Sunday 16 November 2008

Tesco pre-Christmas hell

I have just come home after a brief trot around M&S and Tesco. Christmas is certainly on the way - I know this because I have just endured  'pre-Christmas Supermarket hell''s the same every year - and I HATE it.

So I have a few things to say to the general public........ Please leave your Children (screaming toddlers..."I want THAT one") at home if you visit the shops whilst I'm out and about. If you do have child care issues and absolutely must bring your screaming bratty kids with you - then do us all a favour and put them in the toddler seat of the trolley and tie their chubby angelic little arms together with baling twine - and stick their gobs shut with Duck tape. 

Please do not meander down the supermarket aisles willy-nilly with your trolley at an angle and abruptly halt in front of me (grrrr - pensioners please take note) Please do not take up the whole space in front of a particular section (with your entire extended family)  so I can't get in there to grab a quick 2 pint carton of milk. Please do not treat supermarket shopping as a family day out - there are far more fun things to be doing on a Sunday afternoon ...yes I know it's raining - but still. Please don't act like a tw*t with your huge over-flowing trolley at the checkout - if you see a small cross blonde woman behind you with three small items in her basket - be a star and let her in front of you...puleeeeeez! Don't drive around the car park slower than a tortoise and hold everybody up - there is NOT a space closer to the door - so no matter how many times you go round you will eventually have to give up and park a ten minute walk away - just like the rest of us.  Please don't insist on packing your shopping as if your very life depended on how slowly you can perform this particular task - stuff it in the bags quickly and get out of my way...there is no prize for wasting time in Tesco.  Never has been - never will be with it and move on :) and finally - you should all know that jogging bottoms are NEVER a good look, not for anyone - ever.

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