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Clever Dan!

Great News - My special bright shiny beautiful clever sparkly amazing daughter has won a prize in her graduation at University!!! Oooh get her! She won the prize for being the 'Top Student' on her course. She gets her brains from her mother you know ;)

I am very proud.

Cosmo Smallpiece

There's not really a lot happening around here at the moment - nothing funny or exciting anyway. The latest news from the Domestic Goddess front is that I have recently made Chicken Balti pies again, created some Pineapple jam, helped Posselq pickle some eggs(!), the chickens are still laying, Millie has a new dogwalking-lady friend (and God knows where they go but you've never seen or smelt a scruffier dog)....my ear has gone blocked again and requires some attention of the syringing variety - however getting an appointment at the Doctors when you're working 9-6 every day is a bit of a challenge.....oh yes - and my eyesight is getting crappier by the day. I'm off to get them tested on Saturday - but suffice to say that my specs have stopped working - and new lenses are required. Soon I'll be looking like Cosmo Smallpiece (if you don't know who he is I suggest you Google him) with bottle-bottom lenses.

Christmas is approaching faster than a speeding bullet - and so there's all of that festive palaver to get involved in.......'Ho Ho Ho'......and today my new thermal underwear arrived at work by the wonders of Internet Shopping and DHL, so off I popped to the ladies loo, put them on and was toasty for the rest of the day...no more shivering for this girl at the coal face. Oh No! I have to report that they're not up to my usual sexy frilly undies standard - but you know what? I don't care...warmth is everything right now! They go very nicely with my new brushed cotton PJ's!

So - to summarise - we have new warm undies, a blocked ear'ole, new PJ's, enough Pineapple jam to float a boat (or rather - sink a boat), a stinky knackered dog, a jar of slowly pickling eggs, and we're looking at getting a Labrador and a white stick!

Good round 'ere...'innit? (pardon?)


I am so very very sorry....that apology goes to all my regular readers - a few of whom have complained about the distinct lack of blogging of late. What can I say? Apart from the fact that I have been a tad busy with my new job - and then when I get home I have chores to do...cooking dinner, doing the laundry, tending to livestock (Posselq isn't in that category!) and doing my Piano practise, then I have to go to bed and get up the next day and do it all again. Leaves little time for musings of the random variety.

Let me have a wee think - and I'll be back in a bit with something interesting (or not) to say :)

Beautiful New life