Wednesday 5 November 2008


Well - that's decided then....Barrack Obama is the new president of the USA. I don't really follow American politics (or UK politics for that matter) because I kind of think that there's little integrity involved in the process and nobody is really speaking the truth - so why would I want to listen to it all when all you get is smoke and mirrors!

But he seems to have an inner dignity and a sense of 'goodness' about him - so who knows - perhaps he will be the first one to actually come good and deliver what he promises in a good way.

Let's hope that he doesn't like female interns and smoking cigars...."I did not have sexual relations with that woman" (no sh*t Clinton?...what do you call it then? Let's not go into detail here but doing 'stuff' like that with a member of the opposite sex comes pretty close to sex in my book - it's not exactly Origami is it?) 

I have had the debate many many times that Clinton was / is a tw*t who lies as easily as breathing with a friend of mine who admires the guy (???).  This friend has a photograph of the two of them standing together shaking hands - if it were me I would rather have a picture of me shaking hands with Ken Dodd.  My point being that if he allowed his power to go to his head, shagged a staff member (just the one was it?) and then bare faced lied about it - is he really the man we would want running the USA and by default then most of the rest of the world? Self- serving and dishonest. If he can do that to his wife - what chance do the rest of us stand.  Speaks volumes to me about his core I was told that I was being naive and I must separate his personal life from his ability to do the job. No can do I'm afraid, as we are all a sum of all our parts. So my opinion still stands - Clinton was / is a w**ker who shouldn't / couldn't be trusted. Let's hope Barrack Obama is better / different. Good Luck to him as he starts his new job today.

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