Friday 18 November 2011

Teaching fail.....

Tonight I have taught my very first solo open water student. Here at Gildy we do a thing called 'Team Teaching'...which means that when you first qualify you teach alongside a more experienced instructor for a couple of months. This is only for the Open Water students...regular readers will know that I have solo-taught 'Seal Team' (kiddies) before.

Tonight was dreadful. My student was very nervous and kept wanting to go to the surface. We only have two hours of pool time on a Friday night - so we have to get a lot done in a short time.

The more she stressed...the more I was worried about the time - and because of my in-experience I wasn't able to get her over her hurdles as well or as quickly as another more experienced tutor may have done.

At nine o clock when our pool time ended I had only got through one and half lessons - instead of the three that I had targeted. Ooops -

She's coming back on Monday for her academics...I hope that goes a bit better :)

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