Sunday 2 December 2012

It's nearly Yuletide

I've been missing a lot of this year. Not really...what I mean is I've been missing blogging about it. So here's a quick rundown.

I am now a Padi Staff Instructor. That means that I can assist in teaching new instructor candidates. Amongst all the other stuff that I teach.

I survived the mad busy summer.....working 7 days a week for weeks on end...and made two trips back to sunny Malta. Once for a wedding and then again in September for a whole ten days just to do some lovely diving in warm water. That was lovely! I also had my birthday whilst I was there and had a great night out for dinner with friends.

Now The festive season is looming and a trip home is on the cards. Dan and I are helping in a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.....she suggested it and I thought it was better to give than to receive and all that!

That's about it really.....apart from this last year has passed without me being kissed!

Beautiful New life