Tuesday 24 November 2009

More strings on my bow

Now that I no longer have a horse - and am therefore not busy with equine 'stuff' at evenings and weekends - I need something to replace the activity. So - I have decided that scuba is the way forward. After doing my initial qualification in Crete this summer I have done a further two qualifications (30m and dry suit).  Posselq and I have enjoyed a lovely week's diving in the Red Sea too.

I have now decided that I quite like being a fish - and because I never do anything by halves - I am now moving towards my Divemaster qualification. This involves the next two weekends - getting up at stupid o'clock (my course on Saturday begins at 6am - 40 miles away - so a 4.30am start is on the cards) to complete my 'Rescue Diver' qualification - then I have to do loads of study, exams and diving to qualify as a Divemaster - which is like an assistant teacher. I think it's the element of telling people what to do which appeals!!!!

The whole process should take about 6 months - but with this qualification I would be able to go and work in dive centres anywhere in the entire world! Not that I want to do that - but you never know!

It's nice to have more strings to my bow.


  1. when on earth did you let phoebe go??!!! jo

  2. About four months ago - I gave her to the lovely lady who ran the yard and now she is living Riley's life and is very happy. She only lives half a mile away and I can go and see her whenever I want to.

  3. Are u going back into the freezing gravel pit to do it??!!!! Wouldnt catch me in there! Diving in warm water is the only way to go! Lisa xx


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