Thursday 28 February 2008

2 days off and 2 burgers

I have managed to get my regulation 2 days off this week - so today and tomorrow are 'rest' days...although I do have to a bit of work from home. My colleague is back at work - but only for a few days as he resigned yesterday - bastard! This now means I'll have his work to do as well as my own. Yesterday the girls from the office (Jo, Trish, Maria, Claire and I) went out for a well deserved lunch. We went to Jo Schmo's in Kingston - down by the river. After a huge cheesburger and fries I was stuffed. We laughed so much, although I don't think it was because anything was really that funny - rather - because we're all bordering on insanity with the way things are at the office right now. You know what I mean - just before the men in white coats come to take you away in one of those jackets that fastens up the back, you have a few days of manic glee - where regular outbursts of hysterical laughing interspersed with hysterical crying are the norm. Well, that's where we all are right now. The poor waitress was bemused!! Anyway lunch was lovely and a very nice treat! We had THAT conversation about the men in our office - you know the one - who would you **** if you got the chance! I couldn't possible report the results - suffice to say that most of the senior management (older, fatter, balder) are safe! There were, however, some surprises!!!!!

Then last night I went to GBK in Walton with the girls from the yard and had another huge blue cheeseburger. I had to unbutton my jeans in the car on the way home - which is yet another indication (as if one were needed) that I am indeed, turning into my mother :)

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