Monday 13 February 2012

Sod off Valentine...'s that time of year again. The time when we spinsters hang our heads in shame. Tomorrow is the feast of St Valentine - the day for lovers everywhere. Lovers? Everywhere? There's none round here :)

I should get a card - from a twitter pal - who was also bemoaning the lack of love in his life - so quick as a flash (total opportunist) I messaged him to say I'd send him one if he'd return the favour.....I WILL HAVE A RED ENVELOPE to wave around tomorrow. I posted his card on Saturday and hopefully he did the same thing.

So - that begs the question...Do I really want a significant other? Well - to be honest - there are some things that I miss. I miss witty conversations, shared jokes, deep and meaningful chats about all manner of things. I miss physical contact. Obviously I miss dancing the horizontal mumba...but I miss hugs, touches, cuddles, holding hands...just being in physical proximity to somebody. I miss the feeling of 'being in this together'...I miss having someone to cheer for...I miss knowing that somebody is thinking about me from time to time throughout their day. I miss phone calls and texts and somebody doing something just because they think I will like it.

And the things I don't miss?'s a long list and far too long to embark on here :)

Happy St Valentine's day everyone :)

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