Saturday 12 March 2011

Flight booked

I've gone and done it. Booked a one-way flight :) I'm going away with just one suitcase. (It always amazes me when they leave 'Eastenders' that they only take one small bag with all their worldy possessions in it...well I'm doing the same.)

I'm off to the sun for the foreseeable future...with just my dive gear and a couple of pairs of shorts and a couple of t shirts. Bloody hell...a one-way flight!!!!! Utter madness..but it just feels right :)

Day of departure? 30th April.

Loving it !


  1. Well done Missus!! are you taking the pooch??? BIG kiss & hug to the gorgeous Diving Instuctor- ya jammy git LOL
    Miss you X

  2. Just caught up with this! My Google reader isn't updating for some reason. Wow lady, that's brave! And fantastic. Good for you! X


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