Saturday 24 June 2006

Silly Silly Girl

it's me I'm talking about in the title. Yesterday I was tired, and hadn't had a very good week at work, and was facing a week's worth of laundry, no food in the fridge etc etc.... I got home to find that my wheely bins hadn't been emptied, and quite frankly it was the last straw!!! I broke down in floods of tears and had a complete "Woe is me, my life is crap" kind of 20 minute episode. (Any woman over 30 reading this will understand - but anyone else....just think yourself lucky that you don't do this kind of thing!)

Luckily for me, my lovely friend Malcom came over (secretly, whilst I was at the stables!),took my rubbish away, tidied up, and brought me a lovely bunch of flowers.

Totally restored my faith in human nature.....if he wasn't spoken for I'd marry him.

Sunday 11 June 2006

Zola Budd Or Elmer Phudd?

Inspired by tales of Women (and Men)doing inspirational things, like running lots of miles to raise money for charity, and motivated by a huge desire to give up smoking...this week I decided to take up running.

I'm old, and half knackered, my joints ache a lot these days, and my legs are no longer as shapely as they once were - but after seeing the sizes, shapes and ages of some people who run around here, I figured that running is not a sport with boundaries!!!

Because I never do anything by halves, Tuesday lunchtime saw me traipsing round Kingston trying to purchase a pair of proper running shoes. JJB Sports is crap (actually a fashion store ...?....for chavs!!!!) and John Lewis' sports department left a lot to be desired.

Deflated I went back to the office with the wind knocked out of my sails. But my friend Issy told me about a shop called "Swetty Betty" which specialises in running gear for ladies (I'm a lady?) So off we went again...and one hour laterI was the proud owner of some lovely comfy shoes, a pair of funky black shorts, a nice little white vest top and two pink sweatbands...altogether a rather natty ensemble. The woman in the shop was lovely and very helpful, and she didn't smirk once!

That evening after the sun had cooled off I went. Strapped my ipod to my arm and found some Aerosmith tracks to run to ("Love in an Elevator" is quite motivational!) I did about a mile, and must confess I had to stop and walk a couple of times - oh alright - about six times, but as I ran past the Tennis Club I held my head up high and tried to look as if I had been doing this for ages. There were other people out running, and they all waved and nodded at me as we passed each other on the road - very friendly lot these runners!!! Every time I saw someone running towards me I had to make myself keep going. When I got home I collapsed on the sofa in a sweaty jumbled heap, and then drank about a gallon of water.

I wasn't quite sure if there are any techniques involved - as in - a proper way to move my legs, or a correct way to swing my arms, or even how to breathe properly (I did remember to keep breathing!)

The next day I was expecting to be in a lot of pain, and my legs hurt a bit - but by day two I had turned into Douglas Bader. I couldn't get out of bed, struggled to climb into the shower, and steps or stairs were a complete No - No.

It has taken me three days to recover, but undeterred, last night I went again and this time Dan accompanied me on a push bike. She kept laughing at me (charming...I'm your mother!!), and I must be improving because this time I only had to stop and walk three times.

So I shall keep going, and perhaps soon I will be able to do the whole mile without stopping!!!!

Beautiful New life