Thursday 12 November 2009

Cliff Rocks!

Back in April I bought my Mum and her lovely twin sister (Aunty Mimi) tickets to see Cliff Richard and The Shadows at Sheffield Arena. I also bought a ticket for me so that I could see their little faces light right up when he sang 'Summer Holiday' and 'Living Doll'. Because I have now started work (groan) I couldn't make the concert and donated my ticket to their cousin...aka Auntie Catherine.

Yesterday I got a parcel. It contained the tour CD, a tour t-shirt and a fabulous - if exceedingly naff pen - which has the faces of the band - and Cliff - on the lapel clip. These things are uber fab and I love them. I have had the CD on in the car this morning - turned up REALLY loud ...."Got myself a crying, walking, do.......ll"!!!!

I haven't quite got to the stage where I would wear the t-shirt in public - but you can be sure I'll be using the pen the very next time I write a cheque out in 'Poundland' !!!

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