Monday 13 February 2012

Some days

Some days I could just scream. Really. Some days I could bash my head against a wall until I go dizzy. Some days I could cheerfully hit somebody - a random anybody. Some days I could pack a bag and set of running and keep going until God knows when. Some days I could tell the entire world to sod right off. Some days I could just shout and scream and not stop until I have told every single person who has ever hurt me or disappointed me or pissed me off or lied to me or duped me or cheated me exactly what I think of them. With knobs on. Someday I just could. Today was one of those days. It will be over soon as I'm going to bed early (Just to get the day over). Hopefully tomorrow will be different.


  1. Hugs aplenty. Hope the rest of the week is a better one xxx

  2. Oh, I know those days so well! Hugs and love, babe and I hope today is better ! x x x


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